Mama Beauty {Sponsored}

Motherhood has proven to be a transformative experience.  In many ways, I have never felt more feminine and powerful as a women.  Growing, birthing and sustaining life gave me a new perspective on my own femininity, body image and capabilities.  I love taking care of myself when I have the chance too.  I also hoard an arsenal of wondrous beauty products.  Yet, most of the time I feel as if I am living in a strange dichotomy of sloppy or glamorized.  On many days, my beauty regime includes a toothbrush, a swipe of my coveted concealer, a messy bun and a mad dash to get my kiddos in a stroller and on a buggy board so I can sprint (yes sprint) to get my daughter to school on time.  But sometimes,  I have the chance to get done up and I love creating a smoking eye, grabbing some fun jewels and going out.

Now that we are all getting adequate sleep (and I’m not getting any younger), I’m working on incorporating more of a beauty regime back into my life.  Taking a shower without little people flinging toys in my space or begging me to get out is a luxury these days. Yet if I can manage to sneak in an uninterrupted shower and add a nice body scrub- my day is transformed!  It’s the little things that make me feel great.  Like, the ombre glitter nail stickers that I took time to put on last week and the much needed hair cut I squeezed in after realizing that my straggly strands had reached Cousin Itt proportions.  It’s amazing how a deep conditioner and a body moisturizer with a hint of self tanner can help me feel better about myself.  I’m promising to add more dimensions to my at home mama beauty and incorporate a mild facial scrub or an at-home peel every now and then.  I also want to work on my smile and test out Crest 3D White Strips.

I teach my daughter that true beauty comes from within – and it does.  And when I take care of myself in ways that make me feel good, I’m a better person for myself and my entire family.

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I was selected for participation in this sponsored campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.


The Migraine

I write from my heart.  I share glimpses of our lives that I want to encapsulate.  Memories that I hope to recall through photos and words when my mind fails in the accuracy of precious details.  I imagine that some may perceive my perspective as comparable to my heart birthing a procession of baby unicorns, releasing magical balloons, rainbows and buckets of glitter onto the earth – as baby cherubs join in song.

The thing is, in every single day, there are moments of  stark beauty and  joy.  Those visions are what I am compelled to write about. Each blessing worthy of documenting moment by moment.  I attend my daily mistakes, olympic level bambino meltdowns and struggles of motherhood in other ways.  I consult a steadfast friend and move on.  I don’t usually care to spend my time penning them here. The joys I see are what get me through the days, and are just as much a component of my journey as are the heaver aspects of life and mothering.  But those blissful, star-filled, simple moments- well those are what I choose to hang on to. I am finally comfortable enough to say, that is just who I am.

Recently, something has been stopping me in my tracks. 

I am a migraine sufferer.  In between the stories I share I am frequently bedridden for two days, violently vomiting and struggling to put myself back together piece by piece.  My migraines (first triggered in pregnancy) are not something that I can just plow through as they leave me completely incapacitated, and lately I have been struggling with managing them more than ever.  Every month I look at the calendar afraid of what I am going to miss; fearful of the business that I will mess up for my husband and the burden of him having to do it all; terrified of not being there for my children.  The avenues that used to help wax and wane now.  The drugs aren’t always effective, and my monthly IV magnesium infusions don’t seem to offer what they once did.

Thankfully, I was present for Lucia’s first day of Kindergarten. I did miss her second, her first full day of school.  Her first day of lining up in the school yard with all the other grades in the morning.  Her visible disappointment masked in bravery for her mama was heartbreaking to witness as a mother. It was hard not to succumb to feeling of ” I let her down”, when I was still ill the following day and couldn’t attend her friends rainbow birthday party as promised. 

I am not sharing this struggle to cue the violins or inspire a collective pity party.  I am fortunate and lessons gleaned from my struggles are worthy of documenting and remembering.

Upon recovering from a migraine and its hangover,  I always experience a profound level of gratitude- rooted in the very core of my being, vibrating through ever inch of my soul.  A depth of gratitude that moves me to tears as I walk down the street, push a stroller, or simply am present with my family because I am well enough to do so.  I always tell my daughter, “mama will get better” and the thing is, I do.   I am cognizant of the fact that for some, however, that is not the case.  I always have the opportunity to get better, and I have learned to be so thankful for that.  The heavy roads that many families must endure, continually make me think: it was just a migraine.  

I am digging deep to experience that true sense of gratitude without being first knocked down.  I want to live each day in absolute appreciation for all that I have.  I don’t want these moments of extreme clarity to appear only after being debilitated.

My four year old daughter helped me to realize recently that our lives are an aggregate of trillions of moments.  I am not defined by worst days, my less than stellar parenting moments, nor my migraines.  My family is not only hanging onto my days missed and I choose to believe in the opportunity that each new day brings.  I am thankful for the total summation of the many moments that comprise our lives. The hardships that are counteracted by glimmering moments of living room dance performances, blanket forts, braiding hair, tucking love notes into lunch boxes, sewing projects, wild imaginations, baking cookies, family dance time, saying yes, messy art, singing in the car, fierce creativity, partnership in marriage, giggles, early morning family snuggles, wallowing in silly, taking chances, the I love you’s, and I’m sorry’s.   Ferocious love.

The whole enchilada. 

My daughter asked me questions about my sickness last week, but she spoke more of the magnificent rainbow party that she attended.

I am determined to fight as hard as I can to manage my migraines and live in the level of gratitude that they have given me.  I am also going to follow my babies perspective because they speak of the rainbows. 

They remember the rainbows- and I try my damnedest to capture them here. 


Sometimes You Just Need To Be A Weirdo In a Hairnet

Like when your hair is freshly did, for a wedding taking place tomorrow, and your Russian hairdresser insists that loose curl sustainment can only be achieved via hairnet wearing.

In public.

I wonder what is next for me, now that I’ve entered a whole new level of public weirdness. Perhaps a crocheted snood?  A plastic rain bonnet? Maybe a satin sleep cap?

The hair net actually doubles as a pretty cool spider mama costume when I pull it all the way over my face.

Happy Weirding Folks!


Sometimes You Need to Put On Red Lipstick and Go Out With Your Man.

Big-ups to our incredible friends for tying the knot and bringing my favorite folks together for a fun evening in NYC:

Spending time with my Bobby.
And time with my all time favorite ladies from college.
Thrilled to be with my bestie, on her birthday! She taught me all about Uber, here we are riding in style.
 Ending the night with a little bit of crazy……



Sometimes you just need to put on that velcro suit and go for it