Shopkins Macaron Café Pop-Up Comes to NYC + SKECHERS Giveaway!


Did you hear about the Shopkins Macaron Café Pop-Up experience that came to New York City?  In celebration of their newest collection, season eight, World Vacation – parents scrambled to get a coveted spot at the TriBeCa location during its duration in June.  We heard that tickets went within minutes of the free online sign-up opening – and team Shopkins even ended up adding extra slots for those on the wait list.


We were lucky enough to attend their press day event prior to the pop-ups opening, and my big girl willingly obliged to take part in the press day fashion show where she wore head to toe Shopkins themed clothing and kicks – and beamed alongside real life Shoppies.  The kids in attendance enjoyed treats, indulged in Shopkins-themed manicures and of course checked out all of the latest merchandise from Moose Toys Skopkins collection.  We were even lucky enough to get sneak peek of the Shopkins Live on Tour!


In addition to a cool bomber jacket, my tween was most excited about wearing sneakers from SKECHERS new back-to-school collection featuring the iconic Shopkins characters. And we’re so excited to partner with Shopkins and SKECHERS to send two lucky kids off to a new school year in their choice of the below sneakers from the new Shopkins-themed back-to-school line (sizes 8-3)!


WIN IT:  To enter, simply leave a comment on this post.  For another entry, visit our facebook fan page and leave a comment on the corresponding post.  The two randomly selected winners will be announced on facebook on Thursday evening, August 3rd.



  1. brittany marie thompson says

    SO awesome i wish we had a shopkins pop up shop near us, my daughter loves shopkins!

    • Theresa Harris says

      I have two beautiful granddaughters 8&5 years old. I miss them , the live in New York cause my daughter hubby went in Army. I couldn’t afford a nice birthday gifts to send their 3 days apart in May 15 & 18th. I would be so grateful to win these for them or one and buy one. They love Shopkins. They start school soon too. They call my hubby and othe grandpa “PIE” lol . Never knew why , but when the5 yr. old could talk she picked it right up PIE!’😂😂
      Now we just had a grandson born 7/14, I wonder if he will too.

    • I would love to win shoes they are addorable in our house we have lots of little ones that needs them for school

    • My daughter who is four would love these.

  2. Laura Miller says

    These shoes are too cute! We have four kids and we ALL wear Skechers! Even dad!

  3. Margilyne Williamson says

    This is so cool. My niece loves Shopkins. Thanks for the chance.

  4. MaryLynn Hayes says

    These are so cute, my granddaughter would love them!

  5. this pop up looks so fun! the shoes are super cute, we’d love to win 🙂

  6. Nicole Acuna says

    I love these! My little girl would go crazy for these shoes!!

  7. kristen visser says

    amazing!!! my daughters love Shopkins and these are absolutely adorable <3 thanks for the chance

  8. Meredith klobucnik says

    My daughter would love these!

  9. Lesly Christensen says

    My daughters birthday was Thursday, how fun would it be to get her an extra gift/new shoes for school. Thanks so much for the chance. She will be so excited. I can see her face light up now <3 😉

  10. Anne Lehnick says

    These shoes are adorable! My daughter is a Shopkins fan and a Skechers fan. They would be perfect for going back to school this fall.

  11. Victoria Betancourt says

    These are so adorable!!

  12. Love! We are a shopkins obsessed family!

  13. So bummed to miss this pop up event! It looks amazing!!! The Skechers are so cute and would be perfect for my little soon-to-be third grader!

  14. Danelle Springer says

    My daughter would love this, they are so cute.

  15. rebecca lewandowski says

    Wow my daughter would flip! 1st grade in a new school would be awesome to win 🙂

  16. Dana Matthews says

    I like these! How fun and colorful.

  17. Heidi Berard says

    My daughter loves these shoes and shopkins. What a great event!

  18. Rhonda Grisham says

    Oh wow! My granddaughter would love these! Soooo cute!

  19. My granddaughter would love these

  20. Tiffany Ketcham says

    Super cute!!!

  21. Awesome! Such great styles.

  22. Lauren Hilbert says

    Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂 My girls would love these!

  23. These are too adorable. My lil Shopkin would love!!!

  24. Tiffany mienk russell says

    This loOks so funny! My daughter would love this cafe!

  25. Christine Thornton says

    These shoes are so cute!!! I need a pair for my granddaughter!!! She would love them .

  26. Jenn Beckett says

    Eek! These are the cutest! Love, love, love!!

  27. Kathy Lane says

    My granddaughter would love these beautiful shoes,and would be so nice for back to school.

  28. Stephanie Mago-Eagle says

    My little girl loves Shopkins,those are really nice shoes.

  29. James Robert says

    Every year Sketchers comes out with some awesome looking shoes. My kids all love their like of shoes and will again this year for school.

  30. Erin Dear says

    My daughter would love to visit the Shopkins Macaron Cafe!! And so would I, it looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing and the wonderful chance to win.

  31. My Granddaughter would love to visit this Cafe. If we are in this area it will be a must see.

  32. I would love one of these places to pop up in our neighborhood my daughter loves shopkins and were moving so she just totally redid ger room in shopkins

  33. Amy Deeter says

    My 7 year old is a big fan of shopkins. This would be great for back to school

  34. My granddaughter would love these.

  35. Woow! My daugther loves everything shopkins I wish we could have this in our area.

  36. Beth Cook says

    Wish i had heard about the pop-up while it was open, my daughter would have loved a trip to the city for that! These Skechers are adorable! Perfect addition to any little girls wardrobe! She’d love to win them!

  37. My daughter would have loved this event. Their new line looks great.

  38. Jessica hager says

    My daughter loves Shopkins and the Shoppies!

  39. So fun! Shopkins power is going strong in our house and love that they had this cool cafe. Hope they can bring them to more cities.

  40. Becky Bartlett says

    This is Awesome now I want to plan a trip to visit here. We love the Skechers brand and with the Shopkins brand on them they are a must on our back to school list.

  41. Lesa Moats says

    love these

  42. Andrea Farley says

    These are so adorable and my daughter would absolutely love to have a pair!! Shopkins are one of her favorite things!!

  43. Ellie Wright says

    I wish these were around when I was a kid. My granddaughter would LOVE a pair!!

  44. So so cute and we love Shopkins ! Would be great to have it in our area !

  45. Stephanie Phelps says

    These are the coolest and I know my granddaughter would love to wear these!

  46. Holly Hollister says

    What an amazing experience that must have been. My 7yo would be in heaven. These shoes would be amazing, and her birthday is coming up!

  47. I would donate to a charity for needy children

  48. My daughters love Shopkins, they’ve taken over their bedroom floor!

  49. meg lavigne says

    My granddaughter would LOVE a new pair of twinkletoes to start kindergarten

  50. So many colorful and fun items!

  51. Natalie S. says

    These shoes are adorable! ‘My daughter loves Shopkins, and i know that Skechers makes a really great shoe!

  52. MichelleS says

    My daughter would be over the moon with these shoes.

  53. Colleen Maul says

    Oh this is awesome… I wanted sketchers this year for my little to have back to school. How wonderful of a giveaway is this.

  54. Thanks for the chance my twins are crazy for shopkins and their birthday is the day before school starts this would be awesome!!!!

  55. Patty romero says

    My daughter would sooo love these she’s a super shopkick fan and sketchers are her FAVE ❤️🙏🏼😍

  56. So cute love the idea of making it with actual people interacting with the kids

  57. Jeanne Simon says

    My Great Granddaughter would love these… cute!!!!

  58. Sherri chastain says

    My granddaughter loves shopkins she has a collection on a stand in her room .it sure would bring a smile to her face to have these nice shoes. She is autistic its hard to find things that gain her attention but she truly loves shopkins.ty for the chance

  59. My daughter loves Shopkins and would be so excited to get these super fun Shopkins shoes!

  60. suzanne mallon says

    Awesome skechers!!

  61. carrie blundell says

    the shopkins are a hit with our 6 yr old ..the shoes would def be a hit too ! very very cute

  62. Jennifer Hedden says

    These are so cute! My girls would love them! Thank you!

  63. Amy Shade says

    This would be amazing to win for my niece!

  64. My granddaughters love Shopkins. I would love to win these for one of them. They call me Cici and I would be the best Cici! Please count me in. Thanks for the chance.

  65. Crystal Mckinley says

    These are so cute! My daughter would love them! Thanks for the chance to win! ❤️💜❤️

  66. I love these shoes they are so cute!! ♡

  67. joni williams says

    My daughter loves shopkins thanks for the chance to win!

  68. Carol Burgess says

    These are AMAZING! Thank you for the chance!

  69. Jessica G says

    My little girl is completely obsessed with shopkins

  70. Margaret S Porter says

    These are precious! my niece would swoon!

  71. Cathleen Mingolello says

    These are so adorable, my daughter would love them.

  72. So cute !!! My baby girl would love a pair !!! Thank you for the chance.

  73. Lori Clark says

    these are adorable! I would love to win them for my friends little girl!

  74. My 4 year old would love to have these shoes!

  75. Alejandra Carreno says

    Very exciting! My girls love Shopkins & Skecher’s – love these fun bright colors 😊

  76. Rosanne Clark says

    so cute – love these for one of my grand daughters 🙂

  77. Monica Powell says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!!

  78. My daughter is an absolute Shopkins fanatic. This would just be unbelievable for her.

  79. Chrissie N says

    Love the new Shopkins-themed back-to-school line!

  80. Candace Galan says

    It would be so fun to visit this cafe, great post!

  81. Christina galea parker says

    My twin girls would love these.

  82. This would be awesome best back to school gift! We live Sketchers!! Always have!

  83. Skechers always come up with the cutest designs!

  84. Anita Mitchell says

    My grand daughter needs a new pair of shoes. She is almost ready to get her cast of her leg in a few days after breaking her leg. She would love these.

  85. Tasha Mcintyre says

    These shoes are super cute and both shopkin and Skechers are my daughters favorite I know she would love these for back to school.I cannot wait until they are in my area stores.

  86. Dawn Kaestner says

    My niece would adore these–so cute!

  87. Laurie F says

    Would love this for my grankids

  88. My daughter would love these! So cute!

  89. Melissa Dealmeida says

    My 3 year old daughter Destiny would love there! Good luck to all!!

  90. Laurent Legault says

    This would be a great addition to our grand daughter’s collection. She has some of these shown.

  91. angela smith says

    My daughter would love this and thanks for the article , I enjoyed it

  92. vickie couturier says

    my grandaughter would totally love these,,she is so into fashion

  93. My daughter would love these!!

  94. My daughter would love these. Thanks!

  95. Cheryl Woda says

    My 10 year old grand daughter would just be rhe happiest little girl on the planet if I won a pair of these Skechers Shopkins Kids Sneakers for her.

  96. April Thompson says

    These shoes are too adorable love them

  97. Cute!!!

  98. Billie Rowell says

    Treats and manicures sounds like a fun day to me! Thanks for the chance to win.

  99. Crystal Gibson says

    My little ones birthday is coming up in September, she always gets shoes so this would be an amazing help!

  100. Marissa Clark says

    So adorbs!!

  101. Dana Marie Germain says

    How adorable!! Thanks for the chance!

  102. I wish these Shopkibs clothes would fit my kid but my niece would like this.

  103. My daughter has been begging me for these shoes

  104. Shannon Baas says

    My nieces would love these.

  105. Lisa Andrews says

    Fingers Crossed

  106. Valerie L says

    These shoes are adorable. Thank you for the chance

  107. Rachel Williams says

    My daughters would love these! Thanks!

  108. Joyce Harrell says

    Granddaughter is a Shopkins fan!

  109. These would be great for my 6 year old daughter! She loves shopkins!!

  110. Anna Pry says

    my daughter would love those super colorful shoes, she’s a shopkins fan too

  111. Emily Cormier says

    My daughter would absolutely love those shoes, she loves everything Shopkins!

  112. Sarah Roqueta says

    These shoes are super cute. My 7 year old daughter loves Shopkins AND Skechers!!

  113. Aimee Munoz says

    What an awesome prize! Feeling lucky!

  114. Kylie Howard says

    My daughter’s would love these! We love how bright, and colorful Sketchers are.

  115. pamela j bailey says

    thanks..Really nice shoes I would love to win, but of course you know I would or I would not be entering… We all want to to this I say..say …GOOD LUCK to all out there who has a little princess that would love these…..

  116. Terri Ingham Bollin says

    My daughter would love if I won this for her.

  117. My daughter Loves shopkins

  118. Meghan Finley says

    We are big fans of both. My daughter would love these!

  119. Randi S. says

    My two granddaughters are so easy to shop for–they love everything Shopkins! Either one would love me forever if I won these.

  120. Erick Villalobos says

    My wife and daughter are super Shopkins fans! She would definitely love these shoes! Hopefully, we’ll win (fingers crossed)!

  121. Laura Gruntorad says

    What an awesome prize! We’d love to win!

  122. I would love to win & send to my little cousin in GA. Thanks

  123. Kim Naumann says

    These are so cute!

  124. Pietra Cruz says

    OMGosh! Talk about a perfect combination of both of my daughter’s faves: they love Skechers and Shopkins! Either of my girls would be so excited to win this prize. Thank you for the chance to win! We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

  125. So cute! My daughter would love these

  126. Jeanie Hicken says

    These shoes are really cute. I have a couple niece who would love them.

  127. Charles Best says

    Great idea! Keep up the good work

  128. aarti dogra says

    so cute

  129. Cynthia D says

    Shoes are too cute! Granddaughter would love them!

  130. Thanks for the great chance! My daughter would love them. She loves Shopkins and she would rock them at school

  131. Wow – my niece would FLIP out for these!

  132. We’ve been a Shopkins family since season 1…waaay before they ever really blew up. Shopkins lifers over here!!! Love it.

  133. Fantastic style. I love them. Thanks for sharing

  134. Melissa Hartley says

    These shoes are so adorable! I would love to win a pair for my friend’s daughter Xali who is 5 🙂 thank you!

  135. Natalie Hartmann says

    These are so cute!

  136. Heather Savka says

    This is really cool my daughter is just getting into shopkins!

  137. Love these!

  138. Robin Justice says

    I did not understand these little things when they first came out until my daughter bugged me to get her some and they are one of her favorite things to take everywhere. She loves these things and these shoes. We just spotted them or like kind at Sears and she asked for them but we didn’t get them.

  139. My child would love this

  140. John Sweeney says

    Never shopped here before

  141. Hoffmeister Patricia says

    Oh my gosh! My granddaughters would really like these. Thanks for the opportunity. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  142. Mandy Henry says

    Such cute shoes

  143. Mandy Henry says

    So adorable

  144. Dana Moore says

    I sure know a little girl who would love these and be the queen of her class when she wins these and shows them off

  145. Brandy Graham says

    My daughter loves shopkins. She would love those shoes!

  146. Kacee Hoffman says

    My little girls are crazy for Shopkins! How adorable are these shoes!!

  147. my niece Emilee LOVES everything Shopkins & she would be so happy if i won these shoes for her!

  148. LeAnn Harbert says

    My granddaughter would like to have these.

  149. Amanda Saltsman says

    This is going to make some kids day. Thanks for hosting

  150. Lori Walker says

    We love Shopkins!

  151. I love the high tops, such cute shoes. My daughter would love these.

  152. abbie guerrero says

    My nieces would love this, thank you so much!

  153. Lisa Konieczke says

    We need a pop up in the Metro Detroit area. My Daughter would lose her mind!

  154. Genevieve Kasza says

    Wow! That shopkins cafe is so could. My kid would have LOVED to see it. Her name is Stefania. Thanks for the opportunity to win those awesome Skechers!

  155. Jennifer Fox says

    How cute!

  156. Lindsey hess says

    So cute!! I have 2 shopkin lovers at my house!!

  157. Kyndal Smith says

    My daughter Aria is a Shopkins fanatic! She would be ecstatic if we had a pop-up like that in our area. Thanks for the chance to win adorable shoes and good luck to everyone 🙂

  158. Victor Espinoza says

    Would love to win for my baby.

  159. Pam Flynn says

    Now I know a granddaughter who is starting 2nd grade who would be thrilled to have some new, cool shoes. Adorable!

  160. Kailyn Popovich says

    Awesome!!! 🙂

  161. Onyinye Elochukwu says

    This is so cute. As colorful as the rainbows. Perfect for a princess.

  162. Annmarie W. says

    My niece would absolutely love to go to a Shopkins pop up store! What a neat idea! And those sneakers are super cute!

  163. Cathy Coibion says

    These shoes are so bright and adorable!!!

  164. I daughter would love these, and so would her friend, they could get a matching pai!

  165. Kristin McShane says

    My daughter loves Shopkins and shoes!

  166. Roxanne Williamson says

    My granddaughter would love to be wearing these cute shoes for first grade.

  167. My niece would love these

  168. jane jakins says

    thanks for chance to win

  169. Clarissa Hiciano says

    So cool! My daughter loves Shopkins!

  170. Bridget Taylor says

    These are so cute! Great for my granddaughter.

  171. Danielle Bell says

    They are so cute!!!

  172. Susan Taylor says

    So cute and comfy looking

  173. Judy Storlie says

    My Granddaughter would love these!!!

  174. Marilyn Legault says

    I like to surprise my grand daughter with a new Shopkin on occasion.

  175. OMG! My daughter is obsessed with Shopkins and she would LOOOOOVE these! Thank you so much for the chance!!!

  176. The sneakers are really cute! My little one would be so excited to have these.

  177. Christina Aucoin says

    I guarantee that my niece would rock these until the soles fall off. They would never leave her feet. She is 6 and her collection of Shopkins is amazing.

  178. Antoinette Brown says

    My two daughters 5 and 6 love shopkins! They also love twinkle toes! I know they’d love these shoes!

  179. Linda Fulton says

    I would love these adorable shoes for my neice to go back to school.

  180. Valerie Ann C. says

    Beyond adorable! Two girls in our family would love these!!

  181. Judith Bayer says

    Love these designs. My granddaughter would rock them!

  182. Kristin McCall says

    These are the cutes shoes I have ever seen! I hope to win these for my niece.

  183. Tabathia B says

    My daughter loves the light up sketchers.

  184. Oh I bet she was in Shopkins Heaven. How awesome is that to be there and in the fashion show.
    Those shoes are ADORABLE!! My niece would LOVE them.

  185. Oh those shoes are adorable! My daughter loves Shopkins and wearing Skechers, so these are just perfect. She would have loved to have gone to the pop up too!

  186. Deidre LeDoux says

    Omg my daughter loves Hopkins. They are so cute and colorful.

  187. These are adorable!

  188. Super cute. My daughter would love these!

  189. I know a little girl that would be thrilled with these. Thank you for chance.

  190. Paula Gillespie says

    I know a sweet grand-daughter of mine who would love a pair of these. Thanks for the chance!

  191. Melissa C says

    These shoes are perfect my shopkins fanatic! My daughter, Autumn loves shopkins! If I won I’d gift them for her birthday in a few weeks!

  192. Margaret Pac says

    So cute! My granddaughter would love these!

  193. Gynger Hironimus says

    These shoes are amazing! My daughter is a huge fan of shopkins and twinkle toes. Will definitely be purchasing!

  194. nicole gabler says

    These are super cute shoes. I dont know which I like better but my daughter likes the first ones more. Anything with pink, sparkles, and shopkins!

  195. Lisa McNeil says

    Those shoes are adorable!

  196. Blake Greenfield says

    Oh, how my 5 year old would love these!

  197. Nicole Lancaster says

    My niece would love these sneakers. She is a huge Shopkins fan.

  198. Cynthia Ansel says

    my daughter would die over these!

  199. sue Spence says

    would love to win for my granddaughter :0 )

  200. Justine McD. says

    My daughter loves shopkins, I didn’t know they had shopping shoes! She’ll be excited to find out that she could have shopkins on her feet!

  201. Rebecca Long says

    How cute!! Would love to win a pair for my daughter.

  202. Penny McKnight says

    My 2 grand-kids aka (BooBoo’s) would walk around to cute in those. Thanks for chance.

  203. Linda Bradshaw says

    These are so adorable. They would be perfect for the granddaughter. Love. Shopkins are great too.

  204. Kori gillen says

    My daughter would be ecstatic over these

  205. Wendy Jabkowski says

    These shoes are just so cute and colorful!

  206. Chris Cordin says

    Shopkins has some of the most unique sneaker designs. LOVE IT!

  207. Stephanie Fossum says

    These shoes are so cute and busy!

  208. Gary Short says

    My daughter is absolutely nuts over Shopkins. Every time you ask her what she wants it’s a new Shopkin.

  209. Laurie Wright says

    These are the cutest shoes.

  210. Laura Bergen says

    Oh wow!! Im so jealous!!! I wish we had something like this in Wisconsin!! My niece would just love it!!!

  211. katie Collins says

    These shoes are so cute.

  212. Kelly Privett says

    My daughter would go wild over these!

  213. that looks like so much fun

  214. Aww I bet the kids there made alot of fun memories. Awesome fun I bet. My Granddaughter would love these shoes.

  215. Our Willow would absolutely love these!!! Especially to get a start off in style on her first day of school which is coming up 🙂

  216. Jill Bensinger says

    Shopkins! Shopkins! My little girl loves them!

  217. Michelle Simmonds Ayers says

    I really like this. Fun

  218. Tom Bellamy says

    Very cute shoes! My granddaughter would love these.

  219. Just adorable! Would love to win a pair!

  220. Laura Arlt says

    So cute

  221. Tammie Coonley says

    My daughter is obsessed with all things Shopkins! Would love to win a pair of shoes for her!

  222. My little one would love these thanks for the chance

  223. Amanda D says

    My 6 year old daughter LOVES emoji’s! She would just be ecstatic to win a pair! I can imagine her face right now!!! Thanks for the chance!

  224. Carol Moore says

    My daughter would love to have these cute shoes for school!

  225. Jean Millsap says

    I wish we had these sparkly and cheery shoes when I was a kid but now I can buy for my grand daughter, fingers crossed!

  226. Natalia Gonzalez says

    Love it!!! My daughter love this , thanks for the opportunity!!

  227. My babe would love these. Thank you

  228. BETTY VINCENT says

    Love, Love, Love these High-Top Sneakers!

  229. colleenmarie says

    Both my daughter’s would love this cafe, such a cute idea.

  230. Candice Dyer says

    These are the CUTEST thing! I know a little girly who’d love to rock them!

  231. My daughter Veyda would absolutely LOVE these! Thanks for the opportunity to WIN!

  232. Beth Plachetka says

    My daughter would go nuts for these!!!

  233. Beth Plachetka says

    My daughter would absolutely love to win these!!!

  234. As anyone over the age of 30 say, “Wish they had these when I was that age.” Oh well, I can always watch the smiles of the ones I love wearing them.

  235. so so cute…just the fit for our new granddaughter

  236. Debbie Alli says

    My daughter would love these!!!

  237. Debbie Alli says

    My daughter would love these

  238. jessica marinaccio says

    I have 4 girls ages 9,9,7,4 two of them LOVE shopkins but they all love Skechers – comfy quality shoes

  239. David Basile says

    I think my niece would be thrilled to have them

  240. My granddaughter would love a pair of these shoes.

  241. too cute ~ we love Skechers & Shopkins!

  242. Oh wow, that pop up store looks like it was a blast! My daughter would love these shoes!

  243. Leesa Worden says

    My 3 girls LOVE shopkins!

  244. My daughter love shopkins. This would be a great birthday

  245. I love when companies get creative!

  246. very cute shoes

  247. Amanda Cuellar says

    My 2 ltitle girls LOVE Shopkins and sparkly Sketchers! They’re excited for the Shopkins live tour coming to our city!

  248. I love them. my little granddaughter would love me to win this

  249. April Bortner says

    Both my girls would LOVE these. Looks comfy for walking to the bus stop too!

  250. Jessica blacksher says

    Yes please, my daughter would love these!

  251. My daughter would love these!

  252. Kevin Johnson says

    These are so cute! My daughter would love them.

  253. Dexlyn Mingo says

    My twin daughters would love this. Thank you!

  254. Bianca Hammond says

    such a great giveaway, i know a little girl who would love these shoes.

  255. Amy Adams says

    Shoes are sooo cute! My daughter loves these!

  256. These are absolutely adorable. Would be the perfect back to school shoes, for my girls!

  257. kathy Agate says

    these sneakers would be great for my granddaughter!

  258. Kristine R. says

    Oh man, my daughter would go nuts over these!!!

  259. Alisha Goins says

    My daughter loves shopkins

  260. My daughter would love these shoes.

  261. OOh, cute shoes. Would love to give these to a little (not-so-little) girl I know!

  262. Man, that pop-up event looks super awesome!

  263. Gina Lefort says

    My granddaughter would love those high tops!

  264. Christine Mayfield says

    Thanks for the giveaway! My girls would love it

  265. Cathy Siewert says

    So cute

  266. Diana Thompson says

    These are totally amazing cute shoes. Awesome

  267. Leisl Gering says

    My daughter would be THRILLED to have these.

  268. Brenda Whitley says

    My grandchildren would look so cute in these shoes/

  269. Shoes look great

  270. Donna Clifford says

    These are really cute. I would gift them to a friends young daughter.

  271. Carol Wong says

    My daughter would have been so excited to see the pop up! She LOVES Shopkins! Thanks for the chance!

  272. Marie Beauregard says

    My daughter would LOVE these!

  273. Lisa Voyce says

    My granddaughter would look adorable in these shoes.

  274. My granddaughter would totally love these!!

  275. Margaret Suiter says

    My niece would think she’s the coolest kid at school with these shoes! Thanks for the opportunity to win them.

  276. Sheryl Holden says

    My granddaughters absolutely adore Shopkins and they keep them entertained

  277. Doree ann says

    My daughter would love to wear these shoes during the new school year!

  278. My daughter would love these shoes. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  279. Carol Lawman says

    Thank you so much for the opportunity – I know three granddaughters of mine who would love to have a pair.

  280. elishia bakle says

    My kids love shopkins and skechers! I have had to watch all the shopkins toy review videos and I wait in the aisle while they attempt to pick new shopkins. My favorite is the blind bags and how they re enact their own reviews!

  281. Bonnie Goulding says

    My Four year old Grand daughter would go out of her mind.
    Thank You so much for the chance to win.

  282. Juwairiya syed says

    My nieces would love these shoes!!

  283. My kids would lose thier mids if there was a Shopkins pop-up near us! They LOVE any and everything Shopkins 🙂

  284. kelly light says

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  378. jeremy mclaughlin says

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    Thank you for the opportunity!

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