Aloha, Nanea Mitchell: American Girl’s new Hawaiian Doll + Giveaway


Introducing, Nanea Mitchell, American Girl’s new BeForever character! This darling doll is a 9-year-old Hawaiian girl who adores her close-knit family, dancing the traditional hula, fishing alongside her father and playing wither her dog, Mele. Β She lives on the Island of Oahu – and her story explores the life of islanders in 1941 during the attack on Pearl Harbor and the U.S’s entry into World War Two.


Her story helps American Girl fans contextualize a significant period in history where one girl can make a meaningful difference. Β It also highlights the ways in which courage, patriotism and the aloha spirit synonymous with the Hawaiian people inspired a war-torn nation.

As a former resident of Hawaii – Nanea is a new favorite for me! And as a parent, I appreciate the lessons woven in the Hawaiin teaching of “kokua”Β – doing good and selflessly giving – which Nanea personifies.


American Girl fans will get to experience an all-new face mold in this adorable 18-inch doll – and a bunch of authentic-to-the-era accessories including a Hula Outift, Hula Implements and Nanea’s Family Market with 90 pieces that include a wood stove and more.


In support of Nanea’s inspiring mission, American Girl will be collecting donations for the American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) and will match every dollar donation made in store and at in the U.S. (up to a maximum of $75,000). Β In addition, the brand is giving away $575,000 worth of its signature 18-inch dolls to the American Red Cross to children living in times of crisis. We adore this mission, Nanea’s story, and American Girl’s steadfast commitment to giving back.

Win it!

American Girl is spreading the aloha with a Nanea Mitchell doll and book giveaway for one lucky winner! Enter to win via the below widget (U.S. only) and check back to see if your name pops up as the winner. Best of luck and thanks for visiting!

Update: Giveaway Closed. Stay tuned for more fun AG giveaways. πŸ™‚



  1. Tammy Horn says

    She is such a beautiful doll. I love her mission, I love that American Girl is also collecting donations for the American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces.

    • I couldn’t agree more! How inspirational! My own daughter is 9 and I would be proud to have her play with such a beautiful doll.

  2. Thank you!

  3. stephen jones says

    what a nice doll and story!

  4. I love her story and she is so beautiful! My daughter wants her badly.

  5. Veronica L says

    Love American Girl dolls, they are adorable! My niece would go crazy for her

  6. I would love to win this doll for my daughters!! They are obsessed with all things American Girl right now!

  7. Would love to win this doll! I loved American Girl as a kid and I think my daughter would love this doll πŸ™‚

  8. My daughter would love this doll fingers crossed πŸ€—

  9. Amber Cheras says

    I love the american girl dolls and how each of them tell a story of their own it makes it more unique!

  10. Sandra Davis says

    What a beautiful doll with a great story.

  11. This is a beautiful doll! My niece would absolutely love it!

  12. My Granddaughter would love the book and the doll.

  13. such a beautiful doll

  14. This doll is so beautiful ❀

  15. colleenmarie says

    So pretty, my daughter would love this doll.

  16. Kathy Stevenson says

    She is so pretty! My youngest wants her for her birthday.

  17. Beautiful doll! We have Kanani, and have been to her island, but love that this is a historical doll and the donation connection.

  18. Peggy Humbracht says

    A very pretty American Girl Doll, and love he story

  19. She is so beautiful! She reminds me of Kanani a little. My daughter would love her to pieces!!

  20. April Morin says

    I love how each American Girl doll has lessons -and Nanea’s love of patriotism is so appropriate. Thank you for the chance to win. My nieces would love her.

  21. I am impressed with the quality of the doll. They last forever and are a great keepsake when the child is older.

  22. Brocha Blumenberg says

    My kids will love to win this doll. Thank you for the chance.

  23. vickie couturier says

    my grandaughter would love this,she has the same coloring and hair

  24. christina purvis says

    Love this doll! I’m excited to have the chance to win nanea and the book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Nanea is such a beautiful doll and my little girl would love this doll.

  26. Melanie McDowell says

    I would love to win that Gorgeous American Girl doll for a little girl at our local women and children’s shelter. My daughter and granddaughter have loved their American Girl dolls and still have them!!

  27. Jennifer Marie says

    My niece would love this doll!

  28. shelly peterson says

    Such a beautiful doll. My niece would love her.

  29. Wendy Jabkowski says

    I love this doll, she is super cute! I have been to Hawaii once and have the best memories! Best time of my life!

  30. Michelle Bartley says

    What a gorgeous doll she is!! My Granddaughter would love her!

  31. Kim Naumann says

    I have 3 granddaughters who have a little village of American Doll everything set up in my basement…these dolls are so fun!

  32. Tabetha till says

    Thank you a very nice doll

  33. Tonya Mcminn says

    I would love to win this doll for my daughter she has always wanted one.

  34. Love this new doll! I have a long stabding love of American Girl, back to my own childhood. I love that my daughter is getting old enough to love them now too!

  35. This is a beautiful doll and I know my sweet little girl would love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. My daughter would enjoy this doll and learning more about Hawaii.

  37. My daughter would love this doll!
    Thanks for the chance to win one! πŸ˜‰

  38. Jessica Gomez says

    Would love to win this for my almost 7 year old’s birthday!

  39. Camille Maclean says

    Love this new edition to AG!

  40. My daughter would love this! We just got back from our first family trip to Hawaii (to meet her cousins who live there). It was such a special trip.

  41. Jessica Padilla says

    This is such a lovely doll. My little niece would love it.

  42. My daughter would love her!

  43. My sweet Mia would love her! Looks like a beautiful doll

  44. Cassie Eastman says

    My 6 year old would absolutely love Nanea! She’d love to learn more about Hawaiian culture.

  45. I would love to win this for my niece to start her American Girl Doll Collection. I l this she is so adorable.

  46. LeAnn Harbert says

    My granddaughter would like to have her.

  47. Nicole Lancaster says

    My daughter would love the American Girl Nanea doll . She is loves American Girl and very into everything Hawaiian since Moana came out.

  48. amy stonger says

    she’s so beautiful. I know my daughter would love her!

  49. Candace bee says

    She’s beautiful

  50. Jessica Gipson says

    My daughter would LOVE this. Such a adorable doll.

  51. Beautiful! My daugher would love her!

  52. What a beautiful doll. My daughter would be thrilled!

  53. I love the story and such a beautiful doll. My 4 year old great grand daughter would love her.

  54. She is a beautiful doll, my granddaughter would love her.

  55. this is a beautiful doll

  56. My goddaughter has just gotten old enough to appreciate a doll like this, and I know she’d LOVE it!

  57. My 11 yr would love this. She loves the Hawaiian culture.

  58. I’m so excited to have another doll of color join the permanent collection!

  59. Stephanie Fossum says

    This is a great cause to associate with this doll!

  60. Christina Peters says

    This a beautiful American Girl doll with a great story. They do such a great job with the designing & detailing of each doll. Quality made products to meet anyone’s taste!

  61. Rebecca Breland says

    Thanks for the opportunity

  62. Lisa Chesnut says

    such a beautiful doll and story, so glad they are partnering with a good cause πŸ™‚

  63. My daughter would love this!!!!

  64. Awesome prize,my daughter has asked for an american girl doll before, every christmas i hate to disappoint her, but its all of the christmas budget, this will finally fulfill a long time dream.❀️

  65. Thank you my daughter would be thrilled. She is a beautiful American girl doll and they are made so well and last a lifetime something we can pass down.

  66. Kristina Prewitt says

    I love that every American Girl doll is unique and tells a story. My daughters will love this new doll!!

  67. She is beautiful. My daughter loved her American Girl dolls, now her daughter loves them just as much!!!!

  68. Super cute doll any little girl wold be so proud to have her. I really like the long hair so cute.

  69. Love it!

  70. Kathy Cayabyab says

    American Girl dolls are awesome! Nanea has a great story and is a wonderful addition to the American Girl family. I would love to own her!

  71. Sandra Stanford says

    Beautiful doll and I love the history behind her.

  72. Marianne Koukios says

    She is a beautiful doll and I have an equally beautiful grand daughter who would love to be her friend.

  73. I love her story. My granddaughter would surely be happy to see this at Christmas.

  74. having just been to hawaii, this would be a fun gift to give my youngest girl

  75. Would love to win this for our daughter! Love her story and her mission!!

  76. Valerie Ann C. says

    I’m so impressed with donations for the American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces and giving away dolls! How wonderful!

  77. Ina Gribbins says

    Nanea is absolutely beautiful. Any child would love to have her. My great granddaughter would love her!

  78. What a beautiful doll and love the story.

  79. Patty romero says

    Beautiful doll and such a beautiful story my daughter would absolutely adore her. For her upcoming 9th birthday

  80. Deborah Cochran says

    Thank you for sharing Nanea Mitchell’s story! We all have so much to learn from this American Girl – about how little ones’ lives were also affected during that era. I love that American Girl is working with American Red Cross to make many children happy during difficult times in their lives.

  81. I love this! What a great story. My daughter would love it too so maybe I’ll get to surprise her.

  82. I love American Girl dolls. The coloring on Nanea looks exactly like my daughter when she was 9 — sun-kissed skin, dark hair, and big dark eyes. Any child would be proud to have Nanea by their side.

  83. This is an awesome giveaway. My daughter saw it and loves it.

  84. I would love to win her for my niece! How awesome

  85. aarti dogra says

    my daughter will love this

  86. shannon fowler says

    This is such a cute doll. I grew up loving my american girl dolls, and Im so excited that they are continuing to bring strong female stories to girls now.

  87. Lissa Crane says

    This doll is beautiful! My daughter is a huge American Girl fan, although she doesn’t have her own. She is also a big Disney’s Moana fan, so this would be the perfect doll for her to start her collection!

  88. Dawn Kaestner says

    Such history behind this doll. Thank you!

  89. Courtney Carroll says

    She’s a beautiful doll! I have been following American Girls since I was little and I love this doll and her story! My daughter would love her.

  90. Christi Easter says

    Love that it introduces girls to a different perspective of such a powerful era. I have learned about it from history books, and been told of it from my grandfather who was in the Navy back then, but to actually get a perspective as a child on the island…

  91. Paula Gillespie says

    I love Nanea and her story behind her. It makes having her much more meaningful for any fan of hers. Thanks for the chance

  92. Always enjoyed American Girl dolls for my daughter πŸ™‚

  93. Marla Jones says

    my granddaughter has been wanting 1 of these dolls for a long time!! I just can’t afford,but it would be awesome if grandmama could win her 1

  94. She is a beautiful doll and my nieces both love them.

  95. Nanea is my favorite girl in a long time. I love the new face mold and her outfit is so cute!

  96. Mandy Henry says


  97. Anita Duvall says

    This one is so very pretty. My niece would love to have her.

  98. Shana Chamberlain says

    So beautiful! My 8 year old would LOVE to have her!

  99. My girls would love this. Thanks!

  100. Michelle Fuller says

    This is a beautiful doll, I’d love to win this for my cousin who collects dolls.

  101. What a beautiful doll – I think my granddaughter would be thrilled to have her.

  102. Rebecca Graham says

    This is a beautiful doll that my granddaughter would love!

  103. diane therkildsen says

    hope to win this doll for my niece



  105. Nice Doll

  106. I love American Girl dolls and their story and this one is so cute.

  107. Megan Carey says

    These American Girl dolls are amazing! I think they tell a powerful story and teach younger girls about history.

  108. Enjoyed collecting American Girl dolls as a kid πŸ™‚

  109. Doris Taylor says

    Absolutely beautiful doll, perfect for my Granddaughter. This would be an awesome first doll for her Birthday.

  110. Dee Parker says

    This is a positive toy for girls.

  111. My daughter would love her for Christmas!

  112. Brenda Hardisty says

    Such a cute doll, her facial also features are amazing and her hair color is gorgeous!

  113. Rebecca Thomas says

    American girl doll has grown so much since I was a girl. I love seeing this growth happen while my little girl is young. She is asking for her first doll for christmas this year, this would be a great as her first american doll.

  114. Becky Walker says

    What a lovely addition to the American Girl collection!

  115. Pretty doll with a great story!

  116. Pretty doll with a great story!

  117. Arionna Stanley says

    Thank you for such a thoughtful giveaway. I am so glad that they ar now making dolls to cater to diversity! It’s so beautiful.

  118. I would love to win this beautiful doll for my niece!

  119. Beautiful doll. I know these dolls are super pricy. Fantastic the company is generous giving to those in need. This particular doll is extra interesting with it’s Hawaii theme. Most of us dream of going there.

  120. keri Cimorelli says

    she reminds me of moana and would be perfect for my nieces

  121. I love this doll. My daughter would have so much fun with her

  122. She’s a really beautiful doll and I would love to give her to my niece

  123. I would love this for grand nieces who are of mixed heritage

  124. Kathy Linklater says

    What a lovely doll! I know a little girl who would love this doll.

  125. What a beautiful doll! My daughter would love this.

  126. I love her story! What a beautiful doll!

  127. My granddaughter would love to play with her – she’s beautiful!

  128. Leisl Gering says

    Love her and her story. My daughter would love her too!

  129. Tammy Catterton says

    I have to say she a great doll to give to any lucky girl for a gift . She is well made !

  130. lauren knott says

    So cute and what a great story!

  131. What a great way for young ones to learn about history! Love that this topic has come up and that Nanea can help them learn about WWII.

  132. I love her story! What a lovely doll!

  133. Thank you for offering this great giveaway!

  134. camilla wilson says

    My grandaughter would love this doll.

  135. This doll is beautiful. I love that it teaches history as well.

  136. Rachel Horon says

    What a beautiful doll with a beautiful purpose!

  137. I love the idea of sending American Girl dolls to the families of those in terrible situations. Sometimes a little loving gesture is what is most needed!

  138. Julie Bickham says

    She is so pretty. I’m sure my niece would love her.

  139. Oh she is just getting to the age for one! She has wanted one for a few years…but we wanted to wait until she was a bit older. I love how educational these are for the girls!!! Nanea is so beautiful!

  140. Chrissie N says

    Such a beautiful doll for a beautiful place.

  141. What a great story! She’s a beautiful doll.

  142. Cheryl Johnson says

    Beautiful doll, beautiful story

  143. Linda Trinklein says

    My daughter would love to win this! thanks for the chance!

  144. Donna Kozar says

    We love American girl.

  145. My daughter’s would love an American doll. I remember getting the magazines as a kid and dreaming of one

  146. Jennylyn Gross says

    love this doll

  147. I do not have any small children this worul be a lovely gift for TOYs for Tots a Christmas giveaway program for children

  148. Patricia Hoffmeister says

    What a beautiful doll. American Girl continues to amaze me with the creation of each new doll. It is fantastic they are taking and matching donations. What a company!

  149. Beautiful doll. My daughter would love her!

  150. Janine McNally says

    My daughter loves American Girl dolls – she would love this!

  151. My daughter would love this doll! She loves AG dolls but all we’ve been able to get her was the Target version (Our Generation), which are great too, but she’s always wanted an authentic AG doll!

  152. Would love this for my niece.

  153. Not only is this American Doll adorable, but quite educational and empowering – which I always loved about the American Girls. My niece would love this doll.

  154. I remember having a American Girl doll growing up and loved her so much. I think this would be a great gift for my niece.

  155. Christy Keen says

    Love this cute doll!
    Love to win this for an angel I sponsor on the Christmas tree for the needy kids in our community.

  156. My daughter would enjoy having this doll

  157. Nanea is beautiful! I have so many precious memories of playing with American Girl dolls with my sisters and reading from the books as nighttime stories every night and would love to carry on that tradition with my nieces.

  158. My niece would love this.

  159. Jeanie Hicken says

    I have several granddaughters and nieces who would love this doll.

  160. tammy smith says

    She is beautiful.

  161. This would make a great gift!

  162. I really like the new American Girl doll, Nanea Mitchell. The story would be entertaining, yet informative for any girl to read. She would learn about the Hawaiian culture, as well as learning about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I’d like to read it myself!

  163. Beautiful doll and the story is wonderful

  164. My daughter would love this. She’s just getting into American Girl dolls and Nanea is just adorable.

  165. What a beautiful doll representing such a crucial part of our American history. I would love this for my niece.

  166. Dwayne Berry says

    We adopted our daughter from Taiwan. She loves dolls and she especially loves dolls that look similar to her.

  167. Tracy Snyder says

    The American Girl is wonderful. I couldn’t agree more with everything the others are writing about the Nanea Doll.
    I am so proud of the company for all of the charity work that they contribute to.

  168. Tee Anderson says

    She is an amazing doll. It is such an inspiring doll to so many girls. My daughter will be 8 this fall. She would love a doll like Nanea.

  169. Carrie Messer says

    I love seeing dolls that look like my daughter and my niece!

  170. Celena Metzger says

    Such an awesome giveaway! My niece absolutely love this doll!

  171. laurie steiner says

    American Girl makes such pretty dolls! And I love the accessories you can add.

  172. Justine McD. says

    Beautiful doll, my daughter just started being interested in American Girll.

  173. I know 3 girls who are very excited about this doll!

  174. Penny McKnight says

    My grand daughters would take just good care of this new little sissy.

  175. Beautiful Doll

  176. Cynthia Ansel says

    i think it is so cool that they are making diverse american girl dolls

  177. susan campbell says

    would love to win, starting my sweeps t win for toys for tots, thanks for the chance

  178. Faith Daniel says

    I love that American Girl made Nanea! Like all the BeForever characters she teaches girls about history but teaches them lessons that they can relate to in the present. She looks like a great addition to their historical line!

  179. Leah kelly says

    She is beautiful and love the stories

  180. kathy Persons says

    We love American Girls here and the history that comes with each one

  181. Tom Bellamy says

    My granddaughter would love this doll.

  182. Denise Osborn says

    We love American Girl. The dolls are beautiful and we love the growing up books also

  183. My daughter would love her! Thanks for the chance!

  184. Jean Millsap says

    I love American Girl dolls and now that I have a grand daughter, she will have several from different ethnicities. Would love to have this one…:-)

  185. What a lovely doll. Thanks for the Chance.

  186. Susan Campbell says

    I have a little sweetie that keeps asking for one of these American ?Girl dolls, but they are alwaysa out of my price range. Winning this for her would be amazing!!!! πŸ™‚

  187. Laurie Belcher says

    What a nice giveaway. Thank you! Aloha.

  188. This is such a fantastic giveaway. I would love to be able to give this doll to my grand daughter Ally. She would be so happy and thrilled.

  189. Jessica W. says

    I would love to share the Hawaiin teaching of β€œkokua” – doing good and selflessly giving – with my daughter through the Nanea doll.

  190. I would love to win this beautiful doll for one of my granddaughters.

  191. Samantha Thompson says

    She is so beautiful! My 7 year old daughter would LOVE her!

  192. Annmarie W. says

    She is beautiful! I love American Girl dolls…such a wide variety of girls from all cultures & backgrounds…such a great thing for all our diverse young girls…showing that they can accomplish anything no matter whatever background they have!

  193. Gayle Erwin says

    My niece would love this doll.

  194. I love her outfit. girl from Hawaii was a perfect idea from AG.

  195. Kayte CookWatts says

    My brother’s family really wants to go to HI together, so I think this would be a fun gift for my niece until they get there.

  196. Cindy Evabs says

    Both my grand daughters would love this doll. Thank You

  197. What a gorgeous doll with a positive mission! I strive every day to teach my daughter that kindness and compassion are important values in life. It’s great that there are toys out there that share the same ideology. The more messages we can spread like this, the better!

  198. My cousin would love this!

  199. golden storm says

    my grandma loves these dolls and this one is lovely,i seen her looking at the magazine from them the other day

  200. Christine Mayfield says

    Would love to win this! I am from Hawaii and my girls love American Girl

  201. She is so beautiful! My daughter and I can’t wait to read her story. Love history.

  202. What an awesome prize! The Doll is so beautiful. Thank you for the chance!

  203. amanda whitley says

    i love this doll. my husband has Polynesian roots so i think my daughter would appreciate a Hawaiian doll

  204. My great-niece would love this doll! Beautiful.

  205. LYN WILLIAMS says

    I love the diversity of these dolls.

  206. randy russell says

    My girls love American Girl dolls and would love to add this to their collection

  207. My daughter would love this doll.

  208. Tiffany Pryor says

    Fingers crossed!!

  209. Sarah Werkheiser says

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to have this doll. A treasure for a lucky little girl or girls for sure. We are entered but good luck to all! β™‘

  210. The fact that they are donating to a good cause with every sale of this doll is wonderful! And she’s beautiful, too.

  211. Stephanie Phelps says

    Love the doll but I love that they are donating to the American Red Cross with every donation I love that!

  212. I just love these dolls! Would make a great gift for my Niece who celebrates a birthday in October!

  213. Love this doll!

  214. Rob Hestar says

    My daughter loves these dolls.They’re more expensive than what my son loves amiibos though,haha

  215. Darlene Carbajal says

    Would love for my niece, thanks!

  216. I really appreciate Nanea’s back story and heritage. I visited Oahu when I was a little girl and so this story holds special meaning for me. I hope to bring our family to Oahu and share the history and create memories for the little ones of this important time in history. She is a really beautiful doll, well done American Girl!

  217. Nannypanpan says

    My daughter would love this for her 1st American girl

  218. Jennifer M. says

    My little girl would love this!

  219. What a great doll!

  220. I am a homeschooling mom and I love using the American Girl historical books as part of our social studies curriculum. They are a wonderful way to help young girls connect with history. We are excited to learn more about Nanea’s story!

  221. Nancy Hansen says

    I love the Nanea doll. She is so cute.

  222. Billie Everly says

    Beautiful doll and I love the story that goes along with her!

  223. linda j marcheschi says

    My name is Linda, I am an America Gramma & would love to win for my gorgeous Granddaughter who I hope to take to Hawaii along with her Hawaiian American Girl doll, thanks so much!

  224. such a cute doll, wish i had these growing up!

  225. I love the new doll.

  226. Melodye Morrison says

    such a beautiful sweet face and such a time period to weave her story into allowing the young girls of this time to experience her life with family and loved one in a time of uncertainty

  227. Beautiful doll and such an inspirational story !

  228. So cute πŸ™‚

  229. Ellie Wright says

    My granddaughter would love her and I’m so happy to see American Doll paying it forward to those in need.

  230. Such a beautiful doll and an important historical story.

  231. My 7 year old daughter would love this! She was born on Oahu, and loves everything Hawaiian.

  232. Jessica Staley says

    She is such a pretty doll. I would love to win this for my niece, Haley.

  233. Tabathia B says

    Love the diversity of american girl dolls

  234. Linda Gazdik says

    What a beautiful doll!! I’m sure every little girl would love to have her!!

  235. Amanda lea says

    These pictures are beautiful! I would love to gift this to my girl!

  236. Jill Keller says

    Playing with American Girl dolls is a passed down tradition from my childhood to my daughter’s. She still plays with the same dolls that I had lovingly cared for. I know she’d love a new American Girl doll to call hers only and perhaps pass down to her own future daughter one day.

  237. My girls and my granddaughters own a few of these awesome dolls! They used to go downtown and have tea parties with their friends and dolls.
    This doll is absolutely beautiful and it’s about time they added an Hawaiian doll. I like the name too!

  238. Velder Dixon says

    Love to win
    Shes pretty

  239. I love that she looks like my granddaughter

  240. I love that AG is donating to the Red Cross! And the doll is adorable. My little girl would love it!

  241. Nickole Heim says

    I love the american girl dolls and how each of them tell a story of their own it makes it more unique!

  242. As a history buff, I really like this doll.

  243. Samantha Seal says

    perfect for my niece <3

  244. I love the idea of this doll. I was watching a documentary about Pearl Habor and my daughter pipes up “is this real?” I unfortunate had to tell her yes. Then started teaching her about WWII.

  245. Mariya levtonyuk says

    thank you for the opportunity!

  246. Kristine Barrett says

    I have three girls, my oldest daughter already has an AG doll and I know my middle daughter would love to have one of these beautiful dolls too!

  247. Christina Graham says

    My 10 year old has always wanted an american Girl doll. I love that she still plays with dolls when all her other friends are talking about boys already. LOL This one is so pretty and I love the story with it.

  248. Melissa Mazzur says

    This is such a beautiful doll! Perfect for my niece’s first dolly!

  249. I love the story and the doll. Thank you for the chance.

  250. I think American Girl dolls are super high quality. I had one growing up. I’m looking forward to giving her to my daughter! It’s a shame how outrageously overpriced they are!

  251. Allyson Tice says

    my daughter has been begging for a AG doll for a year or so now! She is so pretty and I LOVE that she is hawaian!

  252. I would get this for my step daughter, When I was a little kid I would get the catalogs and just look at all the dolls and wish I had one but my parents could never afford to buy me one. I would love to get this for my step daughter

  253. That’s a beautiful doll, and I love her name.

  254. my daughter would love this doll as she is beautiful and has a wonderful story.

  255. I love that American Girl is donating to Armed Forces Red Cross!

  256. Teresa A Thompson says

    My granddaughter would love this doll.

  257. Any girl would be happy to receive Nanea. I have a special little girl in my life who would be extremely happy to receive this doll, my granddaughter.

  258. I would love this for my daughter!

  259. Darlene Owen says

    My granddaughter would love an American doll. She has 4 younger siblings so her parents cannot afford to buy her one.

  260. The doll is beautiful. I would love to give her to my grandaugher.

  261. This doll is a beauty, I love her story! My daughter would love her and I know she would remind her of Moana, her favorite movie. πŸ™‚

  262. My daughters would love this.

  263. I love how American girl dolls have inspiring stories . She is a beautiful doll

  264. Audrey Stewart says

    This has to be one of the prettiest dolls ever.

  265. Jennifer Morris says

    I am so excited about this doll, I think she is the pretties American Girl doll yet.

  266. Kathy Davis says

    I would love for my granddaughter to have a real American Girl Doll, something we probably could never afford.

  267. Jamie M Williams says

    My daughter loves these girls. She always circles the dolls, clothing and accessories she wants in the catalog we get in the mail. I’d love to win her her first doll.

  268. Mark Crawford says

    This would be great for my niece

  269. I love her. She is gorgeous. I wish American Girl Dolls were around when I was a kid

  270. My daughter would love this beautiful AG doll. We always talk about going to Hawaii on vacation someday.

  271. jenny stratton says

    I have always loved American Girl Dolls and would love to win this for my granddaughter

  272. Laurie Nykaza says

    American Girl dolls are so cute love all the different ones they make.

  273. With Moana being so popular, my daughter really wants to learn more about Hawaii, and it’s people. This doll, and her story, would be helpful in learning. Plus, she is beautiful! This would be such an awesome Christmas present.

  274. Robin Blankenship says

    I love American Girl dolls. When I was a kid I always wanted a Samantha but never was able to get one. When my daughter came along I was so excited to have the chance to get her one. She has an Itty Baby and a Clarissa. I would love to be able to get this one for my niece.

  275. I have been wanting to get my daughter an American Girl doll.

  276. This is such a pretty doll. i would love to win this for my daughter.

  277. Kelly Skibbe says

    My daughter just got into the American Girl dolls. She loves the books and the stories.

  278. My Grand Daughter would love this doll. She wants one so bad.

  279. Jenny Stanek says

    What a beautiful doll, my daughter would love her!!

  280. My niece has started to collect these dolls. She only has 2 so far but she loves them.

  281. Heather Manu says

    I always liked the American girl doll and books. My niece was a huge fan and now I have four daughters. We would love to have our own doll.

  282. This is a beautiful doll and the first time I’ve seen it.

  283. Janelle Inlow says

    Beautiful story for a beautiful doll!!!

  284. This doll is beautiful.My little girl would love one.

  285. Brynn Dexter says

    My daughter would love this!

  286. Nanea would be a lovely American to bring home

  287. American Girl dolls are so beautiful and I love the overall quality of them.

  288. Crystal Gregg says

    She’s beautiful! I know a sweet girl how would love if I won one for her!

  289. I love the stories behind the dolls. I think my daughter would love this doll.

  290. Mary Dailey says

    My granddaughter would love this doll. I can’t imagine too many little girls who wouldn’t want one!

  291. These dolls look like such fun for little girls.

  292. Anne Higgins says

    I would like to have her as a friend if she were real as she has that “good” kind of personality the way she looks. The doll would be welcomed with open arms by our sweet little girl.

  293. Susan Chester says

    My granddaughter talks about American Girl dolls all the time. It is her biggest wish to have one. I would love to surprise her at Christmas with this gorgeous doll!

  294. I have an 8 year old daughter who would flip for this!

  295. Sherril McGann says

    I love this beautiful new BeForever doll.

  296. American girl dolls are awesome. I would have loved one as a child.

  297. Sonia Garcia says

    Cute doll, Bella would love this one.

  298. Beautiful doll!

  299. My daughter would love this!

  300. What a beautiful doll! I would love to be able to gift this to my daughter.

  301. My daughters would love this!

  302. Kelly McGrew says

    This is a beautiful doll!

  303. Susan Smoaks says

    our daughter would love this doll. she would be over the moon with excitement.

  304. Carolann McLaughlin says

    A trip to Hawaii is on my bucket list and I’d love to win this doll as a way to remember it. Plus I have a granddaughter that would love it.

  305. We just went to the American girl doll store in D.C. And she loved seeing nanea! Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  306. kathy dalton says

    i would love this doll for my granddaughter

  307. wendy browne says

    Although ‘m sure my toddler soon would love this doll, I’d like to gift it to my friend’s daughter for her upcoming b\rthday. I don’t think my friend would be able to budget buying an AG doll so this would be extra special.

  308. Brenda Elsner says

    She is beautiful!!! My niece would love her!!

  309. Danielle Magee says

    My niece has always loved American Girl dolls, she would absolutely love this!

  310. Cheryl Chervitz says

    What a lovely doll. My granddaughter would love to own it.

  311. laura bernard says

    Love the doll!

  312. Adorable! My daughter would love this doll!

  313. I love the history involved with this American Girl doll!!

  314. Love this new addition to the American Doll collection. My niece would love her. Thanks.

  315. Alaina Wagner says

    OMGosh! Azra (our daughter) would love this American girl doll! She looks just like her!!!! We have 1 AG doll already and a few “fakes”…. she knows the difference…..

  316. I could see my daughter loving this doll with her whole heart!!

  317. I miss playing dolls with my granddaughter so when she gets to come back it would be fun to have this beautiful doll waiting to play with her. It would be such a great surprise.

  318. My daughter would love this! She is a beautiful doll and a great story to go with it!

  319. My daughter is still a fan of dolls. I love that the books go along with her to tell her story.

  320. Fawn Bowden says

    She’s beautiful and I love what she represents. Thank you for hosting a give-away!

  321. My granddaughter would be thrilled if I won this

  322. I love everything the American Girl franchise stands for. They’re always reaching new limits and making sure every type of girl is represented and included.
    It’s important for young girls to see these sweet dolls and their stories and connect with them.

  323. I think my god-daughter would love this doll.

  324. Love the examples they set and my granddaughter would love it.

  325. My niece would enjoy this doll.

  326. My youngest daughter would absolutely love this doll!

  327. Thank you for the awesome giveaway. Some little girl is going to be very happy!

  328. I’d love this doll for my daughter! I was born in hawaii

  329. Natalie yeoman says

    My niece would love this

  330. She is so pretty. My 6 year old would flip if she got her.

  331. Michelle Duffey says

    My granddaughter would absolutely love her!

  332. We are looking to get our first American Doll soon!

  333. Emily Acker says

    My niece would be so excited to have this doll!

  334. My sister loved her American Girl Doll when she was small. I’d love to get one for my niece to fall in love with.

  335. Leah Shumack says

    She is so beautiful! My daughter is still waiting for her first American Doll girl…one day…

  336. love to win for my daughter

  337. Donna Clifford says

    I love these stories. Great historial fiction.

  338. As a military family, this is one American Girl doll that really symbolizes something significant to us. I think she is beautiful!

  339. I love the stories that go with the dolls, and this doll is so beautiful. Thanks for the chance my daughter would love if I was to win this.

  340. Ryan Origon says

    My daughter would love to have this!

  341. The American Girl books were my favorite when I was a child.

  342. My niece wants an American Girl doll so bad. I would love to win this for her.

  343. Margaret Wojnar says

    I love american girls dolls for my 3 year old cousin! she just loves them!

  344. She is so pretty! We went to Hawaii and visited Pearl Harbor a few years ago. Very meaningful, and I love that American Girl makes dolls who have meaningful stories behind them. Your photos of Nanea are gorgeous!

  345. Nanea is so pretty! I’m hoping to win for my daughter.

  346. Laurie Emerson says

    She is so pretty. I love the diversity of their dolls as their is a doll for every little girl.

  347. I would love this for my daughter. Love that it has a matching book.

  348. Stephanie Liske says

    My daughter loves American Girl Dolls.

  349. Shemp DeYoung says

    I have a friend who just loves American Girls but in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, it’s not likely she’ll be getting one this year.
    I’d love to help.

  350. What an adorable doll. My daughter would love her.

  351. This doll is so beautiful and I love her mission of giving and helping others. That is what I try to instill in my kids. My little girl would love this doll so much.

  352. Samantha Martin says

    I’ve never owned one of these dolls I would like to own this one.

  353. What a beautiful doll, I would give her to one of my nieces

  354. What a beautiful doll! My daughters love AG πŸ™‚

  355. My little sister would love to have this doll!

  356. This new American Girl Nanea is a beauty. My granddaughter would love to have one of these dolls.

  357. My niece would love this! She’s been asking for an American Girl for her birthday.

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