Anime NYC 2017


When your dad whips up a pretty cool Samus Aran Varia suit and Megaman X light armor cosplay for Halloween, I suppose it’s natural to want to step into that armor more than once. And while we didn’t make it to Comi Con, the kids were super stoked to attend Anime NYC 2017 – this past weekend at the Javits Center.

At ages 7 and 9, the kids are already huge fans of Japanese animation, and it has a lot of influence in the art they create. It was our first experience at an event like this, and we were all pretty blown away with the anime superfans and the overall glimpse into anime culture.


The vibe was super positive, and most adults had a genuine curiosity in the kids’ interest in their cosplay creations. Our girl was so excited to connect with other females who have a love for Samus, and she also saw tons of her other cosplay favorite – Sailor Moon. Our Megaman X said it was the coolest day ever and both the kids were really intrigued with the otaku art on display in the artist alley.

They kept saying things like – “WOW, people really LOVE Anime!”


The kids were good sports about all the photo requests (there were a ton!).

Anime-NYC-2017- kidsanime-NYC

The highlight of our experience was stumbling in front of the Wize Guys Collectibles both when we first entered the venue. They hosted voice actor Christopher Sabat, and he actually looked up from his autographing and selfie-booth busyness to take a photo of the kids!  He then told our Samus all about his voice work in Metroid Prime and gave both kids autographed prints. Day made! It’s pretty incredible when a celebrity goes out of their way to be super kind and down to earth.


Now to convince the dad to whip up some new cosplay for next year!




  1. Gladys parker says

    That must be awe inspiring for your children. All four of my kids were into anime when they were younger. My youngest, now 23 still is wrapped up in some anime. I remember back in the day when everyone was fearful of Japanese anime and now it is great business.

  2. I must say Anime was so amazing! I started to feel like a child. Aiming to try cosplaying, but well let see what happens when I try 🙂 The Kids at Anime NYC 2017 looks like they really had fun and even the adults.

  3. Hannah Marie says

    I love watching Anime when I was younger and I am still a fan. I love how creative the costumes are in the event, sounds fun!

  4. My Teen Guide says

    These cosplay gatherings are really awesome to witness. The costumes are fantastic! My friend’s son is into cosplay and he really gets into it pretty well. I am happy your kids had fun at the event.

  5. I have friends who really love anime. I never knew people could get so into a character to cosplay so effectively. It’s awesome!

  6. That’s awesome that they got to go. It’s also wonderful that they got so much positive feedback!! Those outfits really are awesome.

  7. Wow! That is a nice experience. Anime is really amazing. When I see something like this, I asked myself what if I try cos playing? But even I like their role, I think I cannot. I will just satisfy myself watching them. And I am happy that way.

  8. What an amazing event. So love cosplayers.

  9. Oh wow! My cousin is obsessed with Anime, I have to show him this post. This must have been an awesome experience because those costumes are incredible.

  10. Oh my gosh I love their costumes!! Your kids are such models! I mean they need to be in magazines!! I’m not big into anime, but these costumes are so fun.

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