The Flower Fairy

In the depths of winter, I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer.” ~Albert Camus

This fairy bloomed on a cold winter day, reminding me of all that is warm and bright.  She wanted another mama constructed crown and I thought a proper wand for fairy magic spreading was needed.  She helped by picking petals off stems and then fluttered off engrossed with her new flower powers.  I’m so glad she let me capture this moment on film.  And am so glad for all the dimensions of her you can’t see on this blogThe elaborate stories, the freedom of movement in her dances, the singing, and wand-waving while looking in the mirror, the love in her eyes, the pure creativeness wrapped up in this incredibly joyful tiny four-year-old.

True fairy magic indeed.


Granny’s Christmas Skirt repurposed

I found this treasure in one of Granny’s many clothing donation bags. 
I used the material to make a Christmas dress and hair bow for my daughter – and matching shirts for my son and nephew. 
They wore their new outfits today to the girl’s school Holiday party.
The best part about this project was keeping the existing hemline of the skirt, it made the dressmaking easy peasy!
The school party was awesome, with a visit from Santa, presents for all, and 14 little beautiful people singing:        

Homemade Christmas

I just finished sewing Christmas stockings for the family and I’m feeling quite punctual since it is December first!  I used the prudent baby tutorial and added some embellishments.  I made fabric-covered buttons for the boy’s stockings and finally tested out the embroidery functions on my sewing machine to monogram.  I decorated my stocking and the little big-girl’s with yo-yos, a fabric covered button, and a little bling for our initials. Although I managed to break five needles during this project, I’m pretty happy with the end result.  It was my first time sewing with batting and I think I may even be inspired to give quilt-making a try. I’m looking forward to seeing these (or at least the kids stockings!) stuffed to the brim on Christmas day.


Queen of the leaves

Little ones have been spending a lot of time gathering leaves, throwing them in the stroller, stuffing them in my pockets.  Asking me to hold onto that perfect leaf and days later requesting “the beautiful yellow one with the squiggly lines”.   We’ve been raking, painting leaves with watercolors, and giving toys leaf baths.  I’ve been picking them out of tangled hair, and continue to find them in corners of my home.  I’ve also been inspired by little ones to make some “leaf crafts” of my own.   A glue gun, fake leaves and glitter provided hours and hours of fun these past few week.


Fall Fashions

I modified the petal top pattern from Emma Hardy’s book entitled making children’s clothes to make a fun little top and dress.  Both of the fabrics are imported from Japan and I let my daughter choose the trimmings and embellishments herself.

With ducks, deer, and pink bunny rabbits picnicking – what’s not for a three year old to love?  She was also thrilled with the pom-pom trimming.

I think this material speaks for itself. It sort of makes me want to chase rainbows with pandas holding balloons and other happy creatures. I intended for this dress to be long-sleeved, but I ran out of material (whoopsy daisy).  I’m still not sure if this dress is done yet.  I may add elastic and a ruffle around the sleeves. I’m just glad that she likes these two pieces so much!


Mod Podging my Life

I’m exploding with excitement over today’s crafternoon with Mod Podge!  I’ve wanted to make fabric covered organizers for our art supplies ever since I made my son a fabric-covered party hat for his first birthday.  I imagined I’d use the fabric glue spray I used for the party hat but wasn’t sure how I’d smooth out the wrinkles on a circular surface.  Then along came Mod Podge!  This stuff is amazing and so easy to use.  I was so excited I wanted to Mod Podge my left arm in an Amy Butler fabric, but my husband talked me out of it.

I thoroughly enjoyed looking around the house for things to repurpose.
Enjoying Mod Podging with fabric scraps from the Mermaid dress I made her.  Hearing her talk about “Mod Podging” all day was hilarious. 
Horray for Mod Podge!


The girl’s mermaid Mod Podge. It’s perfect..because she made it.
Art Table revamped!