The Toddler Bed Transition – Delta Children’s Products {Giveaway}

Adrian’s third birthday was celebrated with plenty of mini adventures, a room makeover in collaboration with the Disney Paint Mom campaign, and the official transition to a big boy bed.

We were lucky enough to make the permanent switch out of crib-hood with Delta Children’s Products – the world’s largest manufacturer of nursery furniture. There are so many things that I love about the White Toddler Sleigh Bed that Adrian received.  I appreciate that it has guard rails and is low to the ground.  The design is beautiful and the quality is exceptional (at a low price point).  It was straightforward and easy to put together (my husband assembled it, I assisted).  And it is incredibly sturdy (mama can get in it too!).

After setting up the bed, I was primary focused on the overall aesthetic of the children’s bedroom.  I admired the fact that Adrian’s new Delta toddler bed matched the existing white furniture and  freed up space in comparison to his crib dimensions.  I felt at ease when I noticed the toddler friendly design and the extra protection provided by the guard rails, yet my initial focus was not on safety.  My perspective greatly shifted after touring the Delta Children’s Products test facility with the President of the company, Joseph Shamie.  It truly was an eye opening experience as the company’s dedication to safety was immediately apparent.

My tour highlighted the company’s detailed safety procedures, which far exceed government regulations.  For example, Delta Children’s mattress impact test (which simulates a 45 pound child jumping at full force) has implemented a testing standard of 3,000 impacts (the federal standard is significantly lower at 750 impacts).  I learned that if one screw moves even one millimeter during safety testing – the product fails and is NEVER sold to consumers.  This superior testing standard is upheld for all of their products.  I had the chance to view a crib slat strength test, shake tests, mattress support tests and testing of other children’s products including toy chests, strollers, chairs and walkers.  I was especially intrigued with their Nitron XFR Analyzer gun, a product that tests for lead and other heavy elements.  I’m always concerned about my family’s exposure to toxins and other chemicals.  While the federal government only regulates the testing of lead in children’s products, I was delighted to know that Dela tests their products for all of the heavy elements.

I was especially pleased to learn about Delta Children’s Products commitment to giving.  During the tour, Joseph explained his dedication to continuing his father’s legacy of  “giving and giving generously”.  Delta Children’s products has been giving away products to families in need since their inception 45 years ago and even launched a Safe Sleep campaign.  In 2012 Delta Children gave away 2000 cribs and now vows to giveaway $1,000,000 worth of cribs (they are in their second year of the Safe Sleep campaign).  Joseph Shamie has been honored for his philanthropic work and personally meets with parents to offer safe sleep tips during Safe Sleep Events.  The brand has donated products to the City of Newark and Mayor Booker’s Newark Now foundation, families in South Carolina, Philadelphia, Atlanta,  New York City (including storm ravaged Staten Island) and most recently Oklahoma.

I’m so happy to share my experience with Delta Children’s products as they offer incredibly affordable products at the absolute safest standards.   I’m trilled to be partnering with Delta to Giveaway a Character Toddler Bed to one lucky reader (winner can specify gender/character theme). A few of my favorite ones are pictured below.   Enter via the rafflecopter (US only) and please remember that entry methods are verified.  Best of luck and thank you for your readership!

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Delta provided me with a toddler bed for review purposes.  I am happy to share products and offer giveaways on behalf of companies that I can stand behind.  As always, all opinions expressed herein are my own.  


The Mama Bag & A 7 AM Enfant Voyage Bag {Giveaway}

We’ve been experiencing a lot of sporadic weather in NYC.  Temperatures have gone from hot and humid to cold and rainy in a matter of days.  Our weekends are usually packed with activities, and Memorial Day weekend was no exception.  We visited three boroughs all in a days time, had fun at museums, restaurants, a carnival, and a party in the park to celebrate Adrian. Our adventures were memorable and involved a thoroughly packed bag.

As my children have grown older the amount of stuff that I carry around hasn’t seemed to reduce in size, it simply changes.  I’m no longer transporting diapers and wipes, but I am lugging around an ample amount of gear, clothes and Bambini-paraphernalia.

I’ve gone through my share of bags during my five-plus years of motherhood.  And I’m definitely at a point of knowing what I want in a bag.  I was first introduced to 7 A.M. Enfant’s line of bags from my friend Ellen.   Since we both love their Barcelona bag so much, I was thrilled to put their large Voyage bag to the mama-travel test.  The Voyage bag comes in a great selection of colors including a fun neon pink.  It is incredibly lightweight, and I can seriously fit my entire life into it.  Since it has an ample amount of storage compartments on both the exterior and interior (the interior ones are see through mesh!), gone are the days of entire bag emptying while frantically searching for my phone or keys. The Voyage bag comes with fabulous accessories including a diaper changing pad, an insulated bottle/lunch box, and a double zippered clutch.  It is also made to match the 7 A.M. Blanket 212 Evolution (an absolute must for winter weather). The Voyage bag is actually the first bag that I have been able to attach to my stroller while having my oldest travel on the buggy board.  It has made me feel organized and is incredibly comfortable.

Win It: 7 A.M. Enfant is kindly giving away the below pictured voyage bag ($118.00 MSRP) in a great gender-neutral color (my husband wants this one!).  To enter, simply visit the below widget and please note that I verify all entry methods.  For more 7 A.M. Enfant giveaways and product info, like 7 A.M. Enfant on facebook.  Best of luck and thanks for visiting!

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I was provided with a 7A.M. Enfant Voyage Bag; however, I was already a steadfast 7 A.M. fan as their Blanket 212 Evolution has kept both of my kids toasty in frigid temperatures.  All opinions are my own. 


Stokke Tripp Trapp {Review}

If there is one piece of advice I would offer to new parents in terms of their purchases, it would be to think of items longitudinally.  Is it functional?  Does it fit into your overall aesthetic?  Will it serve a purpose as the child grows and moves through varies stages?  I suppose I thought about a few of these things when I was pregnant with my first, but don’t think that I considered how my children would sit in chairs after being well out of babyhood.

My youngest has insisted on sitting in a regular chair since 15 months of age.  Both of my children also shunned their plastic boosters seats and are either way too low at the table or sit on their knees.  They are certainly not comfortable, and I’m constantly worried about the chairs tipping backwards.  I am also often asking them to “please sit properly” –  yet how can they without a chair that suits their needs?

I was excited to welcome Stokke’s Tripp Trapp into my home since my 2.5 year old clearly still needs to be in some sort of high chair.  I was able to assemble it myself and my son took to it right away, referring to it as his royal chair (big sister influence here).  I was so happy to no longer see his little feet dangling at the table in a chair that was adjusted to accommodate his specific size perfectly.  Adrian is clearly comfortable in his Tripp Trapp and so is his mama – knowing that he is securely strapped into a (removable and adjustable) five-point harness.

Adrian is comfortable in his Tripp Trapp while his big sis is sitting on her knees.


In our home, things that scream “baby” are often ejected into the donations pile – sometimes even before we are through using them.  I’m such a fan of the Tripp Trapp’s space-saving minimalistic design – it is a piece of furniture that morphs into our space perfectly.

I  recently had the chance to hear Stokke’s Director of Innovation and Design, Hilde Angelfoss speak about the brand’s design philosophies and appreciated the emphasis on the baby’s relationship to her/his mother and surroundings.  The Tripp Trapp is uniquely designed to bring the baby directly to the table during family meal time.  Since there is no fixed-tray, the baby is able to learn and bond during family meals at the same proximity (to the table) as other family members.  I’m also a fan of the ergonomic design that encourages proper posture and can be customized well into adulthood (it supports 300 pounds!).  Stokke has also covered all possible scenarios with several Tripp Trapp accessory options.  The newborn set can bring the baby to the table from as early as birth.  While the additional baby set and tray (as seen below) can be added to accommodate for times when the baby must be fed away from the table, like in the middle of big sister’s living room musical performances.

Please note that that the baby set and tray were not tested with an actual baby.  The footplate should also be raised to fit the baby.


I am incredibly happy with this chair.  The Tripp Trapp’s durable construction is easily customizable and built for longevity.  It has also been around for over 40 years, winning multiple prestigious awards.  It is available in a rainbow of colors and was even included in an exhibit at MoMA. The Tripp Trapp is also made of beech wood and is environmentally friendly.

The only notable limiting factor may be its price point.  The chair alone retails for $249.99 and the recommended gliders, additional baby set, and tray would bring the cost closer to $387.97.   Although, I do think that over time the chair is definitely cost effective as it made to be customized from babyhood to adulthood.  Furthermore, it is under warranty for 7 years.

Perhaps my only problem is that I now really want another one for my five-year-old.

Stokke provided me with a Tripp Trapp and accessories for review purposes.  As in all my reviews, the above opinions are honest and my own.