The Scottish Granny Comes to NYC + Barnes & Noble Gift Card Giveaway!

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I adore reminders of all the goodness in the world, and it doesn’t get much better than a granny with a heartfelt, infectious laugh (AKA“The Scottish Granny” or “The Laughing Grandmother”) who went viral for merely being her delightful self while reading a book entitled The Wonky Donkey to her grandson.

Janice Clark has become quite the YouTube sensation, and Barnes & Noble recently brought her to their New York City – Union Square – location for fans (both big and small) to enjoy an exclusive live reading of the Craig Smith book.


Image via Barnes & Noble. 

More than 100 kids came to the event, and Janice could barely contain her laughter while reading The Wonky Donkey. Naturally, the kiddos laughed along with her and eagerly asked questions after the reading.

Janice Clark

He was a honky-tonky winky wonky donkey.”

Image via Barnes & Noble

I learned that the Wonky Donkey was out of print, and Barnes & Noble worked with the publisher to reprint copies for both their stores and online orders after they noticed a spike in searches of the book on when Janice’s YouTube video went viral. Thanks to this sweet Granny, the book has become a national bestseller!

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View the Scottish Granny in action here!

UPDATE: Giveaway closed.



  1. Tandi Vidal says

    That is so great that Barnes and Noble was able to get the book reprinted. I need to get this book for my 7 year old. Thank you so much for the chance!

  2. Wendy Jabkowski says

    I love the video of her reading it to her grandson, it’s so cute and you cant help laughing!

  3. Alicia Brown says

    What a fun reading! My son would love this book!

  4. shelly dixon says

    The word play in this book is fun! My kids would love it!

  5. Andreana Powell says

    This book looks super cute. My son would love it.

  6. Rachel DeMille says

    I love the Scottish Granny…and I love Barnes & Noble! Thanks for the chance!

  7. Angelica Dimeo says

    the book sounds like one my kids would love

  8. I came across this video on Facebook recently and thought it was the cutest thing ever! Such a sweet story 🙂

  9. What an amazing event to bring so many kids to hear a great story.

  10. She was such a fun guest to watch! She is so happy and it makes other people happy as well.

  11. Mandy henry says

    Such a fun book

  12. This sounds like a fun book & a great way to interest kids.

  13. B&N is always so supportive of readers and authors! This book looks so funny and & loved the grandma reading & laughing. I’m a grandma too and it made me laugh!

  14. Stefanie Latorre says

    I love this! I need to get this book and read to the kids

  15. I’ve seen her video many times and it makes me laugh every time! The book is a good read also! Love to see books revived!

  16. Her laugh is contagious- that lucky little boy will have many others read to him

  17. Sonya Morris says

    I love watching this granny!

  18. Kristine Barrett says

    She is the reason I even know about this book! Love it! It is for sure going to be one of the books under or Christmas tree this year.

  19. I love how this is such a joyous appreciation of the power of books.

  20. I saw this video on You Tube probably a month ago and loved it. An incredible way to promote what seems like a great children’s book. I would have loved to have it when my son was little.

  21. Betty Wojnar says

    Such a fun book! I can’t wait to buy it.

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  28. Susan Christy says

    I’ve watched her YouTube video several times – always good when I need a laugh!

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  30. We are book lovers and Barnes and Noble has always had a great selection of books for every age.

  31. Gillian Basinger says

    such a cute book!

  32. athena graeme says

    My daughter would love this book, I’ve never heard of it before. But when we were in Cyprus they are famed for their wild donkeys that roam the beach, she thought it was hysterical. I think I should check this book out for her.

  33. Looks like a cute book. I love Barnes and Noble.

  34. Jessica Walker says

    What a cute book!

  35. My mom sent me that video! We could not stop cracking up hahaha

  36. Laura Royal says

    So great to watch her read the book. My daughter would love the book.

  37. Cassandra M says

    I would love to take my son on a shopping spree for some new books. He just got into reading and loves it!

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  51. Shannon Baas says

    I love Barnes and Noble and this looks like a good book.

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  53. Tracy Pryor says

    My son would love this book. I love how she laughed with all of the kids.

  54. Stacie Humphrey says

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  55. Danielle Wood says

    we love barnes and noble, I need to get my kids some new books for Christmas

  56. I love to read and I read a lot of books. This would really help out my budget so much! I would even share some of the gift card with my son. Thanks!

  57. She is an inspiration!! Love her books.

  58. Margaret Smith says

    I had seen this video and I was laughing so hard it bought tears to my eyes. I didn’t know that B & N was carrying this book. I got to get this for my kids.

  59. This is a great prize pack because if I won I could get dozens of new cookbooks! That is my favorite read.

  60. Abigail Gibson says

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    I love her laugh! So fun, thanks for posting!!

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    I loves Barnes and noble! Very nice store!

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    Reading aloud, playing with words, owning books—all are so great for kids to love learning!

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    Sounds like great book to kids would definetly enjoy it

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  78. Ellie Wright says

    The video was hilarious! I haven’t laughed so much in a long time.

  79. I love reading. My great grandpa used to read to me for hours when I was little.

  80. Steve Weber says

    Love the word play 🙂

    thank you for the chance to win!

  81. I will always like reading real books….not reading on a Kindle! I hope bookstores like Barnes & Noble never go away!

  82. This video made my day. Maybe in the future I will read this to a grandchild of mine

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  86. Debbie Erickson says

    I laughed so hard while watching the video! Immediately ordered the book.

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  89. Roberta Thompson says

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    Great idea and event. Realy wish we had event near me when my children were small!

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    I could really use this to help purchase my book club books.

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    Thanks so much for the chance!

  102. Michele Pineda says

    I haven’t seen the video but want to check it out. That is nice that B & N brought her to NY for a reading with other children as well. We love our local B & N and my teen daughter loves books!

  103. Karen Behrman says

    I had never head of Janice before and loved the article about her and that she is famous for reading books

  104. Steve Novack says

    A great book to give to my niece! Love it.

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    Another addition to book club! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  109. Selene Montgomery says

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway. I’d love to win the prize!!

  110. Shared the video of her reading Wonky Donkey to her grandson with my mother who is a retired elementary school librarian. We laughed for days!

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  114. Barbara Beverage says

    A feel good story all around- grandmother reading to her grandchild- a book back in print- delicious laughter. Now I need to get the book!

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  116. The artwork is well done – the expression in the donkey’s eyes especially.

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    i love this book! I need to get it for my grand children

  118. Sandy Hartig says

    You are so generous. Reading is great for the whole family. Start early

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    I will have to find a copy of this book. I’ve never read The Wonky Donkey!

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    My gandkids would love this book, and me as well!

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    I loved this video so much when I saw it on facebook! My kids would love this book!

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    My son would love this book! I also love Barnes & Nobles. I’m there quite often.

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    Reading is such a gift and it’s great to develop a passion for it at a young age!

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    I love Barnes and Noble. It’s the last remaining bookstore in my city

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    Reading is such an incredible gift to anyone. They just need to be willing to accept it.

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    Love, love, love to win!

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    Super sweet story! I love how inspiring she was for many kids and readers and how Barnes and Noble brought this jewel of a boy back for the kiddos to enjoy! I see her smile in the picture and can only imagine how happy she really was seeing and hearing all the kids and parents who were in attendance. I will definitely need to read this book to my kiddos

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  228. Wendy Rafferty says

    Nanny Goals! Just loved her and her viral video! So happy to see laughter and positivity! The world needs more Scottish Nanny’s and winky wonky donkey’s!

  229. Wendy Rafferty says

    Nanny Goals! Just loved her and her viral video! So happy to see laughter and positivity! The world needs more Scottish Nanny’s and winky wonky donkeys!

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    I loved watching the Scottish granny reading the book. Her laugh was so infectious and brightened my day. I’ve watched her video numerous times and still laugh everytime. She brings so much joy to many lives. I am happy to see that barnes and noble joined forces to get the book printed for their stores and online. It’s definitely a book I want to get. I think its adorable.

  248. Cherie Johnson says

    I just love Barns and Noble. It’s so comfortable when you first walk in and everyone is friendly to help if you need. Our store in Wilkes Barre was hit by the hurricane not long ago but I am so happy it’s open again. Love this video.

  249. This was so wonderful to read/watch! My son would love the Wonky Donkey. Although, I don’t think I can read it quite like Janice.

  250. Melissa Helgeson says

    I always loved reading to my little ones ♥️📑

  251. Shannon Rabren says

    Aww. My nephew would love the Wonky Donkey. Such an awesome giveaway!

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  253. Sara kepler says

    I love when she reads to her grandson. I saw another time when she read a book about a bum it was hilarious.

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    I am a school leader. Reading to kids is so important. Thank you!!

  259. Sarah A Cascio says

    My youngest daughter is finding her passion for reading as she has been learning over these last few months. There’s nothing cooler to me than watching her grow and use her vast, innocent, pure imagination as she flips pages and discovers new stories! The quality time one-on-one reading allows for is nothing to balk at either! Cool giveaway!

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  261. Sandy Klocinski says

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  275. Linda Szymoniak says

    I grew up loving books, and now my daughters are avid readers (and collectors). One has even written a number of her own books. Any chance to win a gift card to a bookstore is gold to us! Thanks for the chance.

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    What a great story! This is a good example of how happiness can affect others. So glad she agreed to read to little ones. Thanks!

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  292. Rhea Chladek says

    I haven’t watched the video yet of her reading “The Wonky Donkey,” but her other video of her reading “I Need A New Bum” is hysterically funny. The fact that she gets so doubled over in laughter that she has to stop several times is the BEST! 😀

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    This would make an awesome Christmas present for my book worm sister! Thank you for the chance! 😁😍

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    lol, some laughs are just contagious


    Barnes and Noble is by far the best book store.

  315. linda ricotta says

    such an amazing memory for both and lots of fun 🙂

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    My 13 year old and 5 year old both love Barnes an Nobles. It is one place I do not mind spending a little extra as reading is everything for growth in kids.

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    This is such a cute video and she is great at telling it. She adds so much with her cute personality. The story is made so fun with her. Great opportunity to win. Thanks

  330. Derek Miller says

    Wow, I never realized B&N would go that far to help out an author and a book. I wonder how often they do this for others as well. Makes sense in a way though.

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    This book looks adorable! My sons and daughter would really enjoy it.

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  334. wow

  335. love B&N’s toy selection as well

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    This looks like an adorable kid’s book – I love donkeys and books that engage all ages.

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    It is wonderful when a big corporation works to help the little guy, and getting this book reprinted is awesome.

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    So Awesome !!!! Thanks

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  455. steve stone says

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  456. Bruce Hammersmith says

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  459. Jillian Too says

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  461. Looks like such a cute book! My girls love going to Barnes and Noble. Great stocking stuffer =)

  462. This is one of the most fun stores out there they have everything!!

  463. fun book

  464. Denise Sachs says

    This sounds great. I love all kinds of books.

  465. we love going to their storytime

  466. julie Smith says

    Barnes and Noble was my first thought and stop when my grandbebe girl asked for the Harry Potter book set for Christmas! Ordered and on the way! 🙂

  467. How exciting! We are always on the lookout for great books because my kids love to read!

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  475. I’m happy brick and mortar bookstores such as Barnes and Noble are still around to visit and I think my grandchildren would love this book!

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  477. Janice McArthur says

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  478. Pamela Frady says

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  481. Barbara (Winsalot) Beverage says

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  483. It is so good to see someone having so much fun with a book and children!

  484. I love that it has been reprinted. The illustrations are adorable.

  485. kathy pease says

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  486. Edward Jarosz says

    I have seen some great reviews for this book! It will make a perfect Christmas gift!

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  488. I get the impression that people do not read anymore. I am not one of them.

  489. This book looks great! Thank you so much for the chance!

  490. sheila ressel says

    Hooray to Barnes and Noble for making this book available to so many children. I know it will bring happiness into everyone’s lives involved.

  491. Sabrina Zehner says

    Would be great to take the grandkids to story time.

  492. DANIELLE MCKEE says

    Your article enrriched me

  493. My four year old is learning to read and he loves books like this. They help him learn to sound out so many diff words and sounds that when put together really grab his interest to! I hope that he continues to read his whole life.

  494. vivian blevins says

    great get some books for my niece and nephew.

  495. Trisha Musgrave says

    My daughter and I love to read, this would be wonderful!

  496. Trisha McKee says

    I love watching that video! So funny. Barnes and Noble is such a great store and ready to help with all of my requests!

  497. Beverly Metcalf says

    That’s a cute book and I could use some new ones for my grandchildren. Thanks!

  498. Mindy Ausseresses says

    How fun!

  499. Maureen Blatz says

    You have made reading exciting again

  500. Gennie Lancaster Johnson says

    What a cute book! My daughter and I enjoy reading together every night and we love to shop at Barnes & Noble.

  501. Aubrey Scott Daniels says

    This would be the perfect sticking stuffed for my daughter. She loved to read!

  502. What a story! Also, what a grandmother! Barnes and Noble is the best book store. Bringing this book back and it
    becoming a bestseller is awesome!

  503. My niece would love that book!

  504. Janice cracked me up! Barnes & Noble is such a fun store to shop in.

  505. Laura Bradley says

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  506. CLAUDIA DAVIS says

    I live 2 1/2 blocks from the BN location. I would have loved to attend this event. She sounds so adorable and amazing as does the book.

  507. Stephanie O'Day says

    The Wonky Donkey is hilarious!! I’ve got it on my book list!

  508. This looks like such a fun event. I’d like to read one of her books.

  509. ellen casper says

    I would love to get some new books.

  510. Jane Jakins says

    sounds like great book

  511. Kayla Carrillo says

    This book looks great. I love stories that incite giggles 🙂

  512. Ashley Williams says

    Love the reading to her grandson makes me wish my mom was around to read or tell stories to my kids.

  513. Celeste Herrin says

    The Scottish granny sounds so fun! I would love to hear her read a story.

  514. Love it! I would love to share this book with my son. We read a ton and he is in first grade. 🙂

  515. Jessica Caughey says

    Hi 👋 Hi there , tell me more

  516. Janine Hwang says

    I love shopping at Barnes & Nobel. So much to offer!

  517. Terri L Scialpi says

    Awesome! How great is this! Thanks for the chance to win!

  518. Thanks for the chance to win. I am always looking for something new.

  519. I love to buy her book if I won This book is the best for Christmas gifts

  520. This would be great for holiday gifts

  521. Sounds like a great book! This would come in handy as my littles need to read 100 books a year!

  522. The Scottish Granny is so darling and delightful, and I love the look of this book – I’m thinking it’d make a great Christmas gift for my nephew. 🙂

  523. Jerry Marquardt says

    Janice Clark looks truly awesome. I cannot wait to check into this, and thanks for the review.

  524. Philip Lawrence says

    $100 could certainly buy several Xmas gifts in the form of books for friends.

  525. Laurie Nykaza says

    We love shopping there for books for the holidays

  526. I never heard of her and I never heard of this book before either. It sounds really cute. I’m sure my grandkids would love it so I’m going to have to look into getting it for Christmas.

  527. This sounds like a great book, so fun. My granddaughter would love it.

  528. Seyma Bennett Shabbir says

    Barnes and Nobles has a great collection of books, I love the location and being able to have coffee while I read.

  529. Nice they reprinted the book. I’d love to win.

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