Functional Family Fashion Featuring Joules

Every season brings a new rhythm – not just in the expected change in temperatures, but in the ways we are shaped as a family.  We came off of the magic of an unscheduled summer, barreling into a new school year, Nutcracker rehearsals, heavier homework, several new missing teeth, work changes.  And..and..and..and.

How many mamas are with me? That said, it’s all good and exciting.  The kids are growing and having fun while learning about grit and commitment and teaching me lessons day in and day out.  And I continue to believe that our active lifestyle helps to reign in the chaos.  It’s the norm to walk, scoot and run to our daily activities – and fresh air is the perfect antidote for any sibling squabble.  We all need reliable quality clothing to carry us through the colder months – and if there are ways to simplify the beautiful mess that seems to rule our days, I’m all for it. We recently discovered Joules, a brilliantly British clothing brand, and found new favorites for the entire family.

 joules-wellies-girls-rainboots.jpg joules-kids-clothing-boys.jpgjoules-clothing-womens-jacket-boots.jpggirls-joulesclothingjoules-clothing-jackets

It’s rare that we can find a clothing brand suitable for all of us, and the quality of the items that Joules sent our way is exceptional.  Featuring a beautiful injection of interesting details, color, fun prints and personality.  The kids love the softness, uniqueness, and playfulness of the clothing (for girls and boys), the warmness of the stylish jackets and the wellies that make puddle jumping extra fun. While I adore the tailored look of their women’s fitted raincoat and short rain boots that I can stuff my jeans into in a hurry. And my husband even joined in the Joules adoration with a great warm men’s jacket in a cool olive hue.


We’re happy to partner with Joules Clothing in offering our U.S. readers 20% off your full-priced order with code: MARINO20

Valid, 10/13/16 through 11/13/2016.


Style Stars: Back-to-School Fashion That Your Kids Will Love

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We may still be swimming in summer – but I know that some kids are currently meeting their first-day-of-school.  I’ve learned that starting back-to-school shopping well in advance is always a good thing, especially with children who crave fun and independence when it comes to fashion and style.


Some days call for cat-ear barrettes.

And a graphic tee with your favorite jeans (on repeat). Don’t forget to add shades for recess to compliment that bright future.


Fierce sharks are cool when you’re six!


A fighting ninja? Even cooler!


For our big girl, it’s all about the accessories.  And a favorite first-day-of-school dress that will later be paired with soft leggings and a denim jacket as the crisp fall air rolls in for good.


As in every season, this mom turned to OshKosh B’gosh to tackle back-to-school shopping – with versatile kids’ clothes that are adorable, durable and always age-appropriate.  Can I tell you how excited I am that the boy is newly obsessed with OshKosh jeans?!  This perfect pant for all seasons matches with every possible combination. For now, he’ll rock his jeans with interchanging cool tees (and collared shirts for a more polished look) – and then add layers when needed. While my daughter will continue to personalize her style with accessories, I’ll be dreaming of that darling boho dress in my size!


I always feel better sending the kiddos off to a new school year in comfortable clothing that makes them feel good about themselves.  I can depend on OskKosh for this – with affordable prices, on-trend styles – and significant savings in every order.  Find an OshKosh B’gosh store near you and grab the below coupon to save 25% both in store and online.


I’m so excited to see my little loves thrive in this school year to come.


Wishing your babies (big and small) all the best as they head to their new classrooms, as well.  Cheers to new beginnings!


A Fun Way To Shop For Girls

We’re big believers in respecting the kids’ autonomy by allowing them to select their clothing.  Some days are pulled together and stylish and other days are more of a collaborate hot mess.  Great clothing options always help and we recently discovered a fun way to shop for girls via kidpik, a curated subscription clothing box for girls sizes 4-14.

After creating an online profile of style preferences (which made my girl feel special!), a lovely box packed with stylist-selected coordinated clothing, shoes and accessories arrived at our door – complete with our daughter’s name embossed on the inside.


The contents accurately represented the style profile we created, and our little-big-girl couldn’t wait to give everything a whirl.


Luckily, kidpik offers free shipping and free returns if some pieces don’t work out.  And if you keep the entire box you’ll receive a 30% discount.  With an average of around $12.50 per piece and around $100 per box, we found Kidpik to be a helpful, time efficient and affordable way to shop (without heading to a store!).


Someone coined her favorite new kidpik dress her “dream dress.”


We tend to agree.

Samples provided. 


On Finding Fun With Dad

Unsure if the scurrying feet and piercing yells signaled the children fighting or playing, I wasn’t surprised to discover the Olympic-level noise provoked by my husband chasing the kids around with a talking eggplant.  In a house where inanimate objects are brought to life and creativity rules the lot of the land; my husband, in his role as dad, brings a light unlike any other. And watching him father as he does, with so much love and laughter, is one of the greatest reassuring constants in my life.


Aligned with Crocs #FindYourFun mission – off we recently went to our local beach for a day of fun with our beloved circus leader.  Fully outfitted in Crocs, this great collection of footwear is perfect for our family and the busy outdoor lifestyle that the summer months accommodate. With casual comfort and great styles for the whole family, you’ll find us rocking our Crocs all season long.

We kicked off our shoes to collect shells, create seaweed monsters and watch my husband emerge as the biggest kid on the beach.


With invisible light sabers, the kids and their dad defeated monsters and played until the sun went down.

Crocs-find-your-fun-with-dad CROCS-find-your-funsunset-swings-playground

Throw in my husband’s favorite fish taco joint plus a cold beer and the day was one to remember!

Our life is far from perfect, but it’s the fun and carefree moments of togetherness that elevate us as a family and remind us of what matters most.  We’re so grateful to celebrate my husband this Father’s Day and the incredible dad that he is.

Do let us know how you plan to #FindYourFun and celebrate this Father’s Day!

Sponsorship provided by Crocs.  


Because Mom Needs a Day Off Too

For reasons unbeknownst to me, I still struggle with feeling OK when taking time for myself. Even in the midst of uninterrupted work (yes work, not play!) I have to push through irrational guilt and unjustified feelings of selfishness when I’m away from my children.  I’m well aware that it doesn’t make any sense.  And I know that all moms need a day off.  This one included.


So when a “mom’s day off” was recently requested of me in conjunction with Crocs‘ #MomsDayOff campaign, I hightailed it to the subway with my hair still wet and breakfast unfinished to meet a friend for spontaneous quality time together.  Eager to check out the Fischli Weiss exhibit at the Guggenheim before it closes next week; we arrived at opening to an uncrowded viewing.  There’s nothing like being with an incredible female friend when you’re on the verge of coming undone at the seams.  And inside the very museum that we frequent as a family, I realized how vastly different my perspective is when taking in art without my little ones.  The shape of the day was invigorating, refreshing, and incredibly fun. Hugs, art, and laughter are so very good for the soul!


When I returned to my sweet little family, I knew that taking time for myself gave me a new lens to filter beauty from an otherwise cluttered and chaotic space.  Those scattered toys and abandoned art projects represented nothing more than a vibrant and happy life with kids.


Along with my recipes for self-care like fitting in those workouts, I know that days spent with steadfast friends are essential to my well-being. And here in the city, a metro-card, a few favorite accessories, and comfy shoes make for incredible last-minute adventures!

I used to think that Crocs were just for kids.  My love affair with them began the summer that my then three-year-old son insisted on wearing his sister’s outgrown pink unicorn Crocs. With glow-in-the-dark unicorn horns – who can blame him? It’s now such a deliciously adorable memory!

Crocs for women may not have rainbows and light-up features when you step (thank goodness!), but they do have super comfortable,  fun, and streamlined styles.  A far cry from my children’s clogs; I’ll be rocking mine all summer long, officially making us a Crocs-family.


I do hope that you’ll join me in the important work of taking time off for yourself, and we’re thrilled that Crocs is determined to send other moms off for a break while outfitting even more in comfy footwear!

Check out the amazing #momsdayoffcontest on social media! Click the below Instagam image for more details to be in the running to win amazing goodies including a $50 Crocs gift card + $100 (10 winners!) to spend on your mom’s day off! That’s not all, 50 more winners will win $50 gift cards from Crocs. Sixty winners total equals a lot of happy moms! Just make sure that you’re following @Crocs on social media when you post an entry image. I’ve enjoyed seeing all of the #momsdayofcontest photos on Instagram letting us know all those mom’s day off hopes and dreams!


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This post is sponsored by Crocs. Opinions, as always, are my own.


Family Travel Packing Tips + Adorable Spring Kids’ Style

This post is sponsored by OshKosh B’Gosh. Opinions, as always, are my own.

We’re going to look past that brush of snow arriving on the first evening of Spring. Eager to escape those winter doldrums, we’re only looking towards all that is warm and bright.

It’s no secret that I enjoy swapping those cumbersome winter layers for new stylish spring clothes for the kids.  And I’m holding tight to that bit of a say that I still have in my children’s fashion choices.  Easter marks our third consecutive weekend of traveling, and it’s so much fun to coordinate special vacation kids’ styles. While I don’t think it will ever be a breeze to take-off perfectly packed and organized, we have a few packing tips to take along for those upcoming spring break vacations.

  • Creatively Coordinate: We love to revisit family memories through photographs – and vacations are full of prime opportunities to snap away. I like to select a great color palette to have the kids clothing mesh without being too matchy-mathcy.


  • Dress up with Accessories: Would I love to stuff my son up in his fancy-pants suit while traveling? YES! Does he want to wear this sort of restrictive clothing? NO! Believe in the power of adorable accessories like ultra cool suspenders to elevate that simple dark jeans and solid T-shirt look. I love the way accessories pull this clean style into a casually dressy and super fun outfit.
  • Don’t Forgo the Sun Protection! Along with sunscreen, we believe in starting them young on habitual hats and sunglasses wearing in the warmer months.  In addition to providing protection from the sun, they also add instant style!
  • Roll the Clothes: I can often fit my clothing and both children’s clothing into one (yes one!) carry-on suitcase for weekend getaways. The secret? Neatly rolling each article of clothing maximizes space and generally keeps things wrinkle free.

Like so many previous years, we turned to OshKosh B’Gosh, a tried and trusted brand for our big seasonal order.  It’s been a while since we’ve shared images of the kids, and I absolutely can not wrap my head around the little people they are rapidly growing into!


Super happy, silly, carefree and comfortable – the definition of what being a kid is all about.

OshKosh B'Gosh Kids Style

I’m so grateful for the everyday joy these two Easter bunnies make me see.


Can you tell that I adore this sweet OshKosh sibling look?  And I’m ahead of the game this year by already stocked up on swimsuits, flip-flops, undies and spring essentials.  With incredible savings on must-have styles – I’m always surprised at the whopping value packed into my OshKosh orders.

Locate an OshKosh B’Gosh store near you and take advantage of this coupon for MB readers!

Cheers to Spring, new beginnings and all of those great memories to come.

Special thanks to our sponsor OshKosh B’Gosh.