Sometimes You Just Need to Fold The Sheets Together.

The parental crank factor was running high this morning, with nighttime sick kiddo wakeups, a mountain of yesterday’s (washed but unfolded) laundry and arguments revolving around who would go to the gym first.  Our intervention came in the form of collective sheet folding.  Meeting in the middle with a kiss gave us a strong dose of much needed Saturday morning perspective.

Sometimes you just need to remember where it all began. 


Sometimes You Just Need To Go Deep Into The Woods and Leave Your Children Behind

Like when you’ve never left your youngest overnight and finally have the chance to venture off to a much needed getaway.  Thanks to Paul and Danielle for bringing us to that lovely campground in Connecticut to celebrate their collective awesomeness.  I think that we may have soaked up enough reconnected goodness to last us until next time.


Seven Years. No Itch. Love You Bobby!



Sometimes You Need to Put On Red Lipstick and Go Out With Your Man.

Big-ups to our incredible friends for tying the knot and bringing my favorite folks together for a fun evening in NYC:

Spending time with my Bobby.
And time with my all time favorite ladies from college.
Thrilled to be with my bestie, on her birthday! She taught me all about Uber, here we are riding in style.
 Ending the night with a little bit of crazy……



Pencil on Oak

Seeing my husband create art reminds me of so many layers of our history together.  When we first met at nineteen years of age.  When we fell in love.  The things that filled our lives in Rhode Island, Hawaii, and NYC – recalled easily by images on our walls.

Years of bearing witness to an incredible talent and raw creativity.

I remember one of our college classmates stopping to tell me when his art teacher said “Bob is still painting that same girl!”.   I was elated to be his muse.

I hear he had strong artistic proclivities from a young age.  And he’s created some magnificent pieces and collections since I’ve known him.  For the past few years he’s been consumed with the demands of his work and sort of became an artist in hibernation.

Last week he drew a portrait of Lucia (inspired by these photos) on a sheet of oak.

I’m delighted to see this part of him back.


The Stories They Love

There is something so special about the books adored by our little ones.  Those first loves – like Goodnight moon, read again and again multiple times a day. Bindings are worn and well-loved, gripped by tiny hands.  Stories I imagine that they will remember forever.

Both of my children have been captivated by the books written by Eric Carle.  My little boy’s current favorite is Papa please get the moon for me.  He brings it to us saying “read to me” and can practically repeat the entire story.

He spends a great deal of time immersed in imaginary play acting out Papa please get the moon for me and The very hungry caterpillar.  He found “the very long ladder” on his red fire truck “and up and up and up” his toys climb.  Until finally they reach the moon.

The repetition. The sweet little voice. The budding creativity.  The little avid reader.  Memories built on children’s stories.

Moments that I will cherish.