Welcome June + Printable Calendar


Welcome June, 2017.  We’re ready for the hearty doses of sunshine and bare feet that are just around the corner.  The school year will be wrapped up before we know it and I keep reminding myself that some solid beach therapy is on the way. Yesterday, I grabbed a few beautiful peonies to celebrate the new month because peony season is so fleeting.  And I also printed out a new calendar sheet to mark the first day of a new month. It’s become a ritual that I look forward to.  The fresh start of a new month is filled with possibilities.  If you’d like to add a June calendar sheet to your space, we have another free, pretty, printable calendar available to download and print.  The blue watercolor design accurately represents my thoughts for the month. Hello ocean, we will see you shortly!

Just click the image below to download and print



There’s only three more weeks until the official start to summer!  And we hope that the new season is good to you.  Pop by next month, for a new sheet, after all the x’s are crossed off your calendar.  Cheers to summer and lot’s of fun things to do.





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