Design Tips to Update and Elevate the Living Room

living-room-design-tipsWe’re excited to share a living room update in collaboration with Raymour & Flanigan who provided furniture and decor. Opinions, as always, are my own. 

Like many families, we spend the majority of our time in the living room.  It’s where we decompress, host friends and family, and enjoy simply being together – cocooned between our walls.  It’s arguably the most important room in our home, and we’ve always felt connected to the ways in which our interior space impacts our everyday.  With a goal of continuing to tell our collective family story with heirloom pieces, meaningful artwork, and some new furniture and decor to compliment our Tudor style space – we found a way to easily upgrade the communal area in our home – just in time for the holidays, and the fresh start of a new year.  See below for our simple design tips to instantly update and elevate the living room.

living-room-home-design-tips-raymour-flaniganMAXIMIZE AVAILABLE SPACE

Selecting a specific couch or sectional was perhaps the biggest design decision in our living room update.  While I initially went with a plush beige sectional, the Soto 4-piece Modular Sectional Sofa with Soto Ottoman suited the available space so much better. As opposed to something oversized, the low back, tapered feet and raised design (that my robotic vacuum can work under!) deliver the sort of warmth and comfort that we were looking to maintain.


In addition to the dimensions and overall feel of the 5-piece sectional, we knew its functionality would work well for our lifestyle.  When guests are over, we just slide over the armless chair to cozy up in discussion and add the ottoman for those who want to catch a quick cat nap (hello husband!).  Being able to pull apart the pieces, with the option of latching it all together (while set up in sectional mode) made this key piece transform the space visually and functionally.

living-room-home-design-how-toUTILIZE ARTWORK AND PLANTS

Whether meaningful family heirlooms, new treasures or flea-market finds, we’re big believers in loving the art displayed on the walls every single day.  I adore having my husband’s work in clear view, and the way that our living room design allows treasured gifted pieces to take center stage. We also picked up this great Copper Flower Wall Decor to pull together the color palette while providing impact to an otherwise bare wall.  Also, every space can be perked up by natural elements like fresh plants – just don’t forget to water!

home-design-tips-statemen-pieceINCORPORATE STATEMENT PIECES

With a mirrored interior and lightly antiqued gold finish, this large Bevan Gold Oval Tray houses a rotation of decorative items, fresh flower, flameless candles and more, while making a statement in the overall space.  Go ahead and put curated stacks of books on display too, while mixing them up to keep your current reads interesting. 

raymour-flanigan-modular-sectional-sofaADD A RUG

Rugs always add an instant cozy vibe.  If we didn’t have a bold and colorful rug in the front area of the room, we would have selected a loud or patterned rug for this portion of the living room.  This Bella Sisal Hazelnut Area Rug complements the overall aesthetic while meshing well with the bright accents in the designated play area.


We found the texture-rich feel we craved in a few Bryant Cognac Shag Throw Pillows.
We’ll eventually add more color and patterns to the pillow collection, and adore the starting layer of texture in these great shag throw pillows.


Lastly, we’re fans of mixing different designs with a bit of modern, mid-century, eclectic and antique along the way. The new pieces from our partner, Raymour & Flanigan helped to instantly upgrade our well-loved living room to a favorite place where more cherished memories will be made.

Looking for more design features?  View the kids shared bedroom upgrade here.



  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    I am in love with your living room. I think the color you chose for the sofa/chair is gorgeous.

  2. Gorgeous!!! Love all the pieces you chose. Raymour & Flanigan consistently has great stuff.

  3. I love these ideas. I’ve always been a big fan of throw pillows to help bring out the personality of a room.

  4. Soooo gorgeous! I love everything! And I never thought to put a table next to a sectional piece but it really makes it look so cozy. Love those pillows too!

  5. I love the way you maxamize your space. It’s honestly my favorite way to open things up.

  6. Our Family World says

    Gorgeous sofa! I really love how you make some spaces perfectly with stunning stuff

  7. What beautiful decor, and your sofa is really perfect! These are such a brilliant tips!

  8. I love this living room! So gorgeous! I think I definitely need to add a rug to mine!

  9. Multifunctional pieces are a must for us. When we recently bought new furniture, we made sure to get some that doubled as storage. Plus ey can be rearranged and work together or seperately.

  10. I was so bored of my living space and just recently redid it. These tips would really change up the space, I still need more accent pieces.

  11. I like the idea of mixing and matching pieces for a pulled together look. I really love your sofa!

  12. You chose the pieces well. I loved how you made use of proper lighting and the paintings hanging on a white wall made the living room look bigger. The sofa was a very good purchase!

  13. What a beautiful layout! I love your pictures; the room is simply awesome.

  14. I love how you put this altogether! It has a perfect balance of style yet still functional! I personally love that ottoman! So functional and looks comfy! Very impressive!

  15. That is nice that you can pull apart the pieces to use them how you need them at the time. It is a very lovely room.

  16. This is beautiful! I love all of these tips! I will have to use them for our living room!!

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