Why Every Family Needs an Emergency Go Bag

I’ll never forget the thoughts that crept into my mind when my friend – a former military personnel – described the emergency go-bags she has packed and ready for each family member (including her children) in the event of an emergency.  I quickly realized that not have an emergency plan for my family is, in fact, a plan –  and it’s a very foolish one.

Central Park

My husband and I both grew up in suburbs with ample storage space in basements and pantries.  We also remember the collective fear that rose during the New York City Blackout of 2003 and when Hurricane Sandy hit Queens.  During our Sandy volunteer efforts – we were shocked to see warming stations still present months after the devastation –  and we couldn’t believe the amount of time that it took for some to have their power restored.


Like most New Yorkers, our living space is pretty tight. And while we don’t have the sort of room for supplies like we did during our childhoods we do have reassurance in knowing that an expertly packed VLES GO-bag with emergency supplies is tucked away and ready to go. The bag, designed by husband and wife firefighters and EMTs allows you to leave your home in an instant, prepared with your most important items, fully stocked with first aid and emergency supplies in a water-resistant, multi-carry – functional bag designed for disasters.


One of the most useful tools for me, as a mother, is the included Readiness Playbook which gives me the tools to outline a solid emergency plan with essential documents and personal supplies.


While I can’t succumb to living in fear, with everything that is going on in our world – I can have an action plan in place – providing a layer of security in being as prepared as one can be should an unexpected emergency strike.



  1. This totally freaks me out you know but I can’t live in denial and should be prepared. I’d rather order it all at once then go around collecting things like I’m waiting for a disaster to come.

  2. These are scary times and I suppose we should all be prepared.

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