The Valentine’s Day Card

I wholeheartedly subscribe to the philosophy that good things should be repeated.  That awesome crock-pot meal should, in fact, be replicated over and over again (but not so many times that the household grows sick of it).

Luckily for me, Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. And these 3D-kid-holding-lollipop Valentine’s day cards have been a huge hit ever since I discovered them on Pinterest several years ago.  I wish I knew the source (you are brilliant!), but sadly, I don’t.

Simply take a photo of your kid holding their arm in the air. If you can position said arm in front of their bodies – it will give the card a nice 3D effect.  I added all the fun fancy hearts and love notes in Pic Monkey.  The printing was done at my local drug store.

DIY lollypop Valentine's Day cardSnazzy up your kiddos in fun clothes!  I didn’t have anything special for Adrian, so I removed the Target heart garland from the mantel and placed it around his neck like a lei.  Take that boring white T-shirt!  This is my little guy’s first year at school, and his first year giving out Valentine’s day cards.  Naturally I’m swooning over his hubba hubba look.  Lucia’s adorable sweatshirt is c/o RUUM, and she wanted to get in on the lei action as well.

Simply use a hole punch (or exacto knife)  to create two holes and insert a lollipop.

clever DIY Valentine's day cards

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!




Feathers In Her Hair – DIY Vintage-Inspired Headbands

Every time we go to the craft store, Lucia finds feathers, adorns them around her face, looks at me seriously and says “Mama, I need feathers in my hair.”  So when a bunch recently appeared in a gift from a sweet neighbor, I instantly knew that they would be put to good use (AKA more head-gear).

I made a simple headband that literally took all of five minutes. Simply cut, arrange, glue gun and dry.

And voila, vintage-inspired old school glamor:

It turned out to be a playful little prop, and according to my Paloma – it’s her new Dove costume.

Check out my other handmade headbands and crowns under the label “head-gear”.


Flower Fairy Headbands DIY

I love making things for my Lucia – as the creative process is twofold.  My vision, followed through from start to finish becomes a vehicle of five-year-old fantasy when placed into my daughter’s hands.  With her imagination, she is free and uninhibited, and I am her quiet observer, immersed in her day dreams.

My flower fairy headbands were inspired by the flower fairy and leaf queen crowns that I made for Lucia last year. I see her love for costumes, props and elaborate fantasy play as such a fun celebration of childhood.

The headband making process is beyond simple and easily customizable.  Begin by cutting faux leaves and flowers off of stems and matching leaves of different sizes into pairs.  I cut the plastic backings completely off of the flowers to ensure that they lay flat. I also cut off tiny balls to embellish with. Small pearls, crystals and broken pieces of jewelry are also fun things to adorn flowers with.

Use a glue gun to cover both sides of the headband in overlapping leaves. The smaller leaves should be close to the ears (so that the headband can comfortably fit on the child’s head) .  Arrange flowers (and anything else) and go glue gun crazy.

Let the headbands dry thoroughly.

And watch the fairy magic begin.
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Cafe Escapes Storybook Bliss Party with Hostess with The Mostess

Being a Keurig lover and a crafter, I jumped at Glam Media’s invitation to attend a Storybook Bliss Party at the Eventi Hotel with Cafe Escapes and Hostess with the Mostess.

Glam Network bloggers were treated to a six course tasting menu pairing Cafe Escapes delicious flavors with sweet and savory bite-sized treats.

I was thrilled to have the chance to see Jenn Sbranti’s crafty goodness in action, through her storybook venue transformation utilizing re-purposed mason jars, coffee filters, old book pages, gold spray paint, twine, scrabble letters and embellishments.  She even provided a centerpiece crafting demo, with tutorials available for all to enjoy on  her website Hostess with the Mostess.

It was an indulgent evening with amazing women, champagne, creative inspiration and a bit of stache wearing.

Storybook bliss indeed.

I received a gift bag and cozy blanket at the event.  I will also receive a Keurig coffee machine.  No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my my own.  Photos courtesy of millimeter photo. 


Vintage Lace Crowns – DIY

There is so much crafty goodness and inspiration to be found on Pinterest, including many variations of darling lace crowns.  I dug through my fabric stash as I prepared for hurricane Sandy, in hopes of having some sort of crafting-coping mechanism in place.  When I found some vintage lace loveliness in a collection of fabric from my mother (including an eyelet trim that she used to sew my first communion dress), I decided to make some lace crowns of my own.

The crown making process is actually very straightforward:
1.  Estimate crown size and cut lace.
2.  Saturate lace in fabric stiffener and place on wax paper. Repeat a few times until fully saturated.
3.  Be patient and allow lace to dry and stiffen (or Google the microwave/oven short-cut method).
4.  For added color, paint lace (I used Martha Stewart paint in antique silver, rose chrome, and aquarium). 
5.  After lace dries, match up lace pattern and hot glue the ends to form a crown.
6. Add embellishments if you want (I glue gunned big faux pearls and jewels to two crowns.  I also wove gold embroidery floss through one). 

Someone was extremely happy about her newest play props.

Just in time for some homespun fun on today’s hurricane-school-party-ruined Halloween.


Sometimes You Just Need To Sprinkle Gold Glitter All Over Everything

Like when your kiddos are home sick and life just needs a bit more bling.

Check out my pumpkins, brought to you by Mod Podge and glitter:

And this key that I’ve wanted to glitterize ever since I first laid eyes on Pinterest:

I even thought of my husband and turned his boring screw driver into a Glitz-Driver:

I mean, who doesn’t need/want a Glitz-Driver?  Holla!