Hello May + Printable Calendar

Welcome, May 2017! We’ve been waiting for you, and have another pretty, watercolor, free printable calendar to share.  May is a favorite month over here. We’re able to see summer on the horizon and have officially swapped the sweaters and coats for warm-weather options (which are so much easier for the kids!).  The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom drenching our sidewalk in pink petals. And the birds can’t seem to get enough of our feeder. We’ll soon be planning a party for a special little boy, and there’s a palpable, cheerful buzz in the city as restaurants return to outdoor seating and everyone retreats to the parks and playgrounds.

As promised, grab your free printable calendar below. Just click on the image to download and print, and don’t forget to mark Mother’s Day (Sunday, May14th) and other important dates.  Wishing you a beautiful new month!




  1. I do love your calendars and keep them printed for my office. You get lots of compliments

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