Just Like Daddy

He steps into his daddy’s shoes and stumbles throughout our home.  It’s endearing to see him identify so strongly with his father.  And hear that four-year-old sweet voice, beam with pride.

When I grow up, I’m gonna build houses too, but I’ll still like toys and playing with mini robots. When I grow up, I want to be me – just like Dada.

Florsheim shoes boys9florsheim kids boys shoes22florsheim kids

I love to dress up my little gent whenever I have the chance and the latest spring styles sent to us from Florsheim Kids make him look like quite the little man! We adore the Flights Wing Jr inspired by dad’s favorite wingtips and the Quinlan Jr suede boys chukka boots.  The pops of colored-outsole options add modern fun to classic styles.  While comfortable craftsmanship brings style and function to active little feet.

Dad will want the grownup versions too.


The Proper Thank You

There are many virtues that I strive to nurture in my children.   I want them to demonstrate compassion and believe in themselves.  I want them to have a solid moral compass and I want them to never underestimate the power of a handwritten thank you note.

We recently celebrated someone’s big fourth birthday (more sappy words to come).  My little man was big enough to comprise a list of friends to celebrate with – and big enough to contribute to the simple yet gracious way to thank others for their kindness.


He took pride in his work and insisted that the card insert have “NO LINES!” to guide him.  The end result was authentically Adrian – sweet pictures accompanied by delicious beginner handwriting.

Here’s to making it stick.


A Golden State of Mind

This morning’s fresh blanket of snow, and continued media furor over the sinister “polar vortex” made me reflect upon our indoor winter.  Although, we are still out and about on our feet, trudging through slush, squeezing into jam-packed trains – this winter will most definitely be marked by our time spent indoors.

I’ve mentioned before that if every stage of childhood weren’t so incredible, I would feel paralyzed by the thought of leaving each beautiful year behind.  These two characters play so fiercely, concocting elaborate stories all day long.  Their steadfast sibling bond is truly heartwarming, and I live for these fleeting moments that etch together childhood.


One of the greatest gifts that they have given me is the ability to see through them – an optimistic eagerness for practically everything that they encounter.  The new day ahead.  An afternoon of play.  Their perspective is refreshing and one in which I try to emulate.

Geo Fox T shirts Geo Fox Apparel

We recently received some clothes from Geo Fox Apparel, a modern children’s clothing line that seems to capture the essence of cool kids perfectly.  Lucia, the budding fashion lover, isn’t afraid to boldly declare that she is, in fact, a ninja warrior.  And Adrian my sweet boy continually shows me the bright side of each day.

Wishing you all a golden state of mind.

Special thanks to Geo Fox Apparel for the clothing samples. Opinions, as always, are my own.



For quite some time, I’ve encourage Lucia and Adrian to spend time reading together without me.  But like most things, these little occurrences need to happen organically.  Lately, I’ve noticed Lucia’s reading confidence soar, and the most beautiful sibling storytime develop.  Adrian loves the short stories that Lucia brings home from school every day and I adore being the quiet observer.


This sweet sibling bond brings me indescribable joy.


Believers – Visiting Santa Clause

Christmas with children holds more joy than I could have ever imagined.  I’m a sap by nature and find myself feeling extra melty this time of year.  There’s something so magical about watching little ones decorate a tree in the most imperfectly perfect manner. There is so much beauty in seeing my kids fill up an entire tub with their toys to giveaway to the needy.  My heart swells while watching my husband reach out to his “giveaway” network that he created via Craigslist. 

I’ve found myself wanting to live in an infinite state of childhood slow-motion this year (minus the difficult days of course).  My oldest is on the brink of turning six, and teeters somewhere between big and little.  Although she hasn’t directly questioned Santa’s true existence, she is more inquisitive this year.  So when both kids asked to visit Santa, I knew that I wanted to bring them to the best Saint Nicolas in all of New York City.

I’m convinced that the Victorian Santa at ABC Carpet & Home is the real deal.  We ventured to meet him during a mini snow storm, and I waited in line outside while the kiddos circled around in the car with Bob.  Once Santa returned from his break, the line began to move quickly.  The kiddos looked mesmerized upon spotting Santa in line, and they both seemed to stand a bit taller.  Lucia then reached for Santa’s book, and I watched her sign her name and Adrian’s in the most perfect penmanship that I have ever seen her write.  I don’t think that I will ever forget the gesture.

Santa's book

When it was our turn to meet Santa, Adrian did the little dance-run that he does when he’s excited.  Santa helped Adrian climb comfortably into his lap, and I placed the big girl up there too.

visiting santa 1

I snapped a few pictures and felt the urgency to rush the kiddos off of his lap (the lines! the cold!).  However, Santa made sure to take time to talk to the children, inquire about their Christmas wishes and give them each a special lollypop. Adrian told Santa that he wanted a red Power Ranger, and Lucia a Rainbow Loom.

visiting Santa

I’m pretty sure that Santa has those wishes covered.


Holiday Wear

We celebrated Thanksgiving at the children’s schools this past week.  Having the chance to observe Adrian and Lucia in  their classrooms truly makes a mama melt.  Adrian’s nursery class donned full paper-bag pilgrim attire for their sweet Thanksgiving performance.  And Lucia, my big girl, was so eager to show me around her school.  Although we make a conscious effort to make gratitude part of our family culture, Thanksgiving serves as a reminder to reflect on our collective blessings.  We have a lot to be thankful for and are looking forward to a full day with family on Thursday.

JC Penny Kids Ted Baker_edited-1

The kiddos will wear stylish clothes from Baker by Ted Baker for JC Penny.  I had the chance to view JC Penny’s children’s wear collection at petitePARADE and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t been inside a store in so long.  The designer collaborations are adorable and affordable.

Wishing you and yours a beautiful Thanksgiving!


JC Penny provided a gift card. As always, opinions are my own.