Logan Everett: American Girl’s First Boy Doll + Giveaway!

Did you all hear the exciting news from American Girl?  Along with a diverse set of new dolls for 2017, American Girl recently introduced their first-ever boy doll, named Logan Everett. Logan-Everett-American-Girl-Boy-doll.jpgWe’re so excited about this adorable boy character and the opportunities for all children to creatively play with dolls.  We love toys that give our boy the chance to explore nurturing roles and relationship-building through play – and parents have been requesting a boy character from the iconic brand for decades.  American Girl’s inclusion of a new boy character is simply wonderful, and it’s no surprise that Logan has been flying off of store shelves!


With an un-tucked plaid shirt, cool jeans and sneakers, Logan Everett is a fun drum-playing boy, with unique hand positioning to help him hold his instruments (rhythmic drum set sold separately).  Like the other American girl dolls, his gray eyes open and close – and he has adorable short brown hair.  Logan is also the buddy and band mate of Tenney Grant, another new doll character from Nashville. As a singer and songwriter, Tenney has her own book series and original music available for purchase.

We’re so excited to partner with American Girl again, to giveaway their first-ever boy doll, Logan Everett to one lucky winner! In addition to the Logan doll, the generous team at American Girl is also including the first two books in Teeney Grant’s series! To enter visit the widget below. Please note that all entries are verified.  Best of luck and thanks for visiting!
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Gabriela McBride: American Girl’s 2017 Girl of the Year + Giveaway!

We’re so excited to share American Girl’s 2017 girl of the year! Meet Gabriela McBride, a spoken word poet, and dancer who turns to her favorite creative art forms to help break down barriers and overcome personal challenges, including her own struggle with stuttering.


A doll with a speech impediment? Yes! We can’t get enough – and adore the ways in which American Girl continues to help young girls see themselves in their diverse collection of dolls and accompanying stories.

With a fun sporty outfit and beautiful dark brown curls, Gabriela is certainly adorable, and her story of resiliency, creativity, and determination is set to inspire, as her poetry helps to save her local community arts center from collapsing.


Alongside the doll’s release, American Girl is partnering with Scholastic to release Express Yourself, a free curriculum program to teach poetry and self-expression to kids.  The program will even feature a poetry contest to encourage children to celebrate National Poetry Month in April.

Gabriela McBride hit the shelves on January 1st of this year.  Look out for her fun products (including a D.J. setup!) and books in the spring of 2017.  Best of all, she’s the first girl of the year to be available beyond 2017.

Win It!  We’re so excited to partner with American Girl, to giveaway one Gabriela McBride doll and book to a lucky winner! Enter via the widget below. U.S. only please, and all entries are verified. Best of luck! Love American Girl? Check out our other American Girl features here.

Update: Giveaway closed.


Melody Ellison: American Girl’s Important New Civil Rights Doll + Giveaway


If you’re a fan of American Girl, you most likely heard about the recent debut of their new historical doll, Melody Ellison.  We’re beyond excited to share about Melody, an African American nine-year-old fictional character, living in Detroit in the mid-1960s – as well as the importance she carries for young girls everywhere.

The doll is beyond adorable and so is her 1960’s clothing and accessories – but most importantly, Melody’s story and accompanying BeForever book: No Ordinary Sound: A Melody Classic, helps young readers to contextualize issues of racism, perseverance, justice, optimism and equality during the civil rights movement – and in ways that apply to the present day.  Melody’s compelling story shares all about her penchant for singing and Motown music; inspiration gleaned from Martin Luther King, Jr., and the courage it takes to lift her voice to make a difference.


“A message that I hope readers take away from Melody’s story is to think about themselves in terms of their community and what they can do to help- to change- their community. There’s always something that we can do to help change our world for the better.  I hope Melody’s books inspire conversations between young people and adults who have been part of the civil rights movement.” – Denis Lewis Patrick, Author of the Melody series

As a parent, I appreciate that I can depend on American Girl to approach crucial topics with cultural and historical accuracy.  Melody’s story is the product of over two years of work in which American Girl implemented an esteemed six-member advisory board including the late Horace Julian Bond, a leader in the civil rights movement.


Melody Ellison is an incredible addition to American Girl’s BeForever collection encouraging girls to lift their voices in support of positive social change.

Cheers to American Girl for this doll! She’s important, and our favorite.

Win It! American Girl is generously giving away one Melody Ellison doll and book to a lucky MB reader. If you’re U.S. based, enter via the widget below. Best of luck and thank you for visiting.
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American Girl Wellie Wishers (+Giveaway)


Introducing the WellieWishers!  American Girl’s new line of adorable dolls geared for the 5 to 7 set.


Ashlyn // Camille // Willa // Kendall // Emerson

Yesterday morning, I hightailed it to 5th Avenue, bright and early before NYC flagship-store opening to meet with the American Girl team, Momtrends, and iconic American Girl author Valerie Tripp to have a first look at the collection.


The WellieWishers dolls and corresponding book collection carry teachable messages that are synonymous with the American Girl brand.  As described by Author Valerie Tripp, this group of five friends celebrates stories of compassion, empathy and hope – while helping young girls see themselves in the shoes (get it Wellies!) of others.  The WellieWishes are designed to be messy, curious, jolly and imaginative, in relatable and realistic ways.  With messages of perseverance and tolerance, these fun and silly girls model what it means to be a good friend.

American-Girl-Author-Valerie-TrippIconic American Girl Author, Valerie Tripp

At $60 per doll the 14.5 inch WellieWishers dolls come at a lower price than the 18 inch American Girl dolls.  Super sweet – with a toy, clothing and accessory line, we adore the fun collection of Wellies and printed socks for girls, their relatable and authentic message, and of course the new doll options available to American Girl fans.


Win It!  One Marino Bambinos reader will win a WellieWishers doll of choice (Ashlyn, Camille, Willa, Kendall or Emerson)To enter, visit the giveaway widget below. U.S. only and best of luck!

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Special thanks to Momtrends for having us at the #mtwelliewishers event! Sample provided.  


American Girl’s Lea Clark: 2016 Girl Of The Year (+ Giveaway!)

American Girl Doll Giveaway Lea Clark

Introducing, Lea Clark – American Girl’s 2016 Girl of the Year!  Lea is an adventurer, traveler, and dedicated animal lover. At 10-years old, she’s also a talented photographer who discovers a wold of possibilities when she embarks on a journey to Brazil.

Our tween toy-tester marveled over the doll’s Brazilian festival style, and voraciously dug into her accompanying book, Lea Dives In, by Lisa Yee.

American Girl Doll Giveaway Lea Clark Doll Of the Year 2016

As a mother of an 8-year-old, I appreciate American Girl for the wholesome doll experience, the engaging literature and endless hours of open-ended play. And I adore how through the story of Lea, American Girl strives to ignite an interest in animal-welfare among girls – in conjunction with their year-long campaign supporting The World Wildlife Fund. Via the Wild At Art Campaign, American Girl has donated $50,000 and will continue to contribute $1 for every plush animal purchase from Lea’s exclusive collection (for a maximum of $100,00).  The Wild At Art campaign encourages girls to join in the social good movement by using their artistic abilities to host an art sale benefiting the fund.  Direct donations are also available for purchase in Lea’s collection on the American Girl website.

Doll of The Year 2106 American Girl Giveaway Lea Clark

In addition to the first book in Lea’s series, the doll comes with a compass necklace to keep her anchored in her adventures, along with a detailed and functional messenger bag. Additional accessories, including a set that contains Lea’s camera and passport are fun purchases to add to Lea’s collection.

Photographer Lea Clark American Girl Doll

Win It!  We’re so excited to partner with American Girl again to giveaway a Lea Clark doll to one lucky winner! Enter to win via the Rafflecopter below – (U.S. only please) and make sure to check back to see if your name pops up as the winner.  Best of luck and view all of our American Girl stories here.

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Helpful Books For Tween Girls and Mothers | The Care & Keeping Of Us With American Girl

Just the other day, my third-grader came home asking to talk about something privately.  It was the first lock-down drill of the school-year, and I quickly prepared myself (as well as a concerned mother possibly can) to be completely present in whatever my daughter needed to discuss behind her closed door.  The topic was much lighter than expected, but in that moment I was well aware of the fact that the ways in which I listen and respond to my children now, matter so very much. I always want my kids to be able to come to me.

I’ve been quickly trying to prepare myself with tools and tips to talk to my children about topics and life lessons that are on the horizon.  As helpful things come my way, I’m beginning to share them here  – but I’m well aware that I have so much more to prepare.

Hopes For International Day of the Girl

That’s why I’m grateful to have been invited to an intimate brunch with Momtrends, at the American Girl store to chat with pediatrician and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Cara Natterson about her new three-book set, The Care & Keeping of Us: A Sharing Collection for Girls and Their Moms.

puberty books for girls

I’ve since had time to look through the collection (one book for moms, and one for tweens) which provides helpful tools to talk collectively about pressing topics for growing girls.  The book-set covers everything from puberty, body basics, social media, friendship, age-appropriate hygiene and so much more.  Solid tips and conversation starters are included, and even scripts for moms (thank you!) on how to talk to adolescent and tween girls about navigating various issues while growing up.  I love how the books emphasize closeness and trust while providing tools to communicate, including a sharing journal with prompts to keep the mother-daughter conversation open.

I’m so impressed with Dr. Natterson’s knowledge, down to earth nature, and new book collection.  We haven’t come across anything this helpful that covers such important topics for girls ages eight and up. I appreciate that the discussion will begin with the help of American Girl, a brand that my daughter and her friends know and trust.

fifth avenue new york city American Girl Store

We recommend ordering the book set early to pull out when the time comes!

Special thanks to Momtrends and American Girl for having us. Product provided but opinions as always are my own.