Hello August + Printable Calendar


The start of August always makes me wonder how we got so deep into summertime so quickly.  This fleeting season has a way of giving us the most beautiful pockets of time to be together.  And there’s still so much of summer left in us.  I’m much more inspired in the photographic-sense when the majority of my days take me to the ocean.  There’s something so incredible about photographing in the fluidity of the waves. The outcome can never predicted or planned – and the resulting images are always a bit of a surprise. Now and then, I come across an image that I treasure.  And although, I rarely share iPhone snaps over here since the resolution isn’t comparable to that of my DSLR – I adore this shot (and this moment in time) – amidst the ocean – shared a few weeks ago on my Instagram feed.

I hope that this new month is good to you, and as always – here’s a free printable calendar for August 2017 to help keep this month on track.  Just click on the image below, download and print.




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