Holiday Gift Guide 2017 + Giveaway!

We’re excited to bring you our annual holiday gift guide – thoughtfully curated for the kid or girl + guy in your life.  From science and STEM toys to electronic toys and gifts for adults too – we’ve tested a bunch of items to help make gift giving a breeze.  Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to enter to win a $100 American Express gift card to shop for someone special on your list. Happy gifting!

Kids-Holiday-gift-guide-2017-giveawayWorkman Publishing Calendars will help kids stay on top of their days.  We adore the positive images and messages in the Strong Is the New Pretty Wall Calendar for 2018 – reminding her that she’s awesome every single day.

National Geographic Crystals, Rocks and Minerals Science Kit will fascinate kids ages ten and up while teaching them how to test and identify minerals with their very own collection of real specimens.  So much more than just a crystal growing kit, kids will learn about the chemistry of growing crystals and the geologic science behind rock formation and more.

Chippies by WowWee are super fun interactive, playful robotic puppies that will interact with your child and even show off tricks! Available in four different colors, these are perfect gifts for kids ages 5 and up hoping for a puppy this holiday season. Chippies will bark, sniff, blow puppy kisses and even sneeze.

Smooshy Mushy soft, squishy collectible toys continue to be all the rage with kids who love the cute designs and pleasingly tactile, ultra-soft material designed to be squished and mushed over and over again.  You can’t go wrong with any of the adorable collectibles from this line.

Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Hair Care will come in handy as a stocking stuffer – especially as those lice infestation notices continue to go home in kids’ backpacks! Let kids take ownership of their prevention efforts with their very own hair care line free of harmful chemicals. You’ll thank me later for this one.

National Geographic Break Open 10 Geodes will entertain the entire family and give everyone the chance to learn about the natural wonder of crystals and how hollow rocks are formed by volcanic eruptions.  Grab this gift for kids ages eight and up.

Playbrites are a fun way to add magic to a little kid’s room with a super cool light show packed inside an adorable animal design. These as-seen-on-TV gifts are also great for kiddos who are afraid of the dark.

Stikbots are cool, imaginative gifts that will get kiddos into creating their own stop-motion videos and more. With Stikbot pets, studios and figures – the creative possibilities are endless.

2017-Holiday-Gift-Guide-Marino-BambinosA LINHART subscription box will bring the gift of a healthy smile with custom oral care products scientifically formulated by two top NYC dentists.  Have the girl or guy in your life unwrap the dentist developed line of products that the beauty editors are raving about, with the ease of recurring shipments straight to your loved one’s door.

Nerium International’s exclusive line of age-defying skincare and wellness products with patented ingredients will help the special person in your life look and feel their best in 2018 and beyond. With anti-aging fighters that actually work – you’ll see and feel the difference in your skin and body.

Helen Ficalora charms will delight the special lady in your life with lovely options to commemorate the birth of a child, a special pet, a favorite season and so much more.  Their pave diamond disks with my kids’ initials never leave my neck, and I’d be delighted to someday add more to my collection (wink, wink, husband).

Wolverine may be best known for their durable, comfortable, and stylish work boots, but this season they’ve brought their excellent craftsmanship to a limited edition Lodge Moc Slipper.  He’ll love the coziness of this shearling lined, hand sewn double whipstitched, mocassin detailed slipper with fully cushioned insoles handcrafted in Maine.

HİÇ Turkish Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a thoughtful holiday gift for the chef in your life.  Hiç presses olives exclusively from one source, the Hiç Farmland Estate, where only the most healthy, hearty and purest olives are grown to create nature’s miracle – the highest quality olive oil.  Hiç olives are 100% natural and free of additives and preservatives.

UPDATE: $100 AMEX Giveaway closed and fulfilled.

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  1. ColleenMarie says

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    The fairytale spray really works! We had no lice after using that and keeping the girls hair in pony tails.

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    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

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