Dad Made: Nintendo Samus Aran & Megaman X Halloween Costumes DIY


When my kids decided what they wanted to be for Halloween this year; Metroid’s Samas Aran (Varia suit) for the girl and Megaman X (light armor) for the boy – my husband, a home builder and old-school Nintendo fan ordered stacks of EVA foam to make their costumes.


I wasn’t too sure what to think when our dining room turned into a DIY cosplay crafting station in July and I had no idea that he’d somehow turn piles of what looked like gym mats into pretty cool costumes using a heat gun, spray-paint, and a few other supplies.


Wanna know how he did it? Check out his steps below:


  • EVA Foam
  • Retractable utility knives
  • Heat gun
  • Plasti-dip for priming
  • Rustoleum aerosol paint for color
  • Glue Gun
  • Velcro
  • bodysuits and black iron-on vinyl
  • Caulk gun and caulking tube to close seams between pieces if needed
  • old helmets


He went with EVA foam because it’s dense and porous and can easily be cut with razor blades.  Starting with hand-drawn paper templates for every single piece – he then cut, heated and bent the EVA foam into shape. He primed everything with plasti-dip to close all the pores and get the material ready for painting.  He ordered body suits (AKA unitards) for the kids on Amazon and lined them with Velcro to attach each piece of “armor” to the bodysuit. The Megaman X bodysuit was decorated with hand-drawn designs that were cut and secured with fusible black vinyl. The Helmets – an old Razor helmet, and sports helmet were picked up at a thrift store and modified.  The shoulder “pads” on the Samus Aran costume were made out of styrofoam balls and EVA foam.  The final touches of paint were first coated in color and then distressed using black acrylic paint and metallic paints to create scuffing and scratches.


The kids are stoked for Halloween – and my dining room has almost fully recovered.


I think it’s safe to say that the girl is officially over her Princess phase.

This one builds her own castles (or blows them up if she feels like it).


And their dad could totally have a cosplay side-hustle if the home design business ever gets boring. Check out his fun video here:

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Happy Halloween!


Yummy Littles: Food-Themed Halloween Costumes For Baby

Baby’s first Halloween is certainly a special occasion, and what’s more yummy than a baby dressed up as food?  From a crawling taco to a turkey roast – and infant baby pizza, shrimp and mushroom costumes.  We’ve got all bases covered including spaghetti and meatballs and Ramen noodles – to sushi, soy sauce, donuts and chili peppers.  We’ve scourged the internet for the most creative, ridiculous, adorable and hilarious food-themed Halloween costumes to adorn your precious little in this Halloween.  We didn’t forget the baby-wearing mamas and included a fun popcorn-server costume to make at home.  With features including Etsy shops, Martha Stewart and online retailers – you’re sure to find something to serve your tasty baby up in this Halloween.  Some of the baby costumes that made this year’s greatest hits even come complete with DIY instructions.

Mangia! Mangia!

Funny Food Baby Costumes

Find all of these fun baby costume sources and details in our latest collection for MODE, where you’ll find other great curated content from all over the web.

Check out Yummy Littles: Food-Themed Halloween Costumes For Your Baby

by Monica Marino at Mode

Cheers to Halloween and having fun with your tasty baby!  Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Trick Or Treat

The kiddos were so excited to celebrate Halloween and managed to tape spooky hand-drawn decorations all over the house for what felt like the entire month of October.  We had fun visiting the farm with a ton of family, decorating pumpkins and partying at the annual school bash.  When the big day finally arrived, Captain America was highly annoyed with the layers that his mama-stuffed underneath his costume.  Thankfully, the first trick or treat experience of the year seemed to cure the crank-factor.  A single piece of candy tossed into a bag can work wonders!

We decided to skip the visit to the local stores this year and only walked to the street where all the action is. It really is incredibly how families go all out to make Halloween such an experience in our community.  The kiddos had a blast!

chasing fireflies halloweenphoto(67)Halloween dog skeleton decorationsHalloween trick or treatingHalloweenHallowen freddy crugarHalloween 69Halloween night

We hope you had a great one friends!



Halloween Fun with Chasing Fireflies

Welcome to October – a.k.a Halloween month according to my children! The simple joys that the kids find in play-acting is taken to a whole new level this time of year.  And this mama loves celebrating the childhood creativity that comes along with putting on a costume and fully inhabiting a character.

As in previous years, the kiddos devour the Chasing Fireflies catalog upon arrival and it was a true treat for their favorite Halloween costumes to arrive in the mail.

photo 2(13)

My little guy’s interest in superheros continues to grow, and he confidently selected the Captain America costume upon spotting the boy’s superheros costume collectionComplete with paddled muscles, gloves, boot-covers and a suped-up belt – with an incredible added shield to block enemy fire.  AA proudly steps into Captain America’s persona as soon as the costume goes on – and it’s such great fun to see an explosion in his imagination.  Best of all, he still presents in a fully costumed look, even when the mask comes off.

photo 2(14)photo 3(5)

Our little big girl still very much lives in a world of fantasy and dress up play.  The costume drawer spills over nearly every single day as toys and props are woven into her originative dress-up stories.  She finally decided on the white witch costume after loving the spook-factor in the girls witch costume selections This costume combines the best of both worlds for LP; featuring whimsical layers of tulle – with the mystery of a friendly witch.  The added broom, hat and white beaded chocker complete the look, and an additional petticoat brings the perfect amount of poof-factor.  She is absolutely smitten with good witch loveliness.

photo 2(12)photo(52)

If you’re looking for stand-out costumes of exceptional quality to survive the trenches of dress-of-play – Chasing Fireflies is absolutely the way to go!

Have fun celebrating!  BWA HA HAAA

Thank you Chasing Fireflies for partnering on this fun post.  Opinions, as always are my own.


DIY Jake and The Never Land Pirates Costume

It’s been a while since I’ve made something for the boy! The girl still loves the butterfly fairy costume that I made her, and I’m pretty sure that she’ll wear her Queen Elsa costume until it disintegrates.  It’s clearly time to start building up my little man’s homemade dress-up options and our recent fun with Disney Live gave me the perfect opportunity to whip up a Jake Costume.

I decided to include Adrian in the process and told him about our upcoming trip to the theater at Madison Square Garden.  When I asked him if he would like a Jake costume he responded with a resounding “YES MAMA!!”. He was super excited and invested in every part of the process.

The costume creation was a quick and simple project, and came together the afternoon before the show.  I used this great Frontier Vest Tutorial to make the Jake vest and changed it up a bit.  Instead of using felt strips as edging I purchased 2.75m Double Fold Quilt Binding (because I was too lazy to cut strips of felt!).  It worked out well – just be mindful of your corners and curves.  I didn’t fold over the front pattern piece, when cutting the felt, where indicated – and made it into a folded lapel as seen on Jake.  The lapel was stitched in place to keep from folding forward and I added four shiny brass buttons (circles of felt or yellow buttons will also work).   I cut the neck of one of Lucia’s old white shirts into a slight V and used one of her old tap shoe strings to lace it up.  The headband and black cummerbund were made out of old clothing as well.  I bought yellow plastic tape at the hardware store and tapped a strip onto Adrian’s favorite Ugg boots.  Daddy made him a cardboard sword and he was good to go!

jake costumejake costumeDIY jake costume

In other monumental news, the girl decided to dress up as a pirate (instead of a princess) for a Pirate and Princess themed show! Her love of princesses has always been intermixed with other good stuff but this mama inwardly cheered on her costume choice!  We pulled the Izzy look together with an inside-out pink T-shirt, a cut up mitten on a string (sorry Adrian, it was about time you stopped wearing those “lobster” mittens) and a play tablecloth around her head.

jake costumejake




Happy Halloween!!

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We hope that your day was spooktacular!