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I’ve been visiting my childhood home remembering that completely unplugging is one of the best things that I can do for myself – especially during heavier times.  The above image (featured on the JJ Community Instagram page) is a Reflex-Korelle from my father’s extensive camera collection (that I think I’m finally ready to tinker with). It’s one of the earliest 6×6 SLR cameras – and playing with it piqued my interest in exploring more of his incredible medium format camera collection.

This moment, now frozen by a simple image, made me stop and think about how October is here and signs of fall are everywhere.

Although I’m a few days late to post our free printable calendar – I do apologize for the delay.  Grab your sheet by clicking on the calendar image below to download and print.October-2017-free-printable-calendar

Sending love to all.







  1. Printed mine again this month. Thanks

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