Does Your Underwear Drawer Need an Overhaul? { + Kohl’s Giveaway!}

My mother recently reminded me of the phase that I went through in childhood where my underwear absolutely had to match my clothing.  I’ve since moved past intense color coordination, but I suppose that I’ve always understood this wardrobe staple’s personal importance.

pretty underwear lifestyle

From comfort to aesthetics, fit and detailing – the contents of our underwear drawers reveal a lot about us.  I’ve leaned towards a mixture of all of the above – and I’ve admittedly wanted to toss my underwear drawer in its entirety more than once.

kohls perfect pair

Since underwear is the foundation of our clothing, the right selections can make us look slimmer, feel sexy, and flatter the outfits in our everyday lives. If your intimates aren’t doing that for you, it’s time for an overhaul.  The changing shape of pregnancy through motherhood often leaves previous brand favorites not the right option to restock on.  Let’s stay away from things that dig-in, show visible panty lines, promote dreadful wedgies, or do nothing to support a great outfit.

beautiful still life womens intimates Kohl's womens underwear

Tossing that underwear drawer – I finally did!  Any my overhaul favorites came from the panty collection at Kohl’s. With a ton of options and styles to choose from, I found pairs of Maidenform underwear to be the ideal fit for me.  Their delicate designs and fabulous fit make me feel good about myself from the moment that I step out of the steaming morning shower.

Lace Panties Lifestyle Image with Roses

With boyshort underwear, shapewear, thong panties, bikini, hipster styles and more, Kohl’s has incredible intimates for every underwear preference.  Now’s the time to toss those ill-fitting pairs and stock up at the Kohl’s semi-annual sale from 3/3 to 3/23.  And don’t forget to use the panties code INTIMATES10 at checkout, for $10 off of a $40 intimates purchase, from 3/3 to 3/15.

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This post is sponsored by Kohl’s.  Thanks for your support of Marino Bambinos.


Not Your Mama’s Fanny Pack

There is something incredibly liberating about being years away from transporting around an overstuffed diaper bag. Now I make the kids wear packs for our day-tripping – and I suppose that I’ve streamlined my must-carry essentials (save those days that I need my camera, plus lenses and a laptop).  I’ve been searching for a smart alternative to a great bag for quite sometime while lusting over the idea of a hands-free bag.  I haven’t found a backpack that I love and pretty much loath the designer-logo-emblazoned glorified fanny-packs that I still see everywhere.

As a busy New Yorker, mother and overall multitasker I was seriously thrilled to discover Hipsters for Sisters.  They’ve mastered the stylish and innately wearable belt-bag without looking anything like Sporty Spice.

belt bag

Founded by a mother and daughter trio, Hipsters for Sisters is also committed to sustainability. Their L.A. manufactured-products are comprised of only earth-friendly materials.


The classic styles with minimalist aesthetics are designed to fit only the essentials, as a simplistic lifestyle reminder to live a life filled with more experiences and meaning, and less “stuff.”


Once you give this modernized hands-free style a try, you won’t ever want to go back.

Most definitely NOT your mama’s fanny pack.


On Holiday Joy

Christmas Tree Shopping Kids

I had my heart set on our annual trip to the tree farm. Deep rooted in my own childhood, this holiday tradition of years past is one that we all look forward to.  This year, we were too late; the farms were already stripped of their Christmas trees available to cut down, and it seemed silly to drive so far for a pre-cut tree. My post-phone-call frustration had the potential to sour the day, but when I told the kids we were headed to Brooklyn instead,  they threw their joy around faster than my disappointment could surface. Kids are resilient.  They are natural joy spreaders, and their glimmering perspective is what holiday merriment is all about.

I’ve learned that holiday happiness is not determined by the flurry of activities and events that we do to keep the magic alive. It is built upon the pockets of meaningful time spent together.  And the letting go of an idealized vision of Christmas allowed me to see the everyday miracles around me.

Tree Shopping

Inside the little Brooklyn tree stand, the children weaved in and out of the Christmas trees, holding hands, begging to take home all the Charlie-Brownish trees because “what if no one wants them”?  The shape of that Sunday was slow and subtle, much like the rhythm of our holiday season this year.  We agreed on a tree, stopped for hot cocoa and enjoyed the glorious imperfections in decorating.

Christmas Trees Shopping UGG Australia Boots Men and KidsHot Chocolate NYC

We’ve had beautiful weekends doing no more than simply being together as a family.  It’s just what we need right now, and we’ve been taking advantage of being outdoors as much as possible in this unusually mild NYC December.  We’ve always believed in investing in solid winter gear to conquer the cold as it’s settling in.  The kids need warm coats and boots, as do the parents – to keep us all happy during the winter months.

Over the past few years, we’ve found a family favorite in UGG Australia.  We all crave the feeling of toasty toes cocooned in comfy sheepskin warmth. And I happen to find parenting MUCH easier when not having to deal with children’s socks.


The new UGG Classic Slim collection fits my style perfectly. The boots are incredibly chic and versatile, with a moderate wedge and sleeker shape – without sacrificing the iconic comfort that UGG is famous for.

The boys went for a matchy-matchy father and son look from the Pendelton collection, with a Classic Mini from the men’s collection and the Kids’ Classic Short for little boys.  I wasn’t surprised when my daughter chose the Kids’ Classic Short Sparkle for girls.  They couldn’t be more perfect for an almost 8-year-old with her own unique fashion sense.

UGG Australia Mens boots boy bootsChristmas Tree Shopping

We’ll be wearing our boots all season long – and if you’re pressed for a last-minute amazing gift – take advantage or their free 2-day shipping.

Cheers to merry making and comfort too.

Boots c/o Ugg Australia.  Opinions as always, are my own.


Party Ready: Kids’ Holiday Style Guide 2015

The Holidays are officially upon us, and we love getting the kids party ready in beautiful Holiday fashion.  We go for the sort of styles that the kids can wear past the season – to other special events, and some day-to-day functions too.  All loved and worn by our own littles, many of the below styles have been shared over on our Instagram account.

Here are our top picks for Holiday 2015!

pippa and julie dress bloch shoes helen ficalor charm bari lynn hair accessory linge shoes

Pippa & Julie: From newborn to big-girl, Pippa & Julie create exquisite dresses for Holiday and beyond. Hurry up and shop now to receive a whopping 40% off discount!  

Helen Ficalora: My Helen Ficalora initial charms have adored my neck since my entry into motherhood.  They have lovely options for little girls too like this dainty baby puffy heart charm.

Bloch: Leave it to this famous ballet pointe shoe maker to master the fashion flat for girls. Comfortable and gorgeous – Bloch flats for girls are perfect for every special occasion.

Bari Lynn: Dress up her tresses with gleaming crystal barrettes.  Bari Lynn accessories have been our absolute favorite since babyhood.

Linge Shoes: Have a ballerina who wants to wear slippers outside the studio like I do? Linge shoes to the rescue. She’ll look pretty and polished in colorful ballet slippers while pirouetting until her hearts delight.


joe fresh nyc, umi shoes, appaman boys long winter jacket coat, floreishman boys

Joe Fresh: You can’t go wrong with a festive sweater and hat.  We love the smart details in Joe Fresh’s collection for boys.

Umi Shoes: Made to last well past the holidays, he’ll have fun spreading cheer in this cool Bodi C style.

Target:  I don’t think I’ll ever stop gushing over my boy in a bow-tie. The price is right with this smart button down shirt with bow-tie from Target.

Florsheim Kids: With old-school styles and rich materials, he’ll always look dapper in shoes from Florsheim Kids.

Appaman: We can’t neglect cold weather fashion amidst an urban winter, and we love how Appaman masters a long (and warm!) winter parka for boys without sacrificing style.

Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season! Special thanks to the brands that partnered with us on this fun post.


Organized Chaos + Lily Jade Giveaway

It’s never easy to be the first one out the door in the morning, or away from my children for just a quick trip.  There are always extra hugs and kisses to dole out, backpacks to double check, and the sort of reassurance that only mommy can provide.

lilly jade rosie bag

Chaos has taught me that organization is my friend.  I turn to the same tools and products over and over again, to help keep me on track when it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day available.

Lily Jade Bag Rosie Giveaway

Over the past few years, Lily Jade has frequently popped up here as my go-to-bag – despite my little ones being long out of diapers. I’m at a point in life where I know what works for me, and so I stick to it.  Lilly Jade designer diaper bags are famous for looking nothing like a diaper bag, with top-notch functionality, style, and durability. My Lilly Jade Caroline and Sarah Grace bags have truly withstood the test of time, and my current favorite is the Rosie in camel.

I have a thing for gold and their updated hardware is stunning.

Designer Diaper Bag Lily Jade Rosie

I usually try to plan work functions and meeting during the two days when my kids have after-school classes.  And when I think about it, it’s pretty amazing how NYC’s efficient train system can get me all over the city in a school-days time.  When I’m traveling with a lot of stuff that needs to be well-organized I use the baby bag insert.

lily jade rosie review baby bag insert giveaway

It fits into my bag like a glove.

Lily Jade Designer Diaper Bag Rosie Bag Giveaway Review

Even though I’ve reclaimed by bags, I remember what it’s like to need a wipe or a paci in lightening speed.

From diapering years and beyond – we love Lily Jade.

Win It! Just in time for the Holidays – our generous partner Lily Jade is giving away a gorgeous Rosie bag ($355 value!) to one lucky MB reader.  To enter visit the rafflecopter below. Best of luck friends!

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Thank you Lily Jade for sponsoring this post.  Opinions as always are my own. 


Simple Star Wars Maxi Skirt DIY + Fandango Giveaway

DIY Star Wars Skirt

With the return of Star Wars to the big screen this December – what’s a mom to do when her little girl wants to rock the force but the only Star Wars-themed girls’ clothing available are measly T-shirts?

Make her something!

Our super easy-to-make gathered maxi skirt is perfect for a first sewing project.  With an elastic waistband and nearly impossible to mess-up design, this is an instant-gratification sew.

Let’s do it!

  • First, gather your materials. In full disclosure, I’m typically strongly against character-themed fabric – but I will make an exception to support my girl’s Stormtrooper style.  With optional pom pom fringe trim, you’ll just need fabric, 1-inch wide elastic, a sewing machine and basic sewing supplies.  Remember to wash (and iron) your fabric first to account for shrinkage.

simple skirt DIY

  • Next, we’re going to measure and cut the fabricMeasure you child’s waist to determine the skirt’s width. We like to double that number to ensure that the skirt gathers nicely. After measuring the length, you’re ready to cut the fabric. Since our skirt is a long maxi skirt style- our fabric dimensions measured 40″ x 25″.  Don’t forgot to account for the elastic-waist casing and hem by leaving approximately 1 1/2″ extra fabric on the length.
  • If you have a serger, serge the fabric edges, or use a zigzag stitch on a regular machine like I did to prevent fabric fraying on the inside.
  • Then fold the material in half (with the inside of the fabric facing out), pin together and sew the seam.

Star Wars Fabric

  • I know you want to skip ironing (don’t!).  Take the time to iron the seam open.
  • Now you’re ready to create the casing for the waistband by folding the fabric over and ironing it.

Storm Trooper Fabric

  • Pin and stitch the waistband, leaving a small opening to insert the elastic.
  • Cut the elastic (leaving an extra inch or so to account for sewing the waistband together).

easy to sew skirt

  • Secure a safety pin to the end of the elastic and pull it through the casing.
  • Overlap the elastic ends and stitch together with multiple zigzag stitches.

how to sew an elastic waist skirtDSC_1180

  • Sew the waistband opening shut.
  • Fold the fabric to create the skirt hem (about 1/4″), iron it down, pin, and sew.
  • That’s it! Unless you want to add a fun trim like pom poms – simply arrange the trim in place, cut the the trim and sew.

Galaxy Ready!

Star Wars Simple Maxi Skirt DIYPom pom trim skirt DIYStar Wars SkirtSimple Skirt DIY

Win It!: Our generous friends at Fandango love to send families off to movies.  And we’ve partnered with them to giveaway another $200 Fandango Gift Card to see  Star Wars: The Force Awakens and other great movies! Simply visit the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win.

May the force be with you friends!

How to make a maxi skirt with pom pom fringe trimE454860C-98A0-49EC-A0B1-1E6200FB657E
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This post is sponsored by Fandango Family, where in addition to movie info, you’ll find other great DIYs.  Content and tutorial as always, are my own. Thanks for reading!