Friendship Bracelets are Back + Giveaway!


Do your kiddos love crafting like mine do?  It’s exciting to see a project through from start to finish – and as a DIY-er myself, it’s cool to see my kids appreciation for the handmade. When WowWee sent us their Digloom ahead of their August 4th release, my creative tween was instantly hooked – so much so that we had to share here.  Friendship bracelets are back my friends and making them is more fun than ever!


This app-controlled interactive digital loom allows the user to design their own cool patterns or select pre-made designs to weave into bracelets, headbands, anklets, bookmarks and more.


The Digiloom is in no way one of those press a button and the machine does everything for you toys. My nine-year old is engaged in every step of the process – as she’s the one doing the manual weaving through the app’s pre-set thread pattern.


The Digiloom comes with enough supplies to make eight items, and we’re already ready to grab more kits. Hopefully, my girl will make one for her mama too!

Find it exclusively at Michaels stores, tomorrow, August 4th.

Win It! Our friends at WowWee are sending a Digiloom to one lucky MB reader! To enter, simply leave a comment on this post.  For another entry, visit our Facebook fan page and leave a comment on the corresponding post.  Our randomly selected winner will be announced on Facebook on Sunday evening, August 6th.


Kids’ Spring Crafting + Healthy Snacking

Spending one-on-one time with my kids is a priority that always has a way of making them feel special.  And I cherish our alone time just as much as they do!  My six-year-old son and I were due for a date, and I knew that a full day at the Children’s Museum of the Arts would be a blast for us both. Over the weekend we hightailed it on the train to SOHO to begin the day at Momtrends bash in partnerships with Wonderful Halos – the sweet, juicy mandarins that everyone loves – and even the littlest of hands can peel.

Alongside CMA instructors, the kids crafted adorable little spring creatures including bunnies, chicks and whatever their creative hearts desired out of Halos.  All the crafts were easy enough to replicate  – utilizing basic crafting supplies like googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and paper.

I loved seeing all of the crafty goodness because I’ve consistently brought loads of Halos to the kid’s school parties.  I’m OK with my children having treats, but I find the level of sugary overload to be out-of-control in the classroom celebrations.  And when I drop Halos on the kids’ plates, the majority are gobbled right up! Since the extent of my crafty fun only includes sticking celery sticks in the mandarin centers to create mini pumpkins at Halloween parties – I gleaned tons of super fun (and much more creative!) ideas to get kids excited about healthy snacking. I’ll definitely have the little ones replicate the ideas at our family Easter party instead of the usual jelly bean overload.

The event also featured tons of delicious snack and party food ideas incorporating Halos.  From smoothies to salads and my favorite: chocolate dipped mandarins, with a drizzle of sea salt on top.

After the fun party, my little guy and I spent the entire day at the museum. He was lucky enough to get a coveted spot in the clay bar, made totally cool stop motion videos, painted a ton, and created re-imagined artwork inspired by Martin Kippenburger.

We both declared it “the best day ever!” and our thoughtful friends at Momtrends were kind enough to pack away a box of supplies for big sister to get in on the action when we returned home!


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Adorable Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments Tutorial


There’s something really wonderful about having homemade holiday touches in the home and gifting handmade gifts. Jen from Craftic walks us through a lovely painted Christmas ornament tutorial inspired by clear glass ornaments discovered at a local craft store. With paint, imagination, and fun finishing touches – these adorable DIY Christmas ornaments are the perfect holiday craft to make right now.


  • Acrylic paints
  • Glass or plastic clear ornaments
  • Paint brush
  • Sequins, buttons, googly eyes, or any finishes for decorating.


  1. Carefully take off the ornament tops.
  2. Get your acrylic paints ready. Consider mixing a custom palette to match holiday cards or other decorations in your home.
  3. Paint the interior of the ornament by squeezing a bit of paint into the ornament from the bottle. Depending on your paint’s viscosity, swirl it around to get a good coating (if it’s more fluid) or coat it with a paint brush (if it’s thicker).
  4. Place the ornaments upright on a paper plate and allow the excess paint to drip down overnight.  Tip: don’t use a napkin or you’ll end up with little bits of the towel dried to the edges!
  5. Check on your ornaments after drying overnight.  If there are splotches where the paint dried, touch up the spots with a bit of paint on a brush.
  6. Decorate the outside of the ornament however you wish!  Using craft glue, attach sequins, buttons, and beads to create patterns, googly eyes to make faces, or anything else. Leave to dry for at least two hours.
  7. After drying, secure the ornament tops back on and enjoy your newly created works of art!


Check out more of Jen’s crafty goodness over on Craftic!




The Best Star Wars Themed DIY Projects

The first film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, The Force Awakens, is set to hit theaters this week, and we’ve rounded up some pretty cool Star Wars themed Do It Yourself projects to delight your favorite Star Wars fan.  From our own simple maxi skirt design for the girl who wants to rock the force, DIY pool noddle lightsabers for the kid who loves to whack their sibling, to a pretty impressive crocheted circular death star pillow – check out our new curated story on MODE.

Check out Rock The Force: The Best DIY Star Wars Themed Projects

by Monica Marino at Mode

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Homemade Holiday

I want my kids to always believe in the value of homemade and see the meaning in the art and trinkets that they create for others.  I’m clearly colored by the things made by my own mother’s hands.  Memories of the hum of her sewing machine, the homemade bread for neighbors, and the crafts and goodness overflowing in her kitchen are a part of my forever holiday story.

And so we make things together, and year after year, there is so much joy in giving to others while finding a bit of my own peace in the creative process. We make mountains of fudge to give to our neighbors, and my husband has proven to be the gingerbread house-assisting master.  And the unboxing of our homemade Christmas always has a way of transporting me back in time.  My homemade stockings mark baby Adrian’s first Christmas, and the re-purposed clothes for the kiddos are among the special things to be saved.

ginger bread house making

It’s lovely to give gifts that spark creativity and Jo-Ann Fabric recently sent me some goodies to get excited about Holiday baking.  They packed it all in one of their special totes – currently only $9.99 with a minimum $30 in-store purchase.  With long straps and a zipper. I’ll definitely use it to deliver our homemade goodies to the neighbors and school.  Don’t forget to pick one up with your holiday supplies and fill with crafty goodness to gift to a friend!

JoAnn Fabric Bag with Purchase

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Thanksgiving Turkey Gratitude Jar

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We all want our kids to have a spirit of gratitude – during the Holidays and year-round.  Fun family projects can help to facilitate discussions of thanks in tangible ways that make sense to kids.  We recently created a DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Gratitude Jar and hope that it will help keep all that we are thankful for in our present thoughts!

Thanksgiving Kids Craft

This super quick project is fun and simple! Just gather basic arts and craft supplies, a mason jar, a hot glue gun, a strip of burlap and other decorative items.


  • First, glue a strip of burlap all the way around the mason jar.  Next, draw a fun Turkey head on a piece of paper.
  • Draw a few leaf shapes on construction paper and have the kiddos cut them out, and color them however they see fit.
  • Dress your Turkey up! Color your Turkey and have fun adding jewels, glittery duck tape or other decorative items.

thanksgiving activities for kids

  • Glue your Turkey together! We glued faux feathers and construction paper feathers to the back of the mason jar with a hot glue gun.  Streamers and faux feathers were also added to our Turkey’s head before securing her to the front of the jar with the glue gun.

Thanksgiving Turkey Gratitude JarCelebrate the goodness of littles counting their blessings!

I’m thankful for milk, and costumes, and mommy, and my sister, and twirling, and taping pictures above my bed.


Thanksgiving crafts with kids gratitude turkey mason jar

My gosh, how these little people remind us to live in the present – and for that I am truly grateful.  So don’t forget to include your own daily notes of gratitude and enjoy watching the collective goodness trickle in.

Gratitude projects for kids

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