Meet Carlos, The 5-year-old Boy Behind Bars For Nearly 700 Days

I’ve partnered with Amnesty International to create a video series about the children and their parents fleeing horrific violence, conflict, and persecution in their home countries only to be thrown into detention here in the United States. They have come here asking for asylum, a form of protection recognized under U.S. and international law. Please join in urging our government to stop locking up families merely seeking safety.  Please join in demanding an end to family detention. 


Carlos, 5, greets me with a warm and curious smile. Peeking up at me, from behind his mother Lorena’s legs, he clutches a book given to him a day prior by Kristin from Amnesty International’s team. As I ease my way into earning this sweet little boy’s trust, he shows me how he’s already memorized his new book, naming all the animals in both English and Spanish.


I soon learn that Carlos can’t wait to go to Kindergarten, dreams of riding a bike, enjoys coloring, and loves to spend time playing outside. I sing a song that my mother used to sing to me as a child. Carlos joins me; he knows the lyrics. This song from my mother’s childhood is one of the many commonalities we uncover – yet the stark difference in our trajectories from South and Central America is never lost on me.


Although Carlos reminds me of my own children at age five, his story is far from typical. At an age where most kids enjoy unstructured play as they come into their own, Carlos spent his time behind bars. Alongside his mother Lorena, this loving little boy spent nearly 700 (yes, seven hundred) of his early childhood days detained inside what is known as the oldest “baby jail” in America, the Berks County Residential Center in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Carlos learned to talk behind bars.


As Lorena unravels personal accounts of their story it shakes me to my core. The trauma inflicted by our government, and along every step of their escape from violence is beyond unfathomable.

Despite all that Lorena has endured, she is incredibly resilient and affectionate. She is the sort of person who carries (and spreads) such palpable joy. Spending time with Lorena is indeed a gift, and her openness in revisiting her layers of trauma (which often triggers debilitating migraines) is entirely rooted in helping others still behind bars.

Lorena and Carlos fled gang violence, extortion and kidnapping threats at gunpoint in their home country – a place where Amnesty International has documented horrific violence. This mother left everything she knew, with her 2-year-old son in her arms to make the arduous and dangerous journey to the United States in hopes of a simple human right: safety. Lorena and her son could have lost their lives, like so many others, had she stayed paralyzed in fear and not fled.


As a mother, I cannot even begin to imagine being in this impossible predicament. But I sure as hell know that I too would flee with my family wrapped in my arms if conflict threatened the lives of my children. I would leave everything I knew, and trade every dollar, for the hope of a path to safety, and security.


Lorena and Carlos were apprehended crossing the border to Texas. Lorena was holding her young toddler in her arms as they were pulled out of the water. The details which weave their testimony together are gut-wrenching, cruel and unjust – along with the experience of their time in Berks, behind bars.

The Berks is not a hotel stay or a home. It is a jail with guards and cameras. Berks is a place where families, babies, children, and teens are woken up for bed-checks at all hours of the night. It is a place where kids can’t consume home-cooked meals. It is a place where children and parents are forced to eat unfamiliar processed, cold foods. Berks is the place where a guard was convicted of sexually assaulting a teenager detained there.

Mothers and fathers are facing an impossible choice – flee violence and persecution in their home countries – or stay and risk their children’s lives. If you aren’t outraged, sickened and profoundly saddened by the brutal reports of the U.S. government forcibly separating children from their parents, then you are not paying attention. Sadly, this is hardly over. Thousands of children and babies forcibly separated from their parents at the border must be reunified. President Trump’s recent Executive Order is not a plan to stop violating the rights of people feeling unimaginable violence. This Executive Order imprisons families indefinitely, inflicting further harm on children and their parents.

Detaining families seeking asylum together is not a solution.

We must be morally obligated to demand this stop.


Carlos and Lorena are now free, thanks to Amnesty and its dedicated supporters – but so many others are in dire need of help.

Amnesty International is tirelessly working to stop the inhumane practice of jailing families seeking asylum. Please join in taking action today:

CALL YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS: Call upon your representatives to end the inhumane practice of jailing families seeking asylum. The number for the congressional switchboard is 1-844-879-0282.

SIGN THE PETITION: I always thought that signing petitions felt like the most inactive form of activism – but my time spent with the Amnesty team taught me that signatures on their petitions absolutely make a difference. If you do one thing today, please sign the petitions here and here.

USE YOUR VOICE: Talk to your family, friends, neighbors, and social media communities about how the Executive Order only inflicts further harm. Talk about the families behind bars on U.S. soil at places like Berks, and spread the word that we’re fighting for the end of family detention, and for the recent ruling baring family separation and ordering reunification to be implemented.

I will be sharing further. Thank you so much for reading.

Carlos and Lorena are not their real names. *

Thank you, Amnesty International USA for sponsoring this post.



  1. Maria Camilla says

    This is horrific. This poor sweet child. I can’t imagine this happening to my kids and me. It is shameful that folks will be on the right side of history! We must come together and do the right thing! No family detention! Reunifiy families! Abolish ICE!

  2. 700 days. So about 200 of those days was under the Obama Administration.

  3. robin rue says

    That poor, poor boy. It is horrible what is happening and this canNOT keep happening to families.

  4. That is insane. I can’t believe this is even a thing in our country. A: It’s heinous. B: Seeking asylum isn’t even illegal!

  5. This family has endured so much and have more to endure, apparently. I am glad you are spreading the message and raising awareness on what we can do. This cannot go on much longer and these families deserve a peaceful and safe life ahead of them.

  6. This really puts a face to the cause, he is such a vital looking boy with such a love of life. I hope there will be more success stories to see in the coming weeks.

  7. I cannot believe we are living through times like this in the US. And it is getting worse. And people in denial of these increasingly bad situations will make it even harder to fix.

  8. This is terrible. I hate that any child in our country has to suffer for any various reason!

  9. I can’t believe this is what’s happening, currently. Carlos looks like the sweetest boy and I am so sorry he had to go through what he did.

  10. It breaks my heart hearing the stories of taking away kids from their parents. Glad there are kind-hearted people doing their best to help.

  11. Your story is beyond words. I cannot believe this poor little boy and his mother. Thank you for all the work you’ve been doing to put an end to this! My heart breaks for them!

  12. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    It breaks my heart to read about stories like this. This mother was really strong willed, doing whatever she can to make sure her son will have a life free of fear.

  13. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    I admire the courage of this mother. She really did everything within her means to ensure the safety of her son. I do hope we get to see the most humane and beneficial solution to this border crisis.

  14. Caroline Chang says

    Thank you for sharing Carlos and Lorena’s story. I am hopeful that this cause is now gaining momentum!

  15. I saw all of the videos that you posted during the trip and in your Instagram. I don’t understand how everyone is not outraged about what is going on. These poor children. The damage is done, even if they get reunited. Beautiful job, M. We need more of you.

  16. Do I have to ask myself what type of mother would break the law with her child in tow? Indeed, the kind of person that should not be allowed into our country send these criminals back where they came from; if they want to enter lawfully, so be it.

    • What kind of mother wouldn’t do everything she possibly could to save the life of her child when gang violence, extortion, and kidnapping threats threatened their existence?

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