Today she seemed like a big girl…

I felt like I went to the gym for 30 minutes and she got big. I took her to school and then to the gym daycare with her brother.   By the time we got to the bookstore she suddenly seemed like a kid. 

I wished for my magic jar to encapsulate her little voice reading stories and pretending to be Eloise on her stage at the Plaza.

She wished to hold my hand on the walk home.

It was the sort of day where I was reminded to be present. Reminded to kiss sticky hands, embrace winged glittery tulle exploding costume bags, wallow in silliness, feel at peace with a messy kitchen.

Wee ones are getting big- in the blink of an eye.



She wholeheartedly believes in a world of endless possibilities.
She brings the element of fantasy to our everyday lives.

Today she turned four.  Four magnificent years. 1460 blessed days.  She made me a mama for the first time. She truly taught me about family and made my heart nearly explode with new-found unfathomable love. She constantly makes me want to be the best that I can be.  She gives me the gift of awesome improvisational dance performances and tells me grand tales of magic, mermaids, and fairies. She pours her heart and soul into her colorful songs. She lives in a whimsical world full of rainbows and unicorns – the sort of stuff that dreams are truly made of. Sometimes when she is sleeping I can still see the baby in her – still peeking in on her, watching her breathe – amazed at this gift of life.  I think that her spontaneous “I love you mommy’s”, kisses and snuggles leave permanent imprints on my soul. She fills me up with brilliant hope.

I wrote her a birthday letter.  It is special.  So special that I am going to keep it private and save it just for her.

Happy Happy Birthday to my darling daughter, my big dreamer, my beautiful soul.  May you always be able to find your magical world of make-believe when you need to.

All the love in the entire planet,

Message in a bottle

It was one of those incredibly rainy days.  And since pushing a double stroller weighing 28 pounds without anything in it renders holding an umbrella an impossibility, getting completely drenched was inevitable. I was thoroughly soaked and the kids were infuriated with their rain covers. The crank-factor was really really high, to say the least.

I arrived home to a surprise package from one of my dearest friends.  A glittery bottle of OPI’s Gettin’ Miss Piggy with it nail polish, complete with rhinestone-encrusted toe separators.

A “thank you for being a good friend gift”.

A glimpse back to those coveted times spent painting toenails with the greatest of friends. While conversations of crushes and what bar or house party we’d attend on a Tuesday night ran through my head.

Inside this super sparkly bottle were remembrances of enduring friendships and reminders that a fresh coat of magnificent nail polish can turn the gloomiest of days into the most exceptional ones. For both the big and the small.

Love you, Jessica.



Today I hugged my family a little bit tighter and remembered all that I am so grateful for.

Our time spent alone

I try and create “special alone time” with my kids as much as possible.  With the girl, it involves some sort of art project, dress-up play, a dance party in the living room, or storytime in “mama’s bed”.  “Special alone time” usually takes place during the baby’s nap and it’s always structured around a “kid- lead” activity. The stuff that she comes up with is hilarious and creative. She makes up song lyrics about “the Mexican snow” and often asks if toys have blood in their bodies. She loves to rhyme, and she shakes her hips to salsa music. I think we both benefit from our one-on-one reconnection when it happens.  Lately, we’ve been going on little adventures…..
We talked about what Christopher Robin eats over a huge muffin that she barely touched.
I had mixed feelings about starting the corruption at three and a half…but she LOVES getting her nails done and it’s nice for me to be able to get the occasional pedicure too!
and….she waits politely for her mama
getting ready for her big performance…
The Eloise Room at the Plaza
Making origami with Miki House girls at Bloomingdales
Getting ready for hurricane Irene in Queens y’all  

Leading the way

Yesterday’s rain ruined our playground plans.  Our bag was packed with pails, chalk, and bubbles.  The kidlets were all suited up in their bathing suits and water shoes.  They looked out the window with wide sad eyes. I took out the finger paints, watching the little guy smile as he smeared the paint on paper and then all over his diaper. I put paper bags on the floor and let the girl paint with her toes.  She was thrilled! It was messy and fun.

Our girl had an idea.  A family art project with Mama’s footprints in the middle.  I covered her feet with blue paint and she stomped on the paper.  Then we painted the little guy’s green, imprinting his cute little feet on the paper.  My red footprints were last, in between my two children.

I looked at our artistic collaboration, overwhelmed with the blessings around me.  Our rendering represented a palpable reminder of the tremendous responsibility that I have as “mama.”  A title that I am so very lucky to have.

A reminder that I must choose my own steps so carefully and soundly because two sets of tiny little feet are trailing right behind me.