Sometimes You Just Need To Sprinkle Gold Glitter All Over Everything

Like when your kiddos are home sick and life just needs a bit more bling.

Check out my pumpkins, brought to you by Mod Podge and glitter:

And this key that I’ve wanted to glitterize ever since I first laid eyes on Pinterest:

I even thought of my husband and turned his boring screw driver into a Glitz-Driver:

I mean, who doesn’t need/want a Glitz-Driver?  Holla!


Mod Podge and Gold Leaf Easter Eggs – DIY

My mom always blew out a ton of eggs every Easter.  I remember watching her do this many times (It kind of grossed me out), but I always enjoyed the decorating extravaganza.  One year, we made an entire zoo of Easter Egg animals.  Complete with little tails and feet.  I remember loving our little egg creatures and carefully packing them away year after year – to bring to life the following Holiday.

This year I thought it would be fun to Mod Podge a few eggs with Lucia.  She loves this stuff, and we started this bizarre habit of talking about Mod Podge in thick Brooklynese accents.  The glop, the mess, and the four-year-old’s exaggerated New York dialect. It is all incredibly fun.

Getting our Mod Podge on.
Meanwhile, this guy was doing some crafting of his own.

The idea of a creating a few decorative eggs somehow turned into many.  Luckily the process is simple:

I first glued shut plastic eggs, and had my handy husband spray paint them white (so the bright colors wouldn’t show through when using thin materials).  I focused on a gold/blueish theme for a mantel display.  I googled “damask print” and came across a few interesting wall paper patterns to print out.  I also used wrapping paper, napkins, and scrap booking paper (which is thick and annoying to work with).  I cut my materials into various pieces, painted a layer of Mod Podge on the eggs and smoothed over the patterned paper.  Washing your hands periodically (or keeping a wet wash cloth on hand) is key.  Or else the sticky mess on your fingers will rip some of the paper off the eggs.  I tried to smooth out the odds and ends as best as possible.  I then added glitter to some eggs and another layer of Mod Podge before drying.  I used a hot glue gun to add ribbon and an embellishment to some of the eggs to hang from our Mantel.

I also enlisted Bob to help me gold leaf a few large eggs, since he has mad gold leafing skills (as evidenced by a chair that he gold leafed that you can sort of see here).  The process is also pretty easy. First we painted adhesive on the eggs and let them dry for about 45 minutes.  We then rubbed on gold leaf flakes and smoothed them over with a brush.  After applying sealant they were good to go.

 Upon completion I decided that I needed to make a black and white damask themed collection for this shelf:
And a centerpiece for my Easter table:
I’m still trying to pick the Mod Podge remnants off of my nail polish.  Happy Easter!!

Mod Podging my Life

I’m exploding with excitement over today’s crafternoon with Mod Podge!  I’ve wanted to make fabric covered organizers for our art supplies ever since I made my son a fabric-covered party hat for his first birthday.  I imagined I’d use the fabric glue spray I used for the party hat but wasn’t sure how I’d smooth out the wrinkles on a circular surface.  Then along came Mod Podge!  This stuff is amazing and so easy to use.  I was so excited I wanted to Mod Podge my left arm in an Amy Butler fabric, but my husband talked me out of it.

I thoroughly enjoyed looking around the house for things to repurpose.
Enjoying Mod Podging with fabric scraps from the Mermaid dress I made her.  Hearing her talk about “Mod Podging” all day was hilarious. 
Horray for Mod Podge!


The girl’s mermaid Mod Podge. It’s perfect..because she made it.
Art Table revamped!