NYC Cruise

My husband and I met during our first year of college when we were 19 years old.  We often talk about our early years.  Together, our meshed memories become crystal clear, but in many ways they feel like a lifetime ago.  It’s important to give time and attention to marriage, and we were both feeling in need of quality time together.  I’m so excited to share our Sunday date because we had the chance to take in New York City unlike we ever had before.  We boarded Entertainment Cruises, Bateaux New York, a European-inspired, glass enclosed vessel for a gourmet brunch cruise along New York’s harbor.

NYC gourment cruisegourmet lunch cruise nycBrooklyn BridgeJane's CarouselStatue of Liberty NYC cruise hudson river_edited-1NYC Cruisehudson river cruiseNYC Gourment Lunch CruiseNYC Cruise Xperience Days

This unparalleled experience was set up via Xperience Days, a company that makes booking dates and gifting unique experiences simple as they cater to a variety of price ranges and experiences.  Although I was tempted to arrange something more adventurous, our date gave us the sort of  respite that we were looking for – time together.  We spent a great deal of time outside on the deck as we cruised the Hudson and East Rivers, past the Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park City, The South Street Seaport, The Verrazano Bridge, Governor’s Island and Ellis Island.  We cruised passed skyscrapers, enjoyed champagne, a delicious meal and stunning views.  So many of our memory-making locations were incredibly different from our perspective on the water.  I couldn’t help but tear up (which I pretty much do all the time) when we pulled right up to the Statue of Liberty.  I hadn’t been that close to Lady Liberty since the 8o’s, and the sun was shinning on her in a way that felt purposeful.  I’m happy to report that I didn’t once feel like I was going to get sick (I’m ridiculously prone to motion sickness) and the two hour excursion felt like the perfect time allotment.  I don’t think that we would have considered a harbor cruise for a date on our own accord and are grateful to have had what now feels like a lasting memory.

Tickets were provided via Xperience Days. As always, opinions are solely my own.


On Marriage – #TargetWedding {Sponsored}

My husband and I celebrated a wedding anniversary this summer.  Although cliche, it feels hard to believe that so much time has slipped away since that beautiful Brooklyn day…..

Eight whole years and I’m still thanking my lucky stars. 

With that  being said, in some ways marriage can be an interesting dichotomy.  My husband attempts to recycle every single paper product that enters our home (including my Masters Degree.  I kid you not!).  While I am capable of creating an epic mess in under ten minutes (I’m still working on this, you guys).  I act as if winter is an assault on humanity, yet Bob believes that a vest (not a jacket!) is suitable arctic-temperature attire.  The list goes on, yet we agree on the important stuff.  And our differences have a way of balancing each other out.  We are ourselves, together, for life, and it works.

We are still in the midst of celebrating our friends partnerships and the summer months are always busy with wedding excitement. When Target asked me to curate a gift pairing for their Be Yourself, Together campaign, I knew that I wanted to join in.  I’ve previously professed my love for Target (our one-stop-shop), and I understand the promise of  joining differences, forever, to create something much larger in marriage.

Many couples are utilizing Target’s Wedding Gift Registry as Target truly has it all.  Registrants have the option of including pricey items like Dyson vacuums (the best! I know from experience), and moderately priced items (I happen to love their collaboration with Nate Berkus for the home).

With two particular friends in mind, the Keurig Vue V500 and the Omega 1000 Centrifugal Juicer create a perfectly unique gift pairing.

Omega Juicer Target


The bride-to be believes that coffee is essential to her survival while caffeine doesn’t fit into her future husband’s health-optimization plan.  Although the contents in their morning cups couldn’t be more different, they are in fact a perfect paring.

This post is sponsored by Target, however, all opinions and content are my own.  Product images via Target.  Follow along with #TargetWedding.


The Vault

It is incredible what our children retain.  Their capacity for reiterating stories back to us at the most unexpected times is extraordinary.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that my children are literally tiny vaults of encapsulated memories, constantly conjuring up elements from days past.

“We’re going to SESAME PLACE!!!!” Adrian screams every time we drive through a certain spot on the BQE.  “Remember when you made me wings, bought me a cookie, blew bubbles in the park, talked to the old lady with the doggie, and read me the story about the glittery mermaids?!”.  How can she possible recall the sequential order of a day that took place years ago? A day that felt rather random to me, yet clearly significant to her.  

I have a handfuls of memories I vividly remember from when I was Lucia’s exact age.  Like when I’d image in Kindergarten that my cubbie had the pretty rainbow painted on it and not the caged Lion that was assigned to me.  I remember that my friend A frequently peed in her pants and didn’t understand why F‘s tush was always peeking out of the top of his jeans.  I remember visiting my mother’s family in Colombia for the first time and begging my Tias to take me to see the movie Annie in English.  But mostly, I think of my mother and her ability to guide me and my brother with steadfast grace and compassion.  Traits I hope to emulate in my own motherhood.

School vacations always have a way of making me reevaluate my role as mama. Free of schedules, our days are fluid, filled with outdoor play, messy crafting and family-time.  I’m reminded of how Lucia and Adrian simply need to be kids and small gestures can make their days feel magical. 

My husband and I are a solid team, but recently, life’s challenges have been getting the best of us.  It feels impossible to practice “calm begets calm” when I honestly just want to scream, and the big girl still doesn’t have her shoes on after asking several times.   It’s been hard for my husband not to be short and stern when external stressors are no longer few and far between.

Then I observe my Lucia mimicking my frustration, and I watch them both be little bosses to one another.  Soon they retreat back to their biggest influence, seeking comfort found in mama’s arms. 

Sometime we need to step back and reassess the roots.  We need to reflect on our collective intentions and the foundation upon which we built our little family. Our future actions will continue to bear flaws, but accountability, and perseverance to amend can be part of our legacy.

We somehow always return to spontaneity and fun, and Marino-style family dance parties.  And we do our best to reflect what we want them to emulate, with remembrance that each new day carries memories in the making.


Sometimes You Just Need to Fold The Sheets Together.

The parental crank factor was running high this morning, with nighttime sick kiddo wakeups, a mountain of yesterday’s (washed but unfolded) laundry and arguments revolving around who would go to the gym first.  Our intervention came in the form of collective sheet folding.  Meeting in the middle with a kiss gave us a strong dose of much needed Saturday morning perspective.

Sometimes you just need to remember where it all began. 


Sometimes You Just Need To Go Deep Into The Woods and Leave Your Children Behind

Like when you’ve never left your youngest overnight and finally have the chance to venture off to a much needed getaway.  Thanks to Paul and Danielle for bringing us to that lovely campground in Connecticut to celebrate their collective awesomeness.  I think that we may have soaked up enough reconnected goodness to last us until next time.


Sometimes You Need to Put On Red Lipstick and Go Out With Your Man.

Big-ups to our incredible friends for tying the knot and bringing my favorite folks together for a fun evening in NYC:

Spending time with my Bobby.
And time with my all time favorite ladies from college.
Thrilled to be with my bestie, on her birthday! She taught me all about Uber, here we are riding in style.
 Ending the night with a little bit of crazy……