Courtney Moore: American Girl’s New ‘Historical’ Doll is Straight Out of 1986 (+ Giveaway!)


American Girl recently dropped their latest “historical character” from 1986, and she’s giving my generation all the big feels. While I can’t fully wrap my head around the fact that the ’80s are officially ancient, I’m fully here for Courtney Moore and her totally rad ’80s-kid nostalgia.

Courtney Moore, American Girl’s first new historical doll in three years, is an authentic ’80s girl from a blended family in the fictional town of Orange Valley, California. Her two-book series, written by Kellen Hertz, contextualizes the ’80s time-period with references of playing Pac-Man mall arcades to watching The Space Shuttle Challenger devastation on TV in her school classroom (like so many of us did).


Courtney rocks a high-waisted acid-washed mini skirt, a scrunchie-adorned side-ponytail, white slouchy boots, or white high-top sneakers and accessories galore (include the exact clear dial-up phone that my friend Kelly had in her bedroom). Other totally awesome accessories include a Care Bear sleeping bag and pajamas, Caboodles to store her Lip-Smacker collection, a PAC-MAN yellow plastic lunchbox and mini arcade, colorful bangle bracelets, a cassette player with tapes, and her very own HISTORIC American Girl doll (Molly!) to boot.

Best of all, American Girl has partnered with Girls Who Code to support their outreach and work with girls. When you shop for a Courtney doll and accessories, you can choose to donate $1, $5, or $10 to Girls Who Code, and American Girl will match donations (with a maximum contribution of $50,000). American Girl is also providing four Girls Who Code members with individual 5k scholarships.

Update: Giveaway Closed.



  1. She’s adorable! I love her ponytail/scrunchie and her care bear accessories!

  2. Casandra LaMonaca says

    Loving this doll since I’m an 80’s girl (81) myself and those accessories are the cutest. My daughter would love her too.

  3. Bobbie Smith says

    How totally awesome is this! My granddaughter would absolutely love having her, and she could at least get a hint of how her 80’s grandma dressed…lol.

  4. My daughter would definitely love this doll!

  5. My daughter would enjoy this doll. I think it is so cute too!

  6. Such a cutie. I love the look and style and my daughter would really love this doll

  7. I love this, my niece loves American Girl dolls.

  8. Anne Higgins says

    Our 4 year old granddaughter fell in love with Courtney the first time we saw her being held by another little girl. Our granddaughter had her hair in a scruncy (I started it as a pony tail but as she tugs left and right it ends up on the side of her head like Courtney and she happened to be wearing a little denim skirt – so she bonded quickly. This would make a great gift for her, if I am chosen your lucky winner. THANKS

  9. Richard Hicks says

    The doll is really cute and I have a niece that would lover her.

  10. My niece would love this!

  11. Jessica W. says

    As a child of the 80’s, I would love my daughter to have this doll.

  12. Love the doll and outfits!

  13. The hair! The outfit! So cute!

  14. I have 4 grandaughters and they all love American Girl dolls. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Darlene Carbajal says

    I would love this for my niece!

  16. Kristine Barrett says

    My oldest daughter is turning 9 next month and has had her eye on AG dolls recently! This would be wonderful to win and fun to share the decade both of her parents come from LOL Thanks for the opportunity!!

  17. Tis one is so cute. My niece would love to have her. She has been asking for an American Girl Doll for some time now.

  18. Kathy Laird says

    My Granddaughter is American Girl doll obsessed. I would love to win this for her Birthday!

  19. Alison Simpson says

    Seeing this doll brings back so many childhood memories. Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Brandy Graham says

    My niece loves American Girl, she would love this doll.

  21. Tiffany Banks says

    Ohh she is so cute!! My daughter would love her!

  22. My granddaughter loves this so much!! Thanks for the chance!

  23. Michelle Johnson says

    The clothing and accessories are perfect! She perfectly captures what it looked like to be a child of the 80’s.

  24. I would love to win for my granddaughters.

  25. She’s so cute, I know my daughter would love her.

  26. athena graeme says

    She’s my favorite so far! My daughter is 7 and we are just now looking at getting her first American Girl doll. Her dad used to be a Game Counselor at Nintendo so they bond over video games. This really is the perfect doll for her!

  27. Adorable, you gotta love the 80s!

  28. kelly tupick says

    Thanks, my niece just loves American Girl dolls and she would just love this!!

  29. Thank you for the chance! My daughter would love to have it!!

  30. This is the cutest doll!!

  31. Rhonda Grisham says

    With 3 granddaughters, AG is HUGE here! Love Courtney!!

  32. Kathy Persons says

    American Doll is on the Christmas List this year

  33. I know a little one who would love this cutie

  34. My daughters would go crazy for her!

  35. Alex Montana says

    Cutest little girl! Love her!

  36. Steven W Long says

    My grand daughter would love to have this adorable doll.

  37. Christina Cohen says

    What an amazing giveaway! My daughter would freak out if I won this! Thank you for the opportunity 😄

  38. Tammy Morgan says


  39. Seeing this cracks me up. They did a great job with both the style and accessories.

  40. My granddaughter would love this doll!

  41. I absolutely love this new doll!

  42. Love this doll.

  43. jean mathews says

    My granddaughter would love this. She’s doll crazy and keeps asking me for an American Girl.This is perfect for her. All the outfits. She could play for hours.

  44. Would love this

  45. David Basile says

    My niece would be thrilled to have her

  46. My granddaughter has Courtney on her wish list… this would be amazing for her!

  47. Tammy Horn says

    She brings back great memories. She has the cutest accessories.

  48. She is such a cute doll, and the accessories are totally on point.

  49. Jacqueline Smith says

    My niece would love this doll, thanks a bunch for the chance

  50. They totally nailed the 80’s look! Love it.

  51. Angela Kern says

    This would be an awesome Christmas gift. I’m a 90s girl and and would love to have this. Thanks for the chance

  52. I love this – so cute!!!!

  53. I love this !!

  54. LAura Nazario says

    She is totally tubular. My daughter would “like” so like this.

  55. This would be an awesome christmas gift!

  56. So adorable, my daughter would love to play with American Girl doll

  57. Kelsey Vinson says

    Such a pretty doll. My daughter would love her.

  58. Annmarie Weeks says

    I was an ’80s teen, and my niece loves American Girl dolls! What a great gift this would be for her from me!

  59. Arlene Dilan says

    She’s too cute.

  60. This doll is totally me! Love the 80s!

  61. I know my granddaughter would love this!

  62. Carmen Salazar says

    This year Christmas is going to be tough and my granddaughter would live it. Thanks for the opportunity

  63. Heather Mahley says

    She is adorable

  64. Tabathia B says

    I love the fashion available for this doll

  65. I remember my sister and I received a doll to share one Christmas but it was nothing like her! Would love to have for my granddaughters to share. Appreciate the giveaway. Good Luck to all.

  66. Aubrey Daniels says

    This reminds me of my childhood! Too cute! My daughter would love her!

  67. Diane L Hamel says

    Gift for granddaughter

  68. Having this doll this Christmas would mean a lot to us thank you for the chance to win this one. I love American girl dolls and this one is so cute.

  69. Antoinette M says

    Beautiful doll! I like her hair!

  70. Andrea Anderson says


  71. My oldest daughter was born in 1986 her girls have their own AG dolls . it would be a wonderful surprise for them to learn how the world was when their Mom was born.

  72. Andrea Engelhardt says

    I love her hair and all the outfits!

  73. My niece would love to have this doll, she has one American doll and plays with it all the time.

  74. Oh my gosh I love this doll! I’m sure my daughter would love it but honestly I think it’s more nostalgic for me!

  75. Brianna Cruz says

    This is so so beautiful, would love to win for my girls

  76. Lamar Bowen says

    I would love to win this for my niece. Funny thing is I was born in 1986 🙂

  77. love the scrunchie and the tape player!

  78. beth shepherd says

    My daughter would love this

  79. Valerie Sobel says

    Adorable and even making her a red head reads 80’s to me. Such a cute doll set. I’m so glad to hear all about it through your blog.

  80. I absolutely love this doll! I was born in 1985 so it would be super fun to give this doll to my daughter!

  81. So cute! Brings back so many memories! 😀

  82. I would love to win this for my niece for Christmas!

  83. My daughter would love this for Christmas

  84. Rebecca Graham says

    My granddaughter would love this!

  85. Anita Duvall says

    She is so very pretty. I would love to have her for my great niece.

  86. LYN WILLIAMS says

    I’m loving the 80s vide I’m getting from this doll!

  87. my little niece would love this doll

  88. Jeanne Coulombe says

    Thanks for a chance she’s so cute my granddaughter would love her.

  89. Nancy Steward says

    I would love to win this for my granddaughter.

  90. My toddler girl would love this doll. These dolls are iconic. Hope I win!

  91. Kyle Wolff says

    This doll is awesome! My grandmother’s last name is Moore!

  92. THese are such great gifts for any child. I love how American girl has the doll and all the accessories.

  93. My daughter would love this

  94. Katie Amanda says

    This doll reminds me of my childhood!

  95. M Shannon Peterson says

    So adorable ! My daughter is 5 and would love this

  96. Angela C Adelman says

    I love that doll and the video game. PAC Man is for sure iconic.
    Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck to all.

  97. Megan Blumenthal says

    I would love to win this for my niece! So cute and I grew up playing with American Girl dolls.

  98. Rachelle Killackey says

    This takes me back!!!

  99. Jean Millsap says

    This doll is spot on for that time period, I remember it well! I want my granddaughter to have this doll, it would be her 1st American Girl doll. She is 4 in March so the Care Bear theme is perfect for her age. Fingers crossed!!

  100. Would love to win this for my granddaughter.

  101. Carolyn Reilly says

    Love these dolls! Granddaughter will love this!

  102. Darlene Owen says

    I grew up in the 80’s and love the era, I think my daughter would love it also

  103. My daughter would love her! Love the 80’s vibe.

  104. Girls wanna have fun! This is awsome!

  105. shannon zeidan says

    I absolutely love american girl dolls. This one is amazing!

  106. My goddaughter would love to have this! 🙂

  107. I love this new doll. It reminds me of my childhood.

  108. John Brindisi says

    I will gift it.

  109. Julie Harris says

    i think i owned that same outfit as a kid in the 80s lol

  110. Polly Hall says

    I would love to win this to give to my niece

  111. I used to bring my daughters & their American Girl dolls to the tea parties and more, at the American Doll Store at downtown Chicago. We made some good memories there!!
    I would like to win this for my great granddaughter.
    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  112. I’ve always loved the American Girl historical dolls- and this one is from the year I was born, how lovely!

  113. Heather Kelly says

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! My 8 year old would love this!

    mysticbutterfly37 at

  114. she is so cute, would love her for my granddaughter

  115. Melissa C. says

    My daughter has an american girl doll on her christmas wish lish this year! this would be super awesome!

  116. Thanks for the chance!

  117. My daughter might not know the style like I do, but I know she’d love it.

  118. My niece would love this doll, I love all the American girl dolls. They are adorable!

  119. How adorable my niece would love this I will get her one for Christmas .

  120. Dawn Keenan says

    The American girl dolls tell such great stories. They do a wonderful job.

  121. What an adorable doll! We love the 80s.

  122. Janis Milford says

    Love the walkman and a girl getting her game fix! I still have my first walkman, it took me months to save up for it.

  123. angela heerde says

    Thanks for chance

  124. This doll reminds me of my daughter who was a young child in the 1990’s. Love the Care Bear accessories.

  125. My great niece had a birthday was this month and she loves American Girl dolls!! I’d love to give this to her as a late birthday present 🙂

  126. Dawn Kaestner says

    Whoa–this is me, only with my friend’s name. Spot on American Doll!

  127. allyson tice says

    I want this AG doll myself! She’s my era!! would be honored to givet his to my daughter!

  128. Although I’d give it to my daughter, my wife may want it more.

  129. linda ricotta says

    love this remembers wheni was little in the retro days with care bears

  130. If I won this, I would give this to my niece for Christmas. What a great giveaway!

  131. vicki andrew says

    love this look, so cool

  132. Great giveaway! This would make an awesome pay it forward. Thanks

  133. Celena Metzger says

    I just love her! Born in 81 so I’ve always been obsessed with everything 80’s!

  134. Lisa Williams says

    I loved the 80’s and have always wanted an American Girl doll for my niece and she would go crazy for this one.

  135. jennifer bowen says

    wow what a pretty doll she really is some thing

  136. Elesha Maynard says

    She is so cute!!! My daughter would love this

  137. Love the 80’s! And I love this doll’s accessories.

  138. She is super cute!

  139. elizabeth miller says

    I think I am as in love with the little accessories as the doll. My daughter would absolutely adore having this set.

  140. Sarah Wilcox says

    I love this doll. I had so many of these accessories in real life during the 80. So adorable!

  141. Colleen Boudreau says

    When i was 5 years old my parents bought me the Samantha doll and I was so excited!

  142. cindy legg says

    i love these dolls i might start collecting them soon. they are so cute.

  143. My great-granddaughter would love this doll, but so would I :0

  144. Cute gift for a friend

  145. Katherine S says

    What a fun prize! Thanks for the chance. My daughter would love this.

  146. My daughter loves her Walkman and radio, and surprisingly knows how to work the tapes in a real one!

  147. Seems like the 80s are becoming popular again in so many ways.

  148. I’ve been waiting on the 80s doll to finally come out! I’d love to win her!

  149. Está preciosa. Mi’ja la quiere.

  150. Dawn Kaestner says

    Spot on, American Doll!

  151. I would like to win for my daughter.

  152. Stephanie Beaver says

    I love being able to share my favorite toys with my daughters.

  153. jane m Jakins says

    beautiful doll

  154. Crystle Tellerday says

    i love American girl dolls i own 4 of them 2 regular and 2 bitty babies

  155. Courtney Peterson says

    I might be biased because my name is Courtney and I was born in the 80’s, but she is the COOLEST American Girl EVER!!! 😉

  156. Laurie Nykaza says

    Such a pretty American girls doll love her hair and outfits too.

  157. Leah Shumack says

    I love the promo picture of her in the arcade! That definitely speaks all things 80s – just missing the crimped hair!

  158. Barbara Brown says

    i always wanted to buy an American doll for my daughter and could not afford one. Now i have a chance to get one for my grand daughter thanks for the chance

  159. Ethan THORNE says

    My cousin would love her!

  160. Johni ODell says

    So adorable. My daughter would love this.

  161. Krista Zehder says

    My girls are obsessed with American Girl dolls. They take their dolls everywhere. I have been eying this one – clearly to relive my Weha magical days. That was the best decade.

  162. Diana Leanne Roberts-Elza says

    Thanks for opportunity… Funny my twins would fight if we won, there aren’t any giveaways that are geared for twins LOL! They could share!

  163. Shelly Dixon says

    I have two daughters who would love to have Courtney because their mommy lived the 80’s!

  164. Jennifer Cervantes says

    This looks so cute, my daughters would love this!

  165. Jennifer Cervantes says

    My daughters would love this, thanks for the opportunity!


  167. Sara Pendleton says

    This is my favorite american girl doll I’ve seen yet! My daughter would love it!

  168. My daughter LOVES American Girl dolls and this one totally speaks to me since I’m an 80s kids. I love her!

  169. Debra DuBois says

    This would be huge my Arianna would have the best gift ever. She has been wanting this doll and i just cant afford it i hope to win for her thanks.. Stay safe and well.

  170. jessica l marinaccio says

    This is on my daughters Xmas list – she would be so happy

  171. It reminds me of being a little kid in the 80s!

  172. Jenny Shea says

    This is such a cool doll. I was a kid of the 80’s and would love to win this for my niece who thinks the 80’s look is so cool.

  173. so adorable my grandkids would love her…

  174. Susan Taylor says

    My granddaughter would be so so excited for this. Such a cutie

  175. Tina Brandel says

    This would be a perfect gift for my granddaughter, she would absolutely love this doll. Thanks for the opportunity

  176. Kristin Dillingham says

    This doll is absolutely adorable! I was born in the 90s, but the doll is close to my generation. My nieces would love this!

  177. She reminds me so much of my childhood ❤️ I would love to share this era with my daughter through this sweet new doll!

  178. Jessica Walker says

    I wish they had this doll in the 80s when I was a child.

  179. my cousin would love this!

  180. Danell Palmer says

    My daughter would absolutely love this! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  181. Carly Keane says

    I had an American girl doll when I was little and I would LOVE to get one for my niece.

  182. Sara Pendleton says

    I don’t see my first comment, so here’s another! My daughter would love this!

  183. Kayla Klontz says

    My daughter would absolutely love her!

  184. Krystal Smith says

    This is so cool I would give it to my best friend

  185. This would be perfect for my daughter. She loves American Girl dolls.

  186. My daughter loves American Girl.

  187. Alexandra Y says

    This would be a great gift for my girl!

  188. This doll opens up a fun way for us 80’s moms to have great conversations with our kids about how things were in “the olden days” 😂 and how much has changed

  189. This brings back such fond memories! Excited about this doll.

  190. This 80s doll is so cute! American girl always comes out with the best stuff


    She is too cute!

  192. Cindy Weber says

    So cute… can’t believe 1986 is historic lol

  193. Kyla Fugate says

    So funny story….my daughter believes that she packed this american doll in storage when we moved. At this point my friend who babysat the girls owes her a replacement doll since her puppy chewed the hands and feet off. The next thing I know she got her a doll with diffrent color hair and skin and tried to tell my daughter that the doll that she may have left there was found. Which by the way my daughter has way to good of memory told her she was crazy….having a seven year old tell your best friend she is nuts cuz a doll looks nothing like her is an absolutely hilarious thing. Anywho I told her the truth and even though she was sad she still kept rambling that she didn’t have brown hair….lol

  194. Kelley Shymkwich says

    My daughter would love Courtney, this would make a wonderful christmas gift. American girl dolls are her favorite toy!

  195. Brings back such great memories of my childhood. From the jean skirt, the walkman and then her lunch box (which all 80s kids had), she is totally rad.

  196. Francine Long says

    Oh I love this American Girl Doll – she is so beautiful.

  197. Carolyn Daley says

    The doll is beautiful and I love the accessories, especially the Care Bears!

  198. Bg marie valencia says

    Im an 80’s girl! How timely it is to see an 80’s doll and that my daughter saw courtney as well las time and loved it before i saw it lol i hope we win!!!!!! We have been trying to get her an AG doll in forever but then Quarantine came 🙁

  199. Klydra Pugh says

    She is adorable. I love the time specific items.
    Thanks for the chance.

  200. Theresa Norris says

    I loved the 80’s. She looks great.

  201. Heather Kaufman says

    This girl looks like me as a kid…love it!!!

  202. Christina moore says

    She is so pretty, My granddaughter would love this doll

  203. Audrey Stewart says

    My youngest daughter collects American Girl Dolls. She loves them all!

  204. Belinda Burton says

    I love this one!! I was 10 in 1986 and this doll takes me right back to my childhood!

  205. so many memories

  206. Teresa Organ says

    My great nieces would love her. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  207. She is beautiful

  208. Shayna Brookman says


  209. My sister and I are totally obsessed with American Girl Dolls, and this is one we’re missing from the collection.

  210. Sheri Newell Anderson says

    This would be a wonderful gift to give to my two grand-daughters, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  211. Jennifer Bolden says

    so cute hope i win

  212. Holly Thomas says

    This doll brings back a lot of good memories.

  213. shelly peterson says

    This is such a cute doll.

  214. Ellie Wright says

    My granddaughter would love her!

  215. super cute doll, my niece would love her.

  216. Melissa Storms says

    Courtney is adorable and I love her accessories.

  217. Shirley Emitt says

    Love the high-waisted acid-washed mini skirt, scrunchie-adorned side-ponytail, white slouchy boots and Care Bear sleeping bag and pajamas.

  218. Molli Taylor says

    my daughter says this doll looks like the old pictures of me, hahah! this would make all her dreams come true.

  219. Sandra Davis says

    I have a niece that loves American Girl dolls. This would be so perfect for her.

  220. Elizabeth Pyle says

    My granddaughters love American Girl dolls – she is so cute!

  221. My niece would absolutely love her outfit

  222. Meghan Kovachevich says

    I was born in 1986! This is AMAZING!

  223. My girls don’t have any American Girl Dolls and would love this

  224. I love her curls! She looks like a fun energetic girl!

  225. maria gentry says

    So pretty! My daughters would love this!

  226. Sarah Gibbs says

    I love the clothes in her collection their so groovy

  227. Judy Rittenhouse says

    I absolutely love this American Girl Doll! She would make a wonderful Christmas gift for my daughter!

  228. This doll is adorable! I love the how American Dolls always have a story with each doll. This one would be great for my goddaughter

  229. I love the 80’s look, bring back good memories.

  230. Janine Vance says

    Year before I was born! Would love to share with my kids 🙂

  231. Laura DeLaRosa says

    She needs a pair of jellies like I used to wear in high school.

  232. My Daughters LOVE these dolls!

  233. kelly urban says

    I need these to reminisce about my childhood!

  234. Brandy Cardenas says

    This is awesome! My daughter would love it. Especially knowing her mommy was born the same year 😉

  235. Anita Anderson says

    This is on my daughter’s Xmas list

  236. This would make the perfect Christmas gift for my youngest daughter

  237. Nancy Hansen says

    She is so cute and would be great for my grand-daughter

  238. Kris Mihalov says

    My granddaughter would love her!

  239. She is very nice, I have no young grandchildren she would be so nice for me to give to Toys for Tots

  240. I have five grandkids, but only ONE granddaughter and She. Would. Love. Her. Thanks for the chance!

  241. Seyma Bennett Shabbir says

    What an adorable doll! I would love to gift one to my niece.

  242. Jennifer Weinberg says

    Wow! This takes me back!!! She really embodies how the 80s were. The Lipsmackers…I wanted to have all the different flavors I could find! This is such a cool giveaway! Thanks.

  243. This doll is cool.

  244. Carolann McLaughlin says

    I’ve given American Girl dolls to granddaughter and other for gifts. I have a new great-niece that I would love to win one for her. We were just talking about the dolls today as I was looking through the catalog. This doll resembles my great-niece!!

  245. Renee Lamouree Signorelli says

    This doll is so cute and I know a certain someone who has wanted an American Girl Doll for a very long time.

  246. This American Girl doll is just too cute. The 80’s were a great time with the music and the clothes. This would be a great gift for my niece.

  247. Lisa Lyston says

    She is Adorable!! Thank you for the chance

  248. athena graeme says

    Contest is almost over! EEEEE!!! I’m so excited! Trying to not get my hopes up! I don’t know who wants this doll more, me or my daughter!!!

  249. Stephanie Perkins says

    My daughter’s would love this. Its adorable!

  250. I love this doll so much!

  251. Danielle chagdes says

    This is super adorable and perfect for my friends daughter! Good luck everyone!

  252. Mary Meadows says

    So cute!😍💕My Granddaughter would love this!

  253. Lindsay Fairbrother-Henige says

    Oh my gosh, I grew up in the 80s and can’t believe there’s a doll for that era now! Very cute!

  254. minionmommy2be says

    she is so cute!!

  255. Megan Wilson says

    I’d love this for my little Granddaughters, thank you for the chance!

  256. Marissa Prescher says

    Such a cute nostalgic doll 😍

  257. Oh my goodness takes me back to my childhood –love

  258. Paula Gillespie says

    My daughter would love this. She has always wanted an American Girl Doll. This one is so adorable. Thanks for the chance!

  259. Darla Kidder says

    I would keep this for myself I love dolls , I need an early Christmas present.


    My daughter would absolutely love this thank you for the opportunity 💗

  261. Caroline Bock says

    Love this doll!! My daughters would love this!

  262. Yvonne Delgado says

    American Girl dolls are so special and the historical are the best ones!

  263. Dynal Roberson says

    An 80s historical Doll makes me feel so old… I still totally want her though…

  264. Cute 🙂

  265. My niece would love this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  266. Jennifer wilcox says

    So many 80s memories in her accessories. Courtney is so cute! My daughter would love this and me too! Lol

  267. Kelly Freeman says

    My two year old wrote all over my daughter’s doll. This would make an awesome replacement!

  268. Lacie Shook says

    Love her! Thanks for the chance!

  269. jennifer galindo says

    Being an 80s girl. I see most of my childhood favorites come with Courtney. So excited even if its a gift for my daughter.

  270. I grew up in the 80s. I’d love to win this for my daughter.

  271. Essence Nuckolls says

    I have always wanted one I hope to give this to my niece

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