Queen of the leaves

Little ones have been spending a lot of time gathering leaves, throwing them in the stroller, stuffing them in my pockets.  Asking me to hold onto that perfect leaf and days later requesting “the beautiful yellow one with the squiggly lines”.   We’ve been raking, painting leaves with watercolors, and giving toys leaf baths.  I’ve been picking them out of tangled hair, and continue to find them in corners of my home.  I’ve also been inspired by little ones to make some “leaf crafts” of my own.   A glue gun, fake leaves and glitter provided hours and hours of fun these past few week.


Mod Podging my Life

I’m exploding with excitement over today’s crafternoon with Mod Podge!  I’ve wanted to make fabric covered organizers for the bambinos art supplies ever since I made Adrian a fabric covered party hat for his first birthday.  I imagined I’d use the fabric glue spray I used for the party hat, but wasn’t sure how I’d smooth out the wrinkles on a circular surface.  Then along came Mod Podge!  This stuff is amazing and so easy to use.  I was so excited I wanted to Mod Podge my left arm in an Amy Butler fabric, but  Bob talked me out of it.

I thoroughly enjoyed looking around the house for things to repurpose.
LP enjoyed Mod Podging with fabric scraps from the Mermaid dress I made her.  Hearing her talk about “Mod Podging” all day was hilarious. 
Horray for Mod Podge!

Lucia’s mermaid Mod Podge. It’s perfect..because she made it.
Art Table revamped!