Hello September + Printable Calendar Sheet


I know summer isn’t officially over yet – but the back-to-school season always brings a new rhythm and the return to the sort of structure that I suppose we’re all craving over here.  With a lot of new projects in the works – it’s much easier to work from home without the kids around! And so, September, for me, comes with excitement and motivation and the feeling of a fresh start. And although I miss the readily available peace that comes with entering the ocean whenever I feel like it – I’m looking forward to what’s ahead.

I hope that all good things are in store for you this month.  Grab our free printable September calendar sheet below to help stay on top of your goals.  Just click on the image, download, and print.

Happy new month!





  1. Thanks for the calendar. I’ve saved it and will print it out to use at school this month. We started back last week and so I am just getting back into the swing of things. I’m also trying to be more active over on Instagram…so a lot on my plate as well this month. I’m glad for the work though…it’s been good for me.

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