Kids & Coughs + Mom’s Secret Weapon

There have been many times in motherhood when I’ve yearned for ways to soothe my kids when they’ve fallen sick. It’s never easy to watch your child’s discomfort when they don’t feel well.  And I only hope that I’m comforting my kids through their illnesses in ways that emulate how my mother tenderly cared for me as a child. I remember how she’d change my sheets, give me a warm bath, and carefully rub Vicks® VapoRub™ on my chest when I had a cough.  Just the mere scent transports me back to my childhood – and I’ve naturally kept it in my arsenal of go-to remedies to combat nighttime coughing ever since my babies were two-years-old.

Attending Vicks® VapoRub™ 8 Hour Playdate along with my eager kiddos at Recess Dumbo in Brooklyn was a perfect fit for us!

The kids had a blast playing in a vibrant indoor play space while I gleaned info on how to keep kids healthy and comforted when colds and coughs strike.  It’s always helpful to have healthy habit reminders reinforced by a registered nurse – especially the points shared below!
  • Did you know that many people only wash their hands for six seconds?  Did you know that the recommended time for hand washing is actually 20 seconds?  I immediately implemented the advice of singing a song with my six-year-old son to ensure that the hand washing is, in fact, effective.
  • Those beloved stuffed animals can be serious germ harbors! We like to toss ours in the washing machine (usually while the kids are at school) to get any funk off of them since the kids often tuck them into their beds.
  • Sufficient rest is crucial especially during sickness because those resting hours allow the immune system to restore and reset – and even protect the body from illness.
  • The leading cause of poor rest among children during colds is nighttime coughing.  Vicks® VapoRub™ – the #1-selling branded children’s cough-cold product, appropriate for ages two and up—is a topical cough medicine with medicated vapors*.  It works quickly for adults as well to help relieve cough symptoms.
Above Image: Andrea Klerides

I have a lot of stories about my mom’s belief in Vicks® VapoRub™ – as do others who grew up in Latin households! It’s helped me through rotten coughs – while providing my kids with that layer of comfort during illness.  As a parent, there’s security in knowing that Vicks® VapoRub™ vapors last up to eight hours, allowing my little ones (and me!) to get crucial rest. I imagine that my children will too grow up with ingrained memories of their mama singing special nighttime songs and carefully rubbing their chests to help soothe, calm and relax.

*P&G calculation based in part on value sales data by The Nielsen Company through its Retail Scantrack Services in the US market to which P&G subscribes for the Respiratory Care Category for the 52 week period ending 06/04/16



  1. These are such great tips! We try to buy my grandsons stuffed animals that can be machine washed to keep germs and dust away.

  2. I love these tips. I did everything I could to keep the germs away when my kids were young. I bought washable or disinfectible EVERYTHING.

  3. Unfortunately, you’re right about hand washing. I like to teach kids to sing the ABCs.

  4. These are great tips! Being sick is never fun, especially for the kiddos! Those germs accumulate!

  5. Wonderful tips. my kids are older now, but I do recall the days of reaching for my secret weapon when they got sick

  6. These are excellent tips! Vicks has always been able to sooth my kiddies when they are sick.

  7. Audrey Stewart says

    Our family has used Vicks forever.

  8. I just love the smell of Vicks! I always have some on hand even if it is just for me, and not the kid, although we all love it here!

  9. We have always sworn by Vick’s. My mom even used it on me when I was younger.

  10. LeAnn Harbert says

    My granddaughter uses Vicks. These are some good tips.

  11. Ronalee Duncan says

    You have shared some great reminders here, and brought Vicks has been around my family for many years.

  12. Vicks is such a fabulous brand and has definitely stood the test of time. It’s been a tried and true secret weapon in our family for several generations as well!

  13. Ashley cr says

    I love Vicks.. my mom used to use it on me growing up. Now I keep it in my cabinet for any skin days.

  14. Vicks Vapo-o-rub is such a classic. I know it has been around at least as long ago as when I was a little kid. My husband also remembers it as a child. It is a great product.

  15. I love Vicks Vapor rub, seriously! It is amazing how much it helps when kiddos have the cough for sure. I put it on their feet with socks over their feet when they go to bed and after a couple of days they are much better.

  16. Great tips! We always make sure to have Vicks VapoRub on hand. I believe in it very much and have awlays sowrn by it!

  17. katrina gehman says

    great reminder to wash the stuffed animals more often. I tend to forget about those.

  18. We’ve used this in my family for as a long as I remember. It’s my grandma’s favorite remedy.

  19. My mom always took great care of me when I was sick too. Vicks was definitely a part of the routine. I use it for my kids as well. 🙂

  20. I remember my mom always having a jar of Vick Vaporub at home. She used it for almost everything – a headache, to relieve swelling and itchiness brought about by insect bites, and she rubbed it on the soles of our feet at night to ease congestion when we have colds. I did the same thing with my children, and now my daughter does the same thing with her kids!

  21. These are awesome tips! My mom always had the Vicks on hand growing up…that smell just reminds me of childhood!!

  22. It’s really important that we teach them proper hygiene, it keeps them away from germs especially when they’re not in the house. I think these are great tips especially for new moms!

  23. We love Vicks Vaporub in our house. I got it from my mom when I was growing up. I loved me some VV on my back and chest whenever I got sick. 🙂

  24. So funny I heard for years Vapor Rubs can solve most aliments just rub the vapor rub on the area! LOL have a sore tooth rub vapor rub (jk) but yeah its a powerful product that can help open your chest up and ease a minor cold.

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