Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that I’m no longer the mother of a tiny little girl.  This one continues to surprise me with her wisdom and foresight and endless questions.  Questions that leave me constantly searching for answers – so that I can answer her with truths and assure her that she will be forever loved just as she is.  I have adored the shape of six – in its curiosity, playfulness and optimistic eagerness.

photo 1(6)Sweet T-shirt c/o: The Printed Palette

My wish for her is that she always holds onto the unabashed  joy that she so freely spreads.


A Golden State of Mind

This morning’s fresh blanket of snow, and continued media furor over the sinister “polar vortex” made me reflect upon our indoor winter.  Although, we are still out and about on our feet, trudging through slush, squeezing into jam-packed trains – this winter will most definitely be marked by our time spent indoors.

I’ve mentioned before that if every stage of childhood weren’t so incredible, I would feel paralyzed by the thought of leaving each beautiful year behind.  These two characters play so fiercely, concocting elaborate stories all day long.  Their steadfast sibling bond is truly heartwarming, and I live for these fleeting moments that etch together childhood.


One of the greatest gifts that they have given me is the ability to see through them – an optimistic eagerness for practically everything that they encounter.  The new day ahead.  An afternoon of play.  Their perspective is refreshing and one in which I try to emulate.

Geo Fox T shirts Geo Fox Apparel

We recently received some clothes from Geo Fox Apparel, a modern children’s clothing line that seems to capture the essence of cool kids perfectly.  Lucia, the budding fashion lover, isn’t afraid to boldly declare that she is, in fact, a ninja warrior.  And Adrian my sweet boy continually shows me the bright side of each day.

Wishing you all a golden state of mind.

Special thanks to Geo Fox Apparel for the clothing samples. Opinions, as always, are my own.


Dylan’s Candy Bar With Crayola Fashion

There’s nothing quite like surprising my best girl with an after school adventure.  We recently hopped on the train to the Upper East Side to celebrate Crayola’s new creative product, My Virtual Fashion Show at Dylan’s Candy Bar.

nyc street crocs bootsFun Crockband Airy Hearts Boots: c/o Crocs

Dylans Candy Bar Upper East Side

With a mama who sews, Lucia has been playing budding designer for quite some time now.  Naturally, the design kit and app were right up her six-year-old ally.  Lucia eagerly adorned her sketchbook dolls with feathers, glitter, bold colors and gems galore.  With assistance, she photographed her designs into the free app and watched her original creations come to life in a virtual fashion show on the iPad.  Lucia was smitten with her designs and her distinguished pink hair selection.

New York fashion week ready, indeed!

Crayola-My-Virtual-Fashion-ShowImage via amazon

Crayola fashion111

With quite the slushy mess outside, the colorful candy bar was certainly an exciting respite.  And someone was bursting out of her skin when she discovered that there was a special jar of candy tucked into a thoughtful gift bag.

Rainbow Candy Dylans Candy Barrainobow bears - dylan't candy bar - new york city candydylan's candy bar, new york city candy store, dylan's candy bar NYC12

Special thanks to Vera and Audrey for a memorable mother/daughter date and creative experience!

My daughter received the above product and gift bag.  As always, opinions are my own.


Unicorns & Pom-Poms || A Homemade Dress

One of the things that I’ll certainly remember about Lucia’s fifth year of life is her love of drawing.  Most days typically begin and end with art – and this past year was filled with mountains of unicorn and pony creations.

More masterpieces that I know what to do with…

child's unicorn drawing

Her creativity inspired me to whip up a homemade unicorn themed dress.  I was on the hunt for the perfect fabric for quite some time and fell in love with this print by Pond Ripple on Spoonflower.  The pattern is a hacked up version of Mary Abreu’s Classic Peasant Top pattern from her book Little Girls Big Style.  I love the simple look of dress-tunics on Lucia and began sewing them for her a few years ago.  I decided to add our signature Pom-Pom trim because Pom-Poms make everything a bit more fun!


Although unicorns are now often replaced with girl-ninja sketches (how cool is that?!) – Lucia enjoyed wearing this little dress on our recent vacation to Florida.

I think It’s perfect for spring and ponying around!



For quite some time, I’ve encourage Lucia and Adrian to spend time reading together without me.  But like most things, these little occurrences need to happen organically.  Lately, I’ve noticed Lucia’s reading confidence soar, and the most beautiful sibling storytime develop.  Adrian loves the short stories that Lucia brings home from school every day and I adore being the quiet observer.


This sweet sibling bond brings me indescribable joy.


SIX – A Birthday Letter

To My Darling Daughter,

A few evenings ago, while you were sleeping, your father and I quickly de-Christmased the house to celebrate six glorious years of you.  I gathered a bunch of your well-loved toys and arranged them on the mantel – My Little Pony’s and unicorns, farm animals and plastic insects, trolls and aliens, and a few odds and ends.  The arrangement was joyful and bizarre.  And peculiar.  And 100% you.

You were thrilled.

We celebrated you with a surprise trip to 5th Avenue to visit the American Girl Place – a doll store mecca I wasn’t sure we’d ever enter.  My, how time changes things.  We waited in line outside for quite some time, and when we finally walked through the doors, you intently studied the dolls enclosed in the glass casing.  As I watched your little hands press up against your reflection, searching for the doll that looked most like you – I couldn’t help but think about your growing sense of self, and increasing awareness for the world around you.

You vacillate between big and little.  Between wanting to identify common ground with your peers, and being 100% unabashedly you.  Between donning costumes and more accessories than a Christmas tree, to removing a prop in certain situations.  I can easily recall the familiar feeling of searching through metaphorical glass for something similar – something just like me.  Affirmation in a bigger girl’s voice.  A nod of approval.

Sometimes when I find myself worrying about the complexities of growing up – you remind me that you are navigating this ever-changing terrain just fine.  Like when you purchased the rock collection book at your school book fair, despite the fact that your friends told you to get the princess one.  Sometimes I still inwardly stress about you being the youngest (and littlest) in your grade, but I know that there is NOTHING small about you.  Just recently, a mother told me that when her daughter was taunted after a new haircut, you walked past unkind words, looked at your friend and said “You know what?  You are beautiful”.  

You make your mama’s heart swell. 


My darling,  your name means light, and you undoubtedly personify that. Your magic is found in letting your light shine.  It is spread through your optimism, and eagerness to participate.  It is seen in the mountain of artwork that your feverishly create.   It is felt through your loving empathy and ability to quickly fill a tub with your toys to giveaway.  It is displayed in the shrines of acorn fairy homes (with accompanying stories) that you constantly construct in unexpected corners of our home.  And I now see it in a coveted 18″doll, ornately decorated and adorned with toys – wrapped in extraordinary childhood creativity.

Happy sixth birthday my love – you are truly coming into your own.  Please don’t ever be afraid to let your light shine because your presence continues to lift your family up in love…

…more love than I ever knew my heart could hold,