Gabriela McBride: American Girl’s 2017 Girl of the Year + Giveaway!

We’re so excited to share American Girl’s 2017 girl of the year! Meet Gabriela McBride, a spoken word poet, and dancer who turns to her favorite creative art forms to help break down barriers and overcome personal challenges, including her own struggle with stuttering.


A doll with a speech impediment? Yes! We can’t get enough – and adore the ways in which American Girl continues to help young girls see themselves in their diverse collection of dolls and accompanying stories.

With a fun sporty outfit and beautiful dark brown curls, Gabriela is certainly adorable, and her story of resiliency, creativity, and determination is set to inspire, as her poetry helps to save her local community arts center from collapsing.


Alongside the doll’s release, American Girl is partnering with Scholastic to release Express Yourself, a free curriculum program to teach poetry and self-expression to kids.  The program will even feature a poetry contest to encourage children to celebrate National Poetry Month in April.

Gabriela McBride hit the shelves on January 1st of this year.  Look out for her fun products (including a D.J. setup!) and books in the spring of 2017.  Best of all, she’s the first girl of the year to be available beyond 2017.

Win It!  We’re so excited to partner with American Girl, to giveaway one Gabriela McBride doll and book to a lucky winner! Enter via the widget below. U.S. only please, and all entries are verified. Best of luck! Love American Girl? Check out our other American Girl features here.

Update: Giveaway closed.



  1. Kathy Stevenson says

    I would love to win!

  2. Deb Dadlani says

    My daughter would love to win a Gabriela doll.

  3. Sarah trout says

    My girls love American Girl!

  4. Camille Maclean says

    Such a gorgeous doll!

  5. Would be perfect for my neice!

  6. Great giveaway

  7. Samantha Guenther says

    My daughter loves everything about singing and dancing so the American Girl dolls have been exactly what she loves. It would be wonderful to win one for her.

  8. Brocha Blumenberg says

    My girls would love to own their very first american girl doll. This would be a great doll if they win it and will make their dreams come true.

  9. She is beautiful! My daughter just got her first AG doll for Christmas and is obsessed. This would make an amazing birthday present.

  10. She would be the perfect 1st AG doll for E.

  11. Kendsie Niederriter says

    Would love to win this for my 3 littles to share such a beautiful story of Gabriela.

  12. Good luck, everyone! Fingers crossed!

  13. ellen casper says

    My niece would love to have this American girl doll.

  14. She’s beautiful!!

  15. Dana Fricke says

    I would love to win this beautiful doll for my daughter! It is so neat to watch her imagination grow as she plays with her dolls, and acts out stories!!

  16. Kelly Grundhofer says

    What a wonderful giveaway! I have two girls who would love this doll.

  17. Doesn’t she look like the prettiest one? Me and v had them as kids. V had Samantha and I Kristen… don’t even know if they still have those. I want this for Mia!

  18. Christina galea Parker says

    Thanks for the chance I have twin girls who would love this!

  19. Yay! So cute!! Looking forward to reading her story!!
    thank you for the opportunity to win her! 😉

  20. Melissa Hartley says

    Pretty dolls! I would love to win this for my friend’s 4 y/o daughter Xali 🙂

  21. Wanda Rountree says

    Love the dolls and the different ethnic groups they represent.

  22. My daughter would lover her.

  23. Silvia Reid says

    My daughters would love to win this beautiful American Girl doll Gabriela. They would share it and it would be their first AG doll. Thanks for the chance to win it for them!

  24. I love that my daughter is obsessed with American Girl. Through the stories my daughter has developed a real passion for history.

  25. My 3 daughters have been admiring Gabriela! I would love to win this doll for them! ?

  26. What a GOFGEOUS doll. I’d love to win. Thanks for the contest

  27. Laura Wilson says

    Thank you for the giveaway. My six year old received a Wellie Wishers AG doll for Christmas, and so the obsession has begun!

  28. Would love to win for Emily

  29. She is adorable! My 8 yr old would love to take her on some wonderful adventures

  30. shelly peterson says

    Such a beautiful doll. My nicee would love to have her.

  31. Rhonda Grisham says

    With 3 granddaughters, AG is huge here. I just adore Gabriela and would love to add her to our collection!

  32. Vicki lorenz says

    I would love to win this for my niece!

  33. Ellie Wright says

    I would love to win this for my little granddaughter. It would be her first American Girl doll.

  34. My daughter needs a doll with curly hair just like hers!

  35. I love the stories behind each American Girl. They are so inspiring!

  36. Linda Trinklein says

    Oh my goodness she is adorable! My daughter likes her outfit! thanks for the chance to win!

  37. Julie Wood says

    My daughter would love to have this incredible doll! I think it is so pretty and would make a nice birthday gift!

  38. Colleen Inman says

    My girls love American Girl Dolls, so special.

  39. Tammy Horn says

    The American Girl dolls are wonderful, and Gabriela is no exception, she’s beautiful.. My niece would love her.

  40. I would love to win this doll for my niece

  41. I would like to win her for my granddaughters.

  42. We love American Girl dolls.

  43. Oh our little Miss would love one! Gabriela is so beautiful! I love what the American Girls dolls stand for…so much history with them! She has really been wanting one. So precious!

  44. she is a pretty doll

  45. As a child I always loved American Girls, so proud of the new ideas and dolls they come up with.

  46. I so love American Girl dolls they are so adorable and well made and I sure would love to win this one.

  47. Awesome giveaway! My daughter would LOVE this!!!

  48. Thanks! Would love to win and share

  49. Michelle Kl says

    I love the American Girls dolls, they are very well made and last for many generations if you take care of them

  50. My daughter has been begging for an American Girl doll. I cannot afford one so winning one would be a wonderful gift to her! I would give it to her for her birthday in July! I love that the dolls come in many different ethnicities!

  51. MY granddaughters would love to add to their collection.

  52. Terry Stevens says

    My granddaughters have wanted an American Girl Doll for the past 4 years. This is a nice giveaway.

  53. My daughter just asked for an American Girl doll so this would be perfect!

  54. My daughter Bayleigh would love love love an American Girl Doll! with three brothers she has little opportunity to be girly

  55. Anggela smith says

    This would be amazing for my daughter she is really into American girl dolls right now and she would totally treasure her .

  56. shannon fowler says

    I love these dolls. My grandmother got me my first one when I was five. I just recently got my niece her first one. I love their stories and how the also incorporate history.

  57. Tee Anderson says

    My daughter is 7 and loves American girl dolls. I love how there are so many different dolls and I love the Truly Me dolls.

  58. Dwayne Berry says

    My daughter would love this!

  59. debra dubois says

    My Ariannas dream doll I hope she wins thanks for the chance.

  60. My niece wouls love this!

  61. This doll is beautiful,love the meanings of the dolls

  62. Jeanne Coulombe says

    I would love to win this for my granddaughter she would love it

  63. Would love to win this for my friend’s little girl.

  64. My 2.5 year old is baby doll crazy and would adore this!! She’s a beautiful doll : )

  65. Kathy Clark says

    I think it’s so great that American Girl has such a diverse selection of dolls. My husband and I will someday soon have bi-racial children and I’m so glad to see that they will be represented in their toys! 🙂 I also have African American nieces, four to be exact, that I would love to win this doll for! 🙂 this is so important thanks for high lighting this company!

  66. Annmarie W. says

    We love American Girl dolls…and I love how diverse all the dolls are; there’s a doll that every girl can identify with! I also love how they have ‘historical’ dolls from the various periods of our history!

  67. Donna Jaworski says

    My daughter would be elated to have an American Girl doll. What an awesome giveaway! ???

  68. My daughter loves that she is from Philadelphia; we don’t live far from there.

  69. My daughter is excited to learn about Gabriela!

  70. I would love to win this doll for my niece. She’s never had a real American Girl doll, and she’d love to have one!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. This is such a great addition to American Girl

  72. jeremy mclaughlin says

    Thank you for the chance, my cousins daughter would love this.

  73. Christina Peters says

    Thank you for having a great giveaway.
    American Girl does such a great job with the designing and details of all their dolls and accessories just wish they weren’t so expensive. I do understand with having good quality they need to cover their costs. I would love to win this for my 6 year old niece, she has been asking for an American Girl Doll for Christmas for a couple of years but doesn’t understand the cost it would take to get her one.

  74. Katie Brown says

    These American dolls are amazing! My girls love them! Good luck everyone! I’d love to be able to give this to my daughter for her birthday. They want ANY American doll! Lol

  75. I would love to win this doll. American Girl dolls are staples and so well made.

  76. I have been a fan of American Girl books and dolls since I was about 8 years old. I’ve never actually owned one myself. I know my niece, who is 10, would love to have this doll!

  77. My daughter would enjoy learning more about Gabriela and playing with her.

  78. shirley emitt says

    Our girls would love this, thank you for the chance. They are always looking at the dolls online.

  79. Amanda Roach says

    thanks for the chance. my daughter would llove this

  80. I know just the little girl who would LOVE to have this doll! 🙂

  81. heather kaufman says

    This AG is so pretty!

  82. I would love to win this doll for my granddaughter.

  83. Awesome giveaway…would love to win this for my youngest niece.

  84. Linda Kish says

    I would love to win this for my great niece.

  85. velder Dixon says

    Love to win

  86. Emily Morelli says

    I love how American Girl Dolls are a learning experience as well as a friend. You can become immersed in the world of your doll with all the different books and accessories.

  87. Noelle Carroll says

    I love American Girl, I had one when I was younger, can’t remember her name but she had red hair like me. Now my daughter is almost 2 and I’ve been holding out getting her one, can’t wait to get her one though! She loves dolls now

  88. My daughter loves AG dolls. Gabriela is at the top of her wishlist. She is so pretty! ? Thanks for a chance.

  89. Marilyn Nawara says

    Gabriela is beautiful — should be a wonderful addition to my granddaughter’s doll family

  90. bea miller says

    i absolutly love her!!!!

  91. My niece has several dolls that she loves but none are American girl dolls
    I would really love to be able to give her one.

  92. I think my daughter would faint if I won this for her. Thanks for the chance.

  93. Kimberly Singh says

    I loved American Girl Dolls so much growing up and I would love to be able to give one to my daughter.

  94. Erika Cisneros says

    i bought Wllie Wishers this year which were a huge craze. the girls loved them for christmas but I didnt see this one and i know the perfect little girl to give this too if i win the giveaway

  95. What a great prize – Gabriela is beautiful and would be perfect for our little one.

  96. Brigitte Bauman says

    I love reading your review. I am considering purchasing an American Girl Doll for my niece.

  97. This would be the very first American girl doll my daughter if I win. Fingers crossed Gabriela is so adorable!

  98. annette campbell says

    Such an amazing doll. My granddaughter Addison would love it!

  99. kelly Skibbe (kj skib) says

    My oldest just got into the American Girl phase. She loves the matching outfits.

  100. Dawn Monroe says

    My 8 year old granddaughter recently discovered American Girl and has asked to go to the store since. I’ve never been or bought an AG doll but I like the positive message they attach to each dolls story.

  101. Stephanie Phelps says

    Oh I love the dolls that teach about diversity and overcoming anything. This one would be amazing for my granddaughter to own. Thank you for the chance!

  102. Dewayne Bradshaw says

    My granddaughter would love this. She does not have one yet.

  103. My daughter would be SOOOOO happy if I were to win this doll!

  104. I think the American Girl Dolls are so cute

  105. I really appreciate the message behind each american girl and how they represent females of different ethnicity.

  106. My daughter has wanted an American Girl doll since she was a very little girl.

  107. Terra Heck says

    I like the new American Girl girl of the year. My niece loves American Girl dolls and would be thrilled with this one. Thanks.

  108. Sarah Hayes says

    I love Gabriela! she is a great doll and Id love to give her to my daughter

  109. My granddaughter would love this!

  110. Annette fisher says


  111. Sally Wilsey says

    My Granddaughter would love Gabriela she looks like her best friend. What a wonderful, beautiful doll and memory it would be for her.

  112. denise low says

    I would love to win this doll for my granddaughter.

  113. Casandra LaMonaca says

    Thanks for the chance to win! I know a little girl who would be very happy receiving this.

  114. I love this doll would love to win for my lil one!!

  115. allyson Tice says

    american girls are beautiful! i wish my daughter could have one someday! we get the catalog in the mail somehow and always circle what she would like!

  116. Michelle C says

    My youngest daughter is a big fan of American Girl dolls! I’ve been so impressed with their commitment to making girls understand that their uniqueness is beautiful and to bringing history alive!

  117. Darlene Owen says

    My granddaughter is 8 and loves American Girl dolls, but being she is the oldest of 5 children her parents can’t and will never be able to afford to buy her one and being as I am retired I also can’t buy her one, but she does love to look at the books and dream.

  118. Thanks for the chance to enter this giveaway! Our family thinks Gabriela is so cute, and I love that she is overcoming her struggle with stuttering through poetry!

  119. Jessica Lodge says

    I love that they have dolls of color! I would love this for my daughter.

  120. Beautiful doll! This would be great for my nieces!

  121. cindy legg says

    my granny collects dolls hope i can win this for her

  122. My daughters favorite was Samantha


  124. Gwendolyn Jordan says

    A beautiful doll

  125. Ashley Irby says

    I would love to get this for my niece! Great giveaway!

  126. My daughter would love this doll, especially because this is her name too!

  127. Dana MATTHEWS says

    My girls love American Girl dolls and all the things that come with them! They would be excited to have the newest one!

  128. Kristy Wasilewski says

    Gabriela is lovely and my daughter would love to win her so she could play, Play, PLAY!

  129. What a cute doll! Would love to win this for my niece.

  130. Polly Hall says

    I would love to win this to give to my niece, she would be so thrilled.

  131. We have been in the American Girl family for years now! My daughters have their dolls and now my granddaughters do. They have gone to tea parties and sleep overs with their dolls. They are so pretty and life like! A couple of dolls look just like their little mommies. I would love to win a doll for one of my granddaughters!! Thank you!!

  132. My daughter is a writer and an artist and has just fallen in love with Gabriela.

  133. Cassandra D. says

    I would like to win this doll.

  134. Angela Newsome says

    I would love to get my daughter one of these. She’s 4 years old and too has a speech issue. Her’s is stammering and quite severe. I know she could identify. This is going on my to buy list for her birthday!!!! So glad I ran across your site this morning!

  135. tammy smith says

    My granddaughter would love this.

  136. Christopher Mason says

    My daughter wants her doll to have a sister.

  137. Katie Amanda says

    This would be a perfect gift for my goddaughter. Thank you!

  138. Doll has beautiful hair, would love to win

  139. Colleen Boudreau says

    Such a gorgeous doll!

  140. MelissaandKeith Miller says

    My goddaughter would love this!

  141. Amanda lea says

    My daughter is finally at an age that she would be able to have one of these!

  142. Jennifer Marie says

    What a beautiful doll. Thanks for the chance.

  143. We get the catalog and my daughter has asked me for an American girl doll. My daughter loves to dance and be creative with arts & crafts, i think she would really love Gabriella and her story. ?

  144. kathy Agate says

    such a beautiful doll I would like to win for my granddaughter!

  145. OMG! This would be SO amazing to give to my daughter!

  146. I just love how the American Girl brand promotes positive esteem in the lives of young girls. We’re not all the same, but we’re all perfect.

  147. Linda Walker says

    My daughter would love this.

  148. Jessica Whitehouse says

    I want to win this for my seven year old niece. She would like a new doll to play with.

  149. Darla Laughlin says

    Beautiful doll. I’ve always wanted one. Then I wanted them for my daughters. I never could budget them in. I would love to win one!

  150. Beautiful doll, My granddaughter would love one like it.

  151. What a pretty dolly 🙂 My daughter loves American girl.

  152. Sherril McGann says

    My granddaughter’s name is Gabrielle. She has brown hair and brown eyes and would love to win this American Girl doll named Gabriela!

  153. My daughter would love this.

  154. Stephanie Liske says

    I would like to win this for my daughter. She loves American Girl Dolls.

  155. Danielle Wood says

    My daughter loves American Girl, she has been asking to go visit the store in New York for the past 2 years. Have to plan a trip.

  156. Elizabeth P says

    My grand daughter would love this! Thanks for the chance.

  157. Shannon Baas says

    My niece loves American girl dolls

  158. My youngest niece would love this doll.

  159. Adrienne Gordon says

    My niece would love this!

  160. Bridget Calfee says

    This doll is so pretty. I would love to win

  161. I think these are great dolls for young children to learn from.

  162. patti kalas says

    This will make a beautiful gift for the “angel trees” at xmas time. These dolls are collectable and historical.

  163. She’s beautiful and my nieces would love her. Thank you for the giveaway.

  164. Margaret Smith says

    My daughter would love this doll.

  165. Sherri Weeks says

    My niece would love this!

  166. Robert Tschinkel says

    My grand niece would absolutely love this!

  167. My daughter has never owned an American Girl Doll. Would love to win.

  168. My niece would love this doll

  169. Judith Bayer says

    I have great memories of my daughter getting her first American Girl Doll. Miss Molly was cherished. Now her own daughter is of age and I would love to gift her the Miss Gabriela so she can form her own memories.

  170. Beth Minyard says

    My niece would absolutely love to have this doll! Thank you for the awesome chance to win!

  171. Cheryl Gilmartin says

    what a beautiful doll for a special girl

  172. Jennifer Bay says

    My grand daughter would love this! Thanks for the chance.

  173. American Girl makes the nicest dolls. A nice heirloom.

  174. allyson becker says

    I love your blog! And thank you for the opportunity to win this for a very special little girl!

  175. Monique Rizzo says

    American girl are wonderful dolls! My daughter has really loved them.
    Thank you for the giveaway. Have a great week!

  176. My niece would love this doll! Thank you for the chance.

  177. My daughter would love this! She looks so much like this doll.

  178. Donna Clifford says

    I enjoy the american girl dolls. they are beautiful!:)

  179. Thanks for the giveaway! My daughter loves the American Girl dolls.

  180. Tim Deeter says

    i would like to win the doll

  181. My great granddaughter would love this. (me too)

  182. Katie Burnette says

    She is absolutely adorable…and spoken word? How awesome is that <3

  183. Tricia Martin says

    I love that Gabriela has such a meaningful story that can inspire young girls.

  184. Donna Evans says

    My granddaughter would love this (but I am 63 and still love dolls)

  185. Kristin Jones says

    My daughter loves American Girl dolls. Thanks for the giveaway.

  186. My grand daughter would love this doll, so cute!

  187. Connie Sullivan says

    Love those American Girl dolls. All of my granddaughters had them!! What treasures….the dolls…and the memories!

  188. Cassandra C. says

    My daughter absolutely loves American Girl dolls. She doesn’t have own but we get the catalog and also have visited their Chicago store. I love the stories each girl has. We has watched every American Girl movie on Netflix.

  189. Kenneth Helmick says

    My niece desperately wants one of these

  190. susan smoaks says

    our daughter would love to have her own gabriela. she would be so happy!

  191. Amy Deeter says

    My daughter would love to have an american girl doll.

  192. Thanks for the chance. This would be a big hit over here!

  193. Thanks for the great giveaway. I would just love to win this for my little granddaughter

  194. Thank you for the giveaway. This is such an awesome site. I know my little 4 year old would love an American Doll.

  195. Daniela Foster says

    She’s beautiful! I’d love to win her for my niece.

  196. PATTY NIEDERT says

    This would be the perfect doll for my four year old granddaughter. The doll has similar features to my lovely granddaughter. Love it!

  197. Gracie Ward says

    Gorgeous doll! Great giveaway!

  198. Would love to win for my daughter!

  199. adrien beatty says

    My daughter would absolutely fall in love with her. She has never owned an American Girl doll and I would love to make that wish of hers come true.

  200. Brenda schrider says

    Granddaughter would be very happy to receive this from her Nana!!

  201. Love the story on this – I have a relative who could relate to Gabriela and hope it would inspire her.

  202. Cassie Eastman says

    Gabriela McBride is so beautiful! I love her curly hair and big brown eyes. My daughter would definitely love her!

  203. My daughter really wants an american girl doll this year

  204. crystal gerena says

    i would love to win! My daughters name is Gabriella and looks like this doll!!!

  205. My granddaughters would love this!

  206. My 8 year old daughter loves American Girl and she would love to win the Doll of the Year!

  207. kathie hoehn says

    My granddaughters love American Girls!

  208. Jodi Trinklein says

    I appreciate how diverse the American Girl
    Dolls are!

  209. My daughter would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  210. Terri Gail Egelund says

    My granddaughter has always wanted an American Girl doll.

  211. my niece would love it!

  212. My granddaughter wanted an American Girl doll for Christmas but it wasn’t in the budget. Her birthday is coming up and boy would I ever be tickled to be able to give her this sweet doll.

  213. Love it – she is so cute!!!

  214. I know my BFF’s granddaughter would be over the moon to receive her first American Girl doll!

  215. Perfect gift for my friend that just had a baby girl.

  216. crystal frey says

    i would love to win thi for my little one. she always tells me that this doll looks just like her, but with the prices these dolls cost i couldnt afford one

  217. I’m hoping to win this for my niece! thanks for the chance!

  218. I really love the Girl of the Year this year. Love that she’s a girl of color. And she’s adorable. My daughter would love her.

  219. I love that the doll is a Black girl, my daughter will love it

  220. Two generations of AG doll owners. We love them!

  221. My daughter would Love Gabriela

  222. I so wish taht I could get an American Girl doll for Alysia, I love everything that they represent.

  223. I’d love to win this for my niece. Thx for the chance!

  224. This girl reminds me of my daughter. My family has always loved American Girl since my grandmother started collecting them years ago.

  225. Brenda Robinson says

    I would love this for my niece.

  226. My grand daughters love American Girl dolls!

  227. Rachel Freer says

    My niece’s are huge fans of American Girl dolls!

  228. Seph Anderson says

    would LOVE to win!

  229. Tara Woods says

    This is a beautiful doll. My grandmother would love it.

  230. American girl dolls are loved & cherished by all girls young & old…..

  231. My daughter would love it!

  232. Kandance Palmer says

    I have 3 special needs grandaughters, i would love to win the doll for my house so my girls can play with her.

  233. Brittney House says

    My daughter’s favorite store has always been the AG stores. She loves American Girl dolls.

  234. Richard Hicks says

    They have the best dolls!

  235. Debbie Bloxom says

    Very pretty doll. Would love to win.

  236. Brandon Sparks says

    My daughter would really love this. Thanks for this giveaway.

  237. Carmen Nickelson says

    I would love to win an American Girl Doll! They are so cute

  238. Laurie Emerson says

    My daughter would absolutely love the story and doll.

  239. I love the American Girl dolls. They teach girls self worth at a time when it maybe confusing for young ladies. The Gabby doll is going to be a special gift for any girl. My girls are both in gymnastics and skating so this doll would be meaningful for them.

  240. My daughter would love Gabriela!

  241. My girl would love Gabriela so much! Thank you 🙂

  242. Shirley Hicks says

    my youngest 4 granddaughters love these dolls!!

  243. Karen DeVaney says

    What a cute doll! American Girl dolls are the best. It would be wonderful to win one for a special girl 🙂

  244. Hesper Fry says

    My daughter really likes American Girl dolls! We were sent a catalog in the mail and she really likes looking through it and seeing all the dolls.

  245. Cynthia Stacey says

    My daughter love American Girl Dolls. Her doll is the first thing she goes to everyday – like a friend to her.

  246. My nieces went with their Grandma to see the American Girl Doll store in Chicago. They had a fun time with lunch, too.

  247. Stephanie Larison says

    My daughter has been wanting an American Girl doll for a long time now, she’d love this! She’s read most of the books.

  248. lauren knott says

    Would love this for my niece! Thanks for the chance!

  249. Julia Barnes says

    I loved American Girl dolls as a child!

  250. These are such wonderful dolls! They are more than cute, they represent reality in their conservative dressing.

  251. we all love these girls!

  252. B Alexandra says

    American Girl dolls are so well made. My family has collected since I was young and now al the nieces and daughters collect too.

  253. Catherine Lewis says

    They are so real looking. I know my granddaughter would love to have one.

  254. amy delong says

    would really like this for my daughter,she loves dolls!thanks for the chance

  255. Shannon Lee says

    My daughters love American Girl dolls!

  256. Vikki Billings says

    My granddaughter Alivia would love this beautiful doll.

  257. Maria Beas says

    I would love to win this amazing giveaway for my girls. Thanks for the chance.

  258. I would love to win this for my niece! She’s been wanting one for a while now.

  259. I’m hoping to win Gabriela for my daughter!

  260. Cheryl Gilmartin says

    I would love this for a Birthday present. In my day they did not make anything so precious

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