Dyson DC59 Motorhead – Bagless Cordless Vacuum || Sunday Swoon

Once in a while, we are introduced to a product that we can’t help but describe in glowing-superlatives.  Enter Dyson’s DC59 Motorhead.  A cordless (yes cordless!), bagless vacuum boasting Olympic-level suction power in its under five pound body.

While we were once more inclined to grab a dust-pan and broom to tidy up quickly – the efficient Dyson DC59 Motorhead allows us to cleanup with minimal effort.  We simply take it off the included charing port mounted to the kitchen wall and stick it back in place when finished.  It has removed the time-commitment that previously came along with vacuuming because there is no cumbersome body, cords to unravel or disgusting bag to change. Dyson DC59 Motorhead cordless vacuumThe straightforward bagless clear receptacle can be opened with the touch of a button to dispose of dust and remnants collected while cleaning.  We happen to find it gratifying to see the gunk collection along the way and not have the particles live inside the vacuum for an extended period. We simply toss after each cleaning.

The DC59 Motorhead, like the name implies, has a motorized head-piece packed with the sort of power that surpasses most standard uprights.  We have found the vacuum to be perfect (yes perfect!) for our small space and lifestyle.  Time is no longer wasted vacuuming the same spots over and over again because Dyson’s DC59 Motorhead conquers dust on the first swipe. Unlike our previous vacuums – this one isn’t a clunky eyesore, and the slim profile is incredible space saving.  And we are now vacuuming more than ever in small increments!  The versatile included attachments allow the vacuum to morph easily into a hand-held to access hard to reach corners and the interior of our car.

Dyson DC59 MotorheadMy husband – the vacuuming pro – doing a demo at his parents’ house. 

While the 25 minute battery life has been suitable for us –  I do wish that there was an option (perhaps an optional chord?) to extend the life for die-out during a cleaning session (it takes about 3.5 hours to fully re-charge).

At $549, the Dyson DC59 Motorhead is an investment – but one that we believe is worth the cost in the long run.  The efficiency, versatility and slim profile has transformed our cleaning regime – and the kiddos can even use it too!

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Autumn Simmer Pot

Throughout September, I’m still clinging onto the light and airiness of an ending summer.  But come October, I’m craving cozy and all things Autumn.  We love welcoming Fall into our home with a collection of gourds, hand-picked pumpkins, fun kiddie projects and home brewed scents.  And after a major tossing and donating spree – it feels good to see a visible change in our space.  Today was a perfect day to infuse the delicious seasonal scents into our home with a natural Fall stove-top simmer pot.

autumn simmer pot

I recommend experimenting with various ingredients for different seasonal pots.  Here is one of my favorite recipes for Fall:

Whole Cloves: 1.5 to 2 tablespoons
Cinnamon Sticks: 3
Apple Peels: 1 apple
Orange Rinds: 1 orange
Bay Leaves: 4 (optional)

Bring a small amount of water to boil in a small pot.  Add ingredients and continue boiling for a few minutes.  Lower heat to a simmer and add water as needed.

Cheers to Fall!


Creative Children’s Bedding from Redbubble

I want my kiddos bedroom to remain a special hideaway.  Although it’s a shared space (which they still love!) – it really is the only place that they can claim as their own. I’ve found children’s bedding options to be pretty limited.  Typically a boring dichotomy of cutesy prints or character embalzed everything.  And when I find a design that is of interest to me – it’s often so on trend that I lose interest (hello monochrome cross prints).

I’m so excited to share my recent discovery!  Redbubble, an online marketplace, boats the most amazing products featuring designs from artists all over the world. The artwork is brilliant – offering the most creative and unique bedding options that I have ever seen.  Best of all the creative community platform allows artists to sell their masterpieces on Redbubble’s list of products, for free.  Yes, free!  So your purchase supports artistic talent as well.

With a goal of injected cool bedding  into the kids room, my husband and I spent a great deal of time on the Redbubble website drooling over the plethora of options. From incredible animals, amazing geometric shapes and beautifully bizarre creations – we had difficulty selecting!  Here are some of our favorite duvet cover options.

  • Animal Lovers

Redbubble duvet covers

  • Geometric Gorgeousness

Redbubble bedding

  •  Additional Awesomeness

amazing beddingSee what I mean?  If you happen to love a ton of designs, like we do, Redbuddle also makes pillows – making pattern mixing incredibly fun.

Although we’re still working on updating the kiddos shared space – here’s what we decided on:

duevet covers for kids RedbubbleGraphic 104 duvet cover by Mareike Böhmer for LP and the Racoon Catcher duvet cover by lunaticpark for our little guy.

For tons of unique products check out Redbubble’s apparel, wall art, tote bags and so much more!

Thank You Redbubble for partnering with me on this fun post.



Lovely Outdoor Dining with Pier 1 Imports {Giveaway}

We can never spend enough time at the Grandparents house and are always welcomed with heartfelt open arms.  During the summer months, schedules allow for spontaneous visits and we look forward to many large family gatherings.  Although I don’t have a yard of my own, I’ve experienced the specific sort of peace found in living by water – and a 40 minute drive out of NYC always provides the perfect respite.

When I was invited to work with Pier 1 Imports on a backyard design project, I wanted to focus on practical purchases that would highlight the natural beauty of the property.  I ultimately decided on the Neeley Bistro Set in red because of its bright, versatile functionality.  This set can be pulled up to the back patio prior to the official warm whether shift or pulled out to specific sections of the yard for an intimate dining experience.  With plenty of lake-loving little ones and a beautiful family of swans – there are always a few adults on watch.  This lovely dining set can easily be carried to the lake for swan gazing and kiddie supervising.

Pier 1 makeover swan on lake pier 1 table boat on lakeswanpier 1 imports bistro table and chairs

I had the set shipped to our local Pier 1 Imports store to avoid extra shipping costs – and I plan on adding coordinating outdoor tableware items in the future to build upon this existing purchase.  We are all happy with the added charm that this cheerful set provides.

Win It: Pier 1 Imports is giving away one $50 Pier 1 Imports Gift Card to one MB reader to join the decorating fun.  To enter, simply visit the rafflecopter below.  This giveaway is open to U.S. only and a winner will be randomly selected on May 30th and displayed on the below widget.  Best of Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Spring Cleaning With My Clean

Regardless of what’s going on in my life, there are a few things that I can count on to instantly make things better:  working out, organizing and cleaning my surrounds, and getting sufficient sleep.  It’s not that I don’t like to clean – I just often find staying on top of the neatness mountain insurmountable – and my husband definitely hails from the most organized/tidy people on the PLANET.  Suffice to say we all prefer order to chaos in our space, and I was beyond thrilled to welcome NYC Cleaning Service MyClean into my home just it time for spring cleaning.

Latisha arrived prominently last Friday morning and worked her magic in every nook and cranny of my home. The neglected baseboard behind my recycling containers in the kitchen was scrubbed and precious toys were retrieved from under my son’s toddler bed before everything was cleaned to perfection.  It truly was a busy mother’s dream and the sort of spring preparation that my home needed.

excellent NYC cleaning service

I was pleased to see Latisha arrive with Mrs. Myer’s Clean Day products as I prefer to keep my family away from harmful chemicals.  The natural essential oil based products left a pleasant smell with superb results in the hands of an efficient cleaner.  To learn more about MyClean’s NYC services and their straightforward online booking, visit myclean.com for an instant quote and remember to use the code Marino30 for $30 off your first cleaning! Further discounts are applied for consecutive bookings and I think it’s an amazing gift to give to a mother.  Also ask for Latisha – she’s a superstar with dreams to save up for business school.

This is a sponsored post.  Opinions, as always, are my own.


How To Make Your Home Smell Divine

There is nothing like entering a naturally delicious smelling space.  Since birthing babies, I’ve been quite sensitive to artificial fragrances of any kind.  I definitely don’t miss my days of burning harmful artificially scented candles, or wearing mildly offensive perfume!  I do love a great combination of fruit peels and spices on my stove top and I’ve been experimenting with homemade stove top simmer pots for the past few years. During the winter time, a concoction of orange rinds, apple peels, cinnamon and sometimes a drop of vanilla or nutmeg makes my home smell like Christmas.  Spring has been recently welcomed in our home with various combinations based in lemon and rosemary.  I’ve recently switched from simmering on the stove top to the crock pot and it truly make my home smell divine.

how to make your home smell amazingHow to make your home smell good, stove top simmer potcrockpot simmer pot

Springtime Simmer Pot Recipe

A few sliced lemons
Fresh rosemary or jarred rosemary
A few drops of Vanilla
Two cinnamon sticks (optional)

Add the ingredients into a crock pot and fill about 2/3 with water.  Simmer on low and continue to add water as needed.   If using a saucepan, first bring water to a boil and then add ingredients.  Simmer on a low flame and add water as needed.  And don’t forget to experiment with other ingredients!

Cheers to Spring!