Kids’ Spring Crafting + Healthy Snacking

Spending one-on-one time with my kids is a priority that always has a way of making them feel special.  And I cherish our alone time just as much as they do!  My six-year-old son and I were due for a date, and I knew that a full day at the Children’s Museum of the Arts would be a blast for us both. Over the weekend we hightailed it on the train to SOHO to begin the day at Momtrends bash in partnerships with Wonderful Halos – the sweet, juicy mandarins that everyone loves – and even the littlest of hands can peel.

Alongside CMA instructors, the kids crafted adorable little spring creatures including bunnies, chicks and whatever their creative hearts desired out of Halos.  All the crafts were easy enough to replicate  – utilizing basic crafting supplies like googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and paper.

I loved seeing all of the crafty goodness because I’ve consistently brought loads of Halos to the kid’s school parties.  I’m OK with my children having treats, but I find the level of sugary overload to be out-of-control in the classroom celebrations.  And when I drop Halos on the kids’ plates, the majority are gobbled right up! Since the extent of my crafty fun only includes sticking celery sticks in the mandarin centers to create mini pumpkins at Halloween parties – I gleaned tons of super fun (and much more creative!) ideas to get kids excited about healthy snacking. I’ll definitely have the little ones replicate the ideas at our family Easter party instead of the usual jelly bean overload.

The event also featured tons of delicious snack and party food ideas incorporating Halos.  From smoothies to salads and my favorite: chocolate dipped mandarins, with a drizzle of sea salt on top.

After the fun party, my little guy and I spent the entire day at the museum. He was lucky enough to get a coveted spot in the clay bar, made totally cool stop motion videos, painted a ton, and created re-imagined artwork inspired by Martin Kippenburger.

We both declared it “the best day ever!” and our thoughtful friends at Momtrends were kind enough to pack away a box of supplies for big sister to get in on the action when we returned home!


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  1. Those are so great! You really did capture the feel of spring with these. I’m so ready for spring to finally get here!

  2. I love those snacks! Nothing is more fun that crafting and enjoying snacks with the family.

  3. Pam Wattenbarger says

    What a fun day! Halos are such a healthy snack to fuel kids on the go and at play.

  4. Those all look really tasty. We go through a metric ton of Halos when they’re in season. We love them.

  5. My kids love these so much – we go through a couple bags a week! I bet they would eat double if I told them dipping them in chocolate was an option.

  6. These are some cute ideas. We love citrus.

  7. Sounds like the best day indeed. Great snack ideas.

  8. I have a bag of Halos in my kitchen right now. I think these are such cute crafting ideas. I’ll have to get my girls to make a few fun designs with ours too.

  9. I love simple crafts my kids can do with their food. They would love to do this, and i love the chocolate covered ones, yum!

  10. The Halos dipped in chocolate look so good! I didn’t even think about that. So happy that I can have my Halo fix again. Having them in smoothies is the best way to start a day for me.

  11. These are so cute! I would never think to dip halo’s in chocolate, what a neat idea. i bet it tastes just heavenly too. I love chocolate orange!

  12. Wow, what a super fun event! We would love to attend something like this.

  13. My kids would have enjoyed this immensely. My boy may have been more about than the eating than the crafting though haha

  14. Yum! We love our halos so much, but hadn’t considered how adorable they could be.

  15. These are great! I love how colorful they are. That really puts you in a festive mood. I am sure the kids love them too.

  16. We love halos love the idea of adding chocolate!!!

  17. Awesome & great ideas. Thanks

  18. Elizabeth says

    This is amazing!!!

  19. Tammy Horn says

    Awesome snacks and craft ideas! Making the snacks more fun and enjoyable for the kids too, is always a plus!

  20. ellen beck says

    I am really liking how you expose your son to crafting and enjoying things like this. I also like how he gets a ‘day’ of his own, my Mom used to do that and it really makes a world of difference. These crafts look really fun.

  21. Brandy Stringhill says

    So many cute ideas. I can’t wait to try some for the kids Easter parties at school since they have to take healthy treats ?

  22. Clementines are my favorite fruit. Wonderful Halos really are wonderful.

  23. We love Halos in our home! That is such a cute idea for the kids crafts! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Stephanie Beckwith says

    These look like so much fun!! And such a healthy snack as well

  25. Loving all these pics! I feel like it’s springtime even though it’s in the 30s outside. Haha!

  26. What a fun event. I think halos are so cute and fun treat for kids!

  27. This is such a fun idea. My kiddos love the little Halos.

  28. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    Halos are purchased twice a week in my home the kids and us parents cant get enough of them, they are one of out household favorites for snacking.

  29. shirley emitt says

    Our girls are going to have fun doing this. They really love little Halos.

  30. Sandra McFadden says

    What a great concept for kids to have fun crafting while eating healthy at the same time.

  31. There is nothing better than providing our kids with healthy snacks. I love giving them fruits and veggies and it’s important to be a little creative so that they won’t get tired of eating the snacks that you give them. These are lovely ideas!

  32. My kids love halos because they can peel them with no help! But I never thought about dipping them in chocolate yum!

  33. The bug halos are my favorite. Cute and they look easy to make too.

  34. shelly peterson says

    What fun ideas. We love Halos!

  35. Kathy Stevenson says

    The oranges dipped in chocolate look amazing!

  36. EJ (Jane) says

    We Love Halos, I’m definitely going to try the chocolate dipped, I think it will be the perfect dessert for St. Patrick’s Day

  37. wendy browne says

    I’m not big on oranges but I do like Halos. Your photos really bring the article to life.

  38. You have some really awesome ideas here. Love them. Our family also loves Halos.

  39. Deborah Gullett says

    I recently read a post that stated Halos were note healthy or clean because of the waste water used to grow them. While I search for the link have you heard anything about this?

  40. We love Halos!! Those are such cute craft ideas! I’ll have to get creative and make something with my grandsons using Halos!

  41. I can just taste the chocolate dipped mandarins, with a drizzle of sea salt on top….yummy!!

  42. We love to promote healthy eating and this is so wonderful to incorporate into a craft thanks for sharing this one.

  43. What fun ideas! I love it when healthy eating is combined with fun! We will definitely be trying out the bunny Halos! Thanks!

  44. I love all of these cute and yummy ideas (mmm…chocolate and orange). I put little jack o’ lantern faces (with a sharpie) on Halos for my daughter’s Halloween party. It added a little fun to a healthy snack!

  45. Tara Kosing says

    I didn’t think there was a way to make my kids love halos any more than they already do. Apparently I was wrong 😀

  46. I am always looking for more activities to do with my grandkids. This looks easy and delicious! I would partake of these myself! We love the Field museum! It is really easy to spend the whole day there!

  47. Kristin C says

    My kids love Halos – the bunny craft would be perfect for Easter

  48. tammy smith says

    some great crafts for the kids my granddaughters are going to love them

  49. Cute ideas!!!

  50. shannon fowler says

    These are really cute! Im good with thinking of health snacks, but not ones that are cute and kid friendly.


    wow, a lot of great ideas, thanks for the posting. i will try some of these.

  52. Calshondra Williams says

    I love these ideas and the edible ones look delicious. I can’t wait to try them. Thanks for sharing.

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