Healthy Tips for Picky Eaters {Sponsored}

I’m not one to typically dole out the parenting advice over here. I think that many aspects of parenting are simply trial and error, and what works for one bambino doesn’t usually work for the other. But I do have a picky eater, and am happy to share a few of my healthy eating tips on behalf of Tyson.

My oldest child, Lucia has always been a bit of a picky eater, but I definitely think that the corruption sets in as they start to get older. I vividly remember the day that Lucia declared that she no longer wanted green peppers in her snack bag because so-and-so said that they were “yucky”. Which leads to my first tip:

Be Sneaky and Consistent:

I could have been better about continually offering Lucia the food she started to reject as she grew. I learned from my mistakes and make sure that my little guy continues to eat his veggies.  I also continually offer my kids different foods – even when rejected. But sometimes, my only hope is sneaking things in their food.  I often hide veggies and power packed nutrients into my children’s meals. I like to send them off to school with a healthy breakfast, and am a huge fan of steel cut oats (or regular oatmeal when pressed for time). I like to chop up a ton of mixed nuts (Brazil nuts, walnuts cashews and almonds) for extra protein and mix in a bit of ground flax and cinnamon. I also frequently mix chopped veggies into ground turkey meat, and chicken cutlets as it’s a guaranteed way to sneak them in.

Include Tiny Helpers: 

Both of my kids are prone to eat healthy food if they help take part in the process. They love to crack eggs, mix ingredients, and pick things apart (like parsley). We try to involve them as much as we can and also include them in the cleanup!

Offer Different Forms: 

It is highly unlikely that Lucia will devour an entire plate of carrots, but she will gulp down freshly juiced carrots and apples. My littles think that juice is such a treat, and they also love to help make it. When my kiddos first rejected raw broccoli, I found a recipe that they love – which turned them into broccoli lovers. Sometimes a different form or an awesome recipe will do the trick.

Make it Look Awesome: 

Little ones can often be cajoled by a pretty presentation. Fun containers, divided plates and tiny separated groups of food make healthy snacks appealing to children.

Walnuts, fruits, veggies and cheese presented in a glittery Easter egg rainbow, supported by a cut up egg carton.

Make It Fun: 

I certainly don’t have Pinterest perfection going on all the time (and think it would be problematic if children’s meals always looked like elaborate art). But I love to get creative with meal presentation on occasion. The process of creating is so much fun for me, as is the pint-sized excitement over my arrangements. My husband (an artist) is also a master creator and has been making fun food art since the pre-Pinterest era. I also always try and incorporate a little fun into my kids school meals with creature-shaped cookie cutter sandwiches, the addition of an eyeball and a special hand-drawn love note.

Mango, orange, cranberry, and strawberry sun. Dino mold turkey and cheese. Kale chip tree. Roasted seaweed, green bean, broccoli, Brazil nut, blueberry, mango and kiwi grass/flowers.

If all else fails, my worst possible tip *bribery* may work wonders if used in excessive moderation. My daughter may or may not be a salad lover due to a singing, light-up, Rapunzel doll.

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Cocktail Recipies With Lipton Iced Tea & A Shout Out To My Girls {Sponsored}

I’m lucky enough to have some solid women in my life. The sort of steadfast friends who offer support in hardship and acknowledgment and celebration of the good things when they happen. True gems that are essential to survival – especially in motherhood.

I recently had a girls’ night with some dear friends who came to visit NYC. I’m still thinking about the laughter and heartfelt hugs. I’m also thinking about the lovelies that I soon will see. A friend from Hawaii, a bestie in Boston – positive girl time that comes with lasting effects.

Lipton recently sent me their Lipton 100 Calorie Half & Half (Tea & Lemonade) and their Lipton Diet Green Tea Honey Ginseng. With them, I whipped up some drink recipes with a future girls night on my mind.

Hard Half & Half 


This recipe is simple and the results are tasty!
  • Add Ice
  • Add 1.5 oz. of your favorite spiced rum
  • Add 7 oz. of Lipton 100 Calorie Half & Half (Tea & Lemonade)
  • Add a splash of club soda
  • Garnish with pineapple and fresh mint
Green Tea Honey Ginseng Raspberry Spritzer

I also created an alcohol-free option for those who prefer to not drink their calories.
  • Freeze Lipton Green Tea Honey Ginseng into ice cubes and fill glass with cubes (I used a butterfly mold to create fun shaped cubes)
  • Add a few frozen raspberries
  • Fill Glass with club soda
  • Garnish with a lemon wedge
Striped paper straws and pretty napkins are a fun way to dress things up.

Cheers to my favorite ladies!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Lipton Iced Tea. The opinions and text are all my own.