Protect Like a Mother Installation Comes to Brooklyn

This post sharing details on the Protect Like a Mother exhibit in Brooklyn is sponsored by Lysol. Thank you for reading.

When my children were toddlers and had difficulty separating from me, a little storytelling ritual began.  I’d form the shape of a heart with my hands, and recite a made up story reminding them that our hearts and souls are connected forever.  The consistency seemed to calm all of our nerves, and years later I still find myself including that story in my parenting toolkit.  Motherhood continues to show me the absolute truth in that metaphorical heart.  Motherhood is hardwired to the very core of my being in the most profound and powerful ways.  I’m inextricably connected to my children and have learned to trust my gut, motivated by being my babies greatest protector and nurturer.


I was so excited to venture over to Brooklyn Bridge Park today with my family to check out Lysol’s “Protect Like a Mother” exhibit featuring a larger-than-life art installation of a trio of animals, honoring both human and animal mothers alike. On the heels of mother’s day weekend, it felt fitting to work with Lysol in celebration of a mother’s innate protective instinct.  After all, they help moms like me protect against germs in my home, in ways that mirror how animals defend their own babies.


The cool interactive installation features gargantuan sculptures of a golden eagle, a 24-foot-tall orangutan, and an octopus.  Amidst bubbles, kids are allowed to play on the large animals, and a fantastic photo booth captures great quality family photos.  There’s also a cool educational component with several facts about the animal mothers and ways in which they protect their offspring from predators. The protective instinct is a universal truth of motherhood – in both the animal kingdom and in our own. Different species demonstrate amazing feats to protect their young, including us human mothers, right?!


No one protects quite like a mom, and nothing helps mothers protect against germs like Lysol, a leader in germ killing for over 100 years, with products that kill 99.9% of germs to help moms protect their kids from passing germs and getting sick.  Lysol has created a fun analogy and expereince that families can certainly relate to and enjoy together during the weekend.  Best of all this free exhibit is still open to the public.  Check it out tomorrow, Sunday, May 21st from 9 am to 6 pm.  You may even leave feeling a bit more loved than ever:


“My mom protects me like a unicorn because she is magic.” – L.P – age nine. 




  1. That installation is so amazing. Moms are the cogs that keep the family machine rolling, and I think this is a great tribute to that.

  2. This is a crazy cool installation. Moms are the most protective creatures on the planet. When the mom claws come out, everybody better get outta the way.

  3. robin rue says

    What a cool installation!!! I would have loved to take a trip down there to see it!!

  4. How cool is this? I think I would love to take a trip there and take a see at this myself!

  5. This installation looks like it was a lot of fun! Those sculptures are so neat, and it was totally cool that they let you play on them! No matter the species, every mama wants to protect their babies and I love that Lysol showcases that with this installation.

  6. How awesome is that exhibition and how cute to think of a unicorn and magic, I absolutely adore that!

  7. This sounds like such a cool exhibit. I think it’s great that Lysol is putting the spotlight on mothers while and sharing some information about animal moms!

  8. My mom is Brooklyn born, so just seeing the bridge makes me smile. The entire installation is awesome and I love how interactive it is!

  9. This is a really cool exhibit. I like the giant eagle nest a lot.

  10. I love seeing all of the photos of this event. What an awesome set up from Lysol as well!

  11. This looks like a fun and memorable event for families! I love the concept of the event! Love your photos too!

  12. What a fun-looking time! Your pictures are excellent.
    Mothers are so protective of their young!

  13. I think it is interesting that the sculptures they chose are of animals that are super protective of their young. I guess that’s the whole point, though, right? We should all be super protective of our kids.

  14. What a neat exhibit! I love that it’s free too! How sweet of her… “like a unicorn because she is magic.”

  15. What a cool exhibit! Moms, regardless of the specie are so protective of their off-spring. So many times we’ve read about how moms attack anyone wanting to harm their children. I am the same way too. If you hurt my kids, I will hurt you more. LOL. Seriously, I’d give my life to protect my children.

  16. My Teen Guide says

    Nice! This would be a great exhibit to take the kids to. It will give them an idea of how mothers protect their children. The maternal instinct to defend and protect is unlike any other. I love that wall where kids can write how they feel the way their moms protect them.

  17. Dana Vento says

    It such a great exhibit. Its awesome! I am so happy to read this article. Its really inspiring!

  18. Michelle Waller says

    I think this is a super fun event!! I just love Lysol and use it on everything.

  19. I love your family ritual. As always, your photos are beautiful and tell a powerful story. I really enjoyed this exhibit too. It spoke to me as a mother and reminded me why I do what I to and how I protect my babies fiercely.

  20. katrina gehman says

    looks like everyone had a great time. brooklyn is awesome and yes you have to keep those kids close.

  21. What a beautiful exhibit in Brooklyn. I know mothers of all species are super protective its a natural instinct.

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