The United Nation’s Global Goals For Sustainable Development | Ensuring Healthy Lives and How to Help

In just one week, the United Nations will bring countries and citizens together to finalize the Global Goals – formally known as the Sustainable Development Goals.  These seventeen goals provide an action plan to end extreme poverty and its most devastating corollaries.  As successors to the expiring Millennium Development Goals (announced in 2000) – it’s imperative that we use our voices and collectively call upon leaders to make the Global Goals implemented and well-known everywhere. They need to be famous.  They won’t succeed otherwise.  And in a world of amplification via social media, this is possible.

During my graduate school years, I was introduced to the literature of Paul Farmer and the ways in which he revolutionized the delivery of health care worldwide. His extensive work in health, human rights, and the consequences of social injustice and inequalities very much influenced my career path in street-based HIV research.

A truly committed quest for high-quality care for the destitute sick starts from the perspective that health is a fundamental human right.  – Paul Farmer, Pathologies of Power

Among sixteen other Global Goals that concurrently spill into one another is Goal #3 – Good Health and Well Being – To Ensure Healthy Lives and Promote Well-Being for All at All Ages.  Right now, there’s a measles epidemic sweeping the Democratic Republic of Congo – and every single day, approximately 800 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth worldwide.  We need to hope for a world where no child has to die from a disease that we know how to cure and prevent.  We need to reach those living in humanitarian crises.  We need to live in a world where proper health care is a lifelong right for us all.  And we need the Paul Farmers of the world who ignite social change with advocacy and care for the world’s most vulnerable.  This goal matters.  Without health we have nothing.

Here’s how to help:

        • Join the movement to make Global Goals famous and take action here.
        • Share your #GlobalGoals selfie on social media to tell the world about the goal that you are passionate about, from gender equality, climate change, education, poverty, hunger and many others.

    global goals


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Mind Sharp: Simple Ways to Boost Brainpower

Concerned about memory loss?  Although it’s a frequent component of aging, recent nueroscience suggests many measures you can take to support cognitive function and even reverse memory loss. Writing and doing tasks with your non-dominant hand, among other things can help.  Check out the below proven tips to boost brainpower for my latest collection on MODE.

Check out Keep Your Mind Sharp: Easy Ways to Boost Brainpower

by Monica Marino at Mode

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Equinox | For Kids Only Summer Program NYC

The end of the school year is officially in sight and summer plans are being solidified.  And this week, Equinox Sports clubs, here in NYC, rolled out the red carpet for parents and kids alike with their For Kids Only summer programming at their Upper East Side and Columbus Ave Locations.  I hopped into the designated kiddie section to observe day one – and their flexible kids camp, aligns perfectly with Equinox’s luxe standards.  With multiple cheerful rooms and super-fun programming, little ones (ages 2-6) engage in age-appropriate designated actives throughout three-hours of morning play.

Equinox kids

With a five-to-one, kid-to-caregiver ratio (or typically two-to-one if young toddlers are present), parents can rest assured that their little are well-cared for and engaged while adult workouts take place.  Not a member?  No problem.  Equinox offers flexible enrollment options for non-members too.

Contact Equinox on the Upper East Side or Columbus Ave locations to enroll your child, and contact a club near you to learn more about the elevated fitness offerings and ultra-exclusive amenities at Equinox.

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Salt Therapy || Sunday Swoon

When it comes to health and wellness, I prefer to take the most natural route whenever possible.  I’ve been intrigued by the therapeutic uses of salt and was eager to test out the salt room and bed at Breathe Easy in Oasis Day Spa.


Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy or speleotherapy, is a natural remedy for numerous sinus, allergy, skin and lung ailments. The anti-bacterial properties found in salt help to clean the lungs and sinuses of infection, as well as bacteria.

Breathe Easy offers the closest thing to the salt caves that have been used to improve health and well-being for centuries – in a spa-like atmosphere.  A Halogenator emits natural salt particles into the air and throughout the room. The sessions are incredibly peaceful and calming – and I noticed an immediate improvement in my sinus issues after a 45-minute session in a bed.  They even offer sessions for children – that can be helpful for asthma suffers and parents seeking natural alternatives to medication.

Although a bit skeptical at first – my sinuses were cleared in one session, which is an important part of remaining migraine-free.  I’m a believer!



Holiday Workout Tips

Even when other aspects of my life are in disarray, working-out remains my reassuring constant.  I am always able to find a sense of peace within the gym walls or a sunlit corner of my living room.  When the monotony of work-from-home-motherhood tries to get the best of me – I know that I’m able to carry the collective energy found in a spinning class with me throughout the day.

kohlsKohl’s Champion Absolute Workout Double Dry Fitted Tights // Kohl’s Stonewear Designs shirt similar

Physical exercise is perhaps the greatest investment in myself with lasting benefits.  And when I return to the people that I care about the most – I am all the better for it.

kohls nikeKohl’s Nike All-Time Therma-FIT Fleece Hoodie // Kohl’s Nike Legend 2.0 Performance Pants

The Holiday’s are tricky. The busyness can be stress inducing, and there seems to be an onslaught of tasty treats that I’d like to stuff in my face everywhere.

Hopefully, sharing a few of my Holiday workout tips, in collaboration with the active-wear team at Kohl’s will benefit someone – and help to keep me accountable this Holiday season!

  • Stick To Your Optimal Time: On most evenings, I’m completely spent – but can be incredibly productive come morning.  It’s imperative for me to get to the gym early. If I plan for the evenings – it most likely won’t happen at all, save a few evenings when I make a mad-dash out of the house when my husband comes home from work. Identify what time works for you and stick to it.
  • Make a No Excuse System: When I found myself packing in work deadlines without finding time to work out – I knew that I had to make changes to my regime. I used to loathe working out at home, but forced myself to have a few indoor options for the hectic work days.  Just 25 minutes with Shaun T on my TV or a few weight bearing exercises make a profound difference in my day. Figure out a no-excuse system for staying active.

kohls active wear Kohl’s ASICS Illusion Printed Running Capri Leggings

  • Find Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable: Perhaps it’s a workout buddy or a class at the gym. It’s helpful to set up an exercise support system to help make it happen. I find it much easier to hop off of a machine at the gym that walk out of an exercise class.
  • Invest in Workout Apparel That You Love: I constantly do tiny loads of laundry just to have my favorite gym clothes.  I was recently introduced to the active-wear line at Kohl’s and it instantly injected excitement into my workout routine! In addition to the products showcased in the images, I absolutely fell in love with the SOYBU line at Kohl’s.  The incredibly soft materials are perfect for exercising and school pickups.

kohls 1 Kohl’s ASICS Illusion Printed Running Capri Leggings

kohls workoutKohl’s Be Up Keyhole Yoga Capri Leggings

kohls avtivewaer for womenKohl’s New Balance Impact 1/2 Zip Running Hoodie // Weird Facial Expression – All My Own. 🙂

  • Keep the Focus On The Goodness of the Holiday:  If an early morning jog will save your sanity, then by all means don’t skip it!  Try to keep the focus on the goodness of the holiday by participating in the important stuff – perhaps a party or extra time with family will take precedence.  Just remember that a run outdoors, and a spot in that coveted spinning class will always be there in the future.

Holiday workout tips

Cheers to a happy and healthy holiday!

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Family Vision Care with LensCrafters

I vividly remember putting on my first pair of glasses in the fifth grade.  The crispness and clarity in which I could newly see was remarkable and literally life-changing.  Subtle details of my surroundings stood out as my life came into focus and I proudly wore my pink-plastic frames until I soon moved on to contact lenses.  I was detected at an in-school vision check and remember my mother hustling me to her eye-doctor that same day for a proper examination.

I assumed that my children were being properly assessed for vision issues by their remarkable pediatrician and school vision checks.  Then I met with the senior director of eye care at LensCrafters, Dr. Mark Jacquot O.D., and learned that 1 in 4 children have undiagnosed vision problems.  I had no idea that all children should have an annual comprehensive eye-examination beginning at their first birthday.

So, along with my family we headed to LensCrafters to have our vision checked out; just in time for back-to-school.  It was the children’s first proper eye-examination under the patient and informative care of Lara Mendelssohn, O.D.

Lens Crafters back to school

As I saw both of my children struggle with a few letters and numbers, my increasing-uneasiness was unexpected.  Should I have brought them in earlier?  As their mother, how could I not have know that they may have vision problems?  The kids ended up not needing glasses but need to be monitored as they grow.  Their highly specialized exam certainly reinforced the importance of annual eye-care.

As a contact lens wearer, I’m required to receive regular check-ups to purchase lenses.  Since my husband was in-need of an exam I was glad that he decided to get checked out as well.  We all received Optomap-assisted examinations including retinal images to check for issues that may be indicators of other general health problems.

I was the only one in the family who left with a corrective lens prescription and selected a fun and funky pair with the assistance of myLook which allows the customer to view four different images in prospective frames.  After selection, I went through the AccuFit Digital Measurement System, which is exclusive to LensCrafters.  The frames were fitted to the unique contours of my face, mapping the ideal placement of my prescription, down to a tenth of a millimeter, insuring a perfect fit.  FitSensors were also attached to my frames to provide clear guiding points for my specific pupil-to-frame measurements.  My glasses were made with ultra-light lenses and anti-glare coating.  They are absolutely the crispest and clearest glasses that I have ever owned.

LensCrafters fitting

We’ve spent more time on the beach then we ever have as a family and the kids’ eyes have been protected from harmful sun exposure with 100 percent UVA and UVB blocking frames by Ray-Ban Junior from their LensCrafters visit. I’m definitely nutty about careful care of such nice sunglasses and I do think it’s great that the kids are learning the importance of proper eye-protection.


Thank you LensCrafters for the excellent care and exam/product coverage.  Opinions, as always are my own.