Melody Ellison: American Girl’s Important New Civil Rights Doll + Giveaway


If you’re a fan of American Girl, you most likely heard about the recent debut of their new historical doll, Melody Ellison.  We’re beyond excited to share about Melody, an African American nine-year-old fictional character, living in Detroit in the mid-1960s – as well as the importance she carries for young girls everywhere.

The doll is beyond adorable and so is her 1960’s clothing and accessories – but most importantly, Melody’s story and accompanying BeForever book: No Ordinary Sound: A Melody Classic, helps young readers to contextualize issues of racism, perseverance, justice, optimism and equality during the civil rights movement – and in ways that apply to the present day.  Melody’s compelling story shares all about her penchant for singing and Motown music; inspiration gleaned from Martin Luther King, Jr., and the courage it takes to lift her voice to make a difference.


“A message that I hope readers take away from Melody’s story is to think about themselves in terms of their community and what they can do to help- to change- their community. There’s always something that we can do to help change our world for the better.  I hope Melody’s books inspire conversations between young people and adults who have been part of the civil rights movement.” – Denis Lewis Patrick, Author of the Melody series

As a parent, I appreciate that I can depend on American Girl to approach crucial topics with cultural and historical accuracy.  Melody’s story is the product of over two years of work in which American Girl implemented an esteemed six-member advisory board including the late Horace Julian Bond, a leader in the civil rights movement.


Melody Ellison is an incredible addition to American Girl’s BeForever collection encouraging girls to lift their voices in support of positive social change.

Cheers to American Girl for this doll! She’s important, and our favorite.

Win It! American Girl is generously giving away one Melody Ellison doll and book to a lucky MB reader. If you’re U.S. based, enter via the widget below. Best of luck and thank you for visiting.
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  1. I love how the American girls come with a unique story and background!

  2. Nichole Frerichs says

    I LOVE this doll! Plus I would be the favorite aunt if I won her for my niece! 🙂

  3. Wendy Jabkowski says

    I love American Girl dolls because of their quality. This new one looks really cute and my daughter would love it!

  4. Rhonda Grisham says

    <3 her! I have 3 granddaughters…so you know AG is huge around here. Melody Ellison is special, and btw I love Motown too!!!

  5. Love this adorable doll, and her important story!

  6. These dolls are really cute! My daughter would love it.

  7. Cute addition to our AG dolls! Love Motown!

  8. I would love to win this doll for my daughter!

  9. This doll is beautiful. What an important story to tell. She would be loved by Avery that’s for sure!

  10. Love this doll and her story

  11. We haven’t introduced the American Girl doll brand to our daughters yet, but always imagined it would come along at some point. I think Melody and her story might be a perfect place to start!

  12. American Girl has made so many young girls happy by receiving them for Christmas, birthdays, or special occasions. They are such a great little doll.

  13. My niece would just love this American Doll.

  14. Tracey byram says

    My granddaughter has been learning about civil rights in school this week.

  15. Colleen Inman says

    My daughter just got her 1st American Girl Doll this weekend. We are all now hooked!!

  16. Linda Trinklein says

    Thank you so much for the chance to win! She is so cute, and I love that she sings for a great cause!!

  17. This doll is adorable! My niece would love this!

  18. there are 3 girls here… and two of them have their American Girl Doll so far. The third girl wants one, too. Of course she does………these dolls are very very cute and they do play with them an awful lot.

  19. My daughter loves American Girls

  20. I have loved American Girl dolls forever, love the stories.

  21. Susan Robison says

    I should say I want this doll to give to a less fortunate child, or Toys for Tots or something. And then I should probably do just that. But Melody Ellison has such a powerful story, and is such a beautiful doll, that I am unapologetic about wanting her for myself. Don’t judge…

    • Not judging at all Susan. I’m diligent about donations as well and instilling that moral imperative in my own children. And if there is one doll that I want my daughter to have in her collection it’s Melody. She is so much more than a doll. Her story is so powerful.

  22. This is such a great giveaway! I would love to hand this over to my daughter for her bday in December!!

  23. Melody is adorable, I would love to win her for my daughter.

  24. Sherril McGann says

    I love American Girl dolls but they are pretty much out of my price range. My granddaughter will love her!

  25. My daughter is a big fan of American Girl.

  26. Mary Hoffman says

    I was born in Detroit in 1954 & I love the History of Melody! I remember the clothes too! They are perfect Thanks so much!

  27. My daughter loves American Girl: thank you for the opportunity of winning these

  28. Dotty J Boucher says

    She is beautiful! I would love to have her for one of my granddaughters, She has darker skin than some of her other cousins, this would be so fitting for her..

  29. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I Love American Girl Dolls! I LOVE That They All Come With A Story. Melody Is Beautiful!

  30. Julie Lundstrom says

    I would love this for my niece. She collects American Girl dolls.

  31. The American Girl dolls are wonderful. I really love Melody’s story, very inspirational.

  32. My oldest granddaughter is 8 and just discovered American Girl dolls. I think its the perfect age for the dolls and their lessons/stories.

  33. My daughter would love this doll and would enjoy learning about this period in time.

  34. I would love to win this doll for my daughter!

  35. Natalya Khamone says

    My daughter loves to browse the American Girl catalog.

  36. Margaret Smith says

    American Girl dolls are wonderful. This doll is an inspiration.

  37. Janet Woodling says

    I love all American Girl Dolls.

  38. I am so happy for the reason this doll is in production and not solely for monetary gain. But to express a story of understanding for our little ones.

  39. Angela Williams says

    My daughter would love to win the Melody Ellison american girl doll!

  40. I love her style!

  41. My daughter would love Melody. She looks like my daughter Thank you 🙂

  42. Mary Beth Elderton says

    Beautiful! My grand-daughter loves American Girl dolls. She is a magazine subscriber and loves reading their stories.

  43. Danielle Magee says

    My niece absolutely loves American Girl Dolls and would love this one!

  44. Stephanie Liske says

    My daughter loves her American Girl Dolls.

  45. I love that a book comes with the doll.

  46. Barbara Lima says

    This is a beautiful doll, I would love to win it!

  47. Cathleen King says

    I am so happy for the this doll to express a story of understanding for little children.

  48. I would love to win this doll for my daughter. She is obsessed with American Girl!

  49. Linda Bradshaw says

    My nieces have their American Girl dolls. My granddaughter would love one.

  50. My daughter would love to get this doll!

  51. Nice that they made this doll! 🙂

  52. Hope to win – one fewer Christmas gift to buy! The doll’s adorable!

  53. My daughter would love this.

  54. holly lawson says

    I love the quality of American Girl dolls and this one looks super cute

  55. I would like to win this for my niece-this doll is so adorable

  56. My two youngest granddaughters have been wanting an American Girl doll for over 3 years. I would love to be able to give one if not both of them an American Girl doll for Christmas.

  57. Rebecca Lock says

    Melody would be a great addition to my daughter’s American Girl collection.

  58. Kimberly Singh says

    What an amazing story to tell. I love American Girl Dolls and their books. I would love to give this to my daughter for Christmas.

  59. My little girl loves American Doll.

  60. Jamie Martin says

    I’ve always wanted to win these to give as an Xmas gift.

  61. my daughter has never had an American girl and I iwould love to get her one!

  62. Oh I love the time frame for Melody back in the 60’s! I love that she loves to sing Motown music!

  63. Donna Kellogg says

    My grand daughter would love her.

  64. Brittney House says

    My niece loves AG dolls. She loves dressing them up before she leaves the house with them.

  65. Kimberly Calvo says

    I would love to win this doll for my 8 year old daughter Abigail
    She is a 2 year ovarian cancer survivor and her birthday is next month October 16 this would make a wonderful surprise for her.

  66. Christina Parker says

    I have twin girls that would absolutely love her.

  67. Lovely doll.

  68. Bridget Combs says

    My stepdaughter just recently said she’d love an American Girl Doll, this would be perfect!

  69. Sandra McFadden says

    I love Melody is a doll from the sixties!

  70. I love the values and lessons American girl I stills in little girls and teaches them about life

  71. Jose Rodriguez says

    i would give this to my niece if won

  72. Jose Rodriguez says

    i would give this to my niece if I won

  73. My niece would love to have this beautiful doll.

  74. James Stringham says

    My granddaughter would love this.

  75. I just love the American girl dolls!

  76. My daughter loves American Girl and received her first doll last year! Winning this would be awesome!

  77. American Girl dolls are so well made and so beautiful! And the accessories are all so lovely!

  78. Sara Theissen says

    I love this doll! I would love to gift her to my niece. I had an American Girl Doll as a kid! I had Josefina!

  79. I absolutely love that American Girl company helps girls with so many things from history to hygiene to dealing with girl issues.

  80. My daughter loves American Girl dolls! She would just adore Melody!

  81. I love this — Melody is new to me. I love that AG helps teach girls while also providing beautiful dolls for them to play with! I love Melody’s story and her name. My 3 girls would absolutely love to welcome her! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

  82. My daughter has been talking about American girl dolls and recently asked for one for her birthday. Her b-day is on the 24th of this month:) She would love this.

  83. I would love to win this for my granddaughter, because she just loves the American Girls dolls

  84. The American Girl dolls are so unique. I would love to win this doll for my oldest granddaughter.

  85. My daughter adores American Girl dolls! She would love to have Melody.

  86. Monique Rizzo says

    My daughter loves American girl dolls. She has grown up with them and now she would like to save one for her little girl. Thank you for the chance.

  87. What a beautiful doll. My daughter would love this one.

  88. I love the American Girl dolls. They each have their own story.

  89. My niece would love this hope to win it for her

  90. Thank you for the chance! My daughter loves these dolls more than me is seems,haha 😛

  91. Beautiful girl with an important story, perfect for my daughter!

  92. I would donate this to a charity for needy children

  93. I dreamed of an American girl doll when I was a girl, and I know my daughter would love Melody!

  94. My girls love american girl dolls and the amazing stories behind each doll.

  95. elizabeth miller says

    My daughter loves American Girl Dolls. She loves the Washington store. She was so happy to find out they are opening a temporary store in Philadelphia. This doll is really pretty and I know my daughter would love top have her.

  96. Kelly Kimmell says

    My daughter would really love this doll.

  97. Cathy Philipps says

    My granddaughter loves her Julie American Girl and would be thrilled to have Melody be Julie’s new friend!

  98. She’s absolutely gorgeous!

  99. I think both of my girls would love this doll! And I believe my oldest would really benefit from the story that come with her.

  100. Emily Morelli says

    I love how American Girl Dolls are a learning experience as well as a friend. You can become immersed in the world of your doll with all the different books and accessories.

  101. I raised 4 daughters & have 11 granddaughters & we have loved & owned American girl dolls for a lot of tears! They are pretty & collectible. Plus we make it an outing when we got to their store! Thanks for the chance to win one as a Christmas gift!!

  102. Katrina Dehart says

    My daughter loves American girl dolls and so do I!!

  103. What a cute doll.

  104. American Girl Dolls are so iconic. I’d love to gift one to my daughter for Christmas. She’s 6 and doesn’t have one 🙂

  105. Lisa Williams says

    My daughter has always wanted and American Girl doll,she loves how they come with a book and the clothes are always so adorable,I would love to give her this for Christmas!

  106. Lonnie Hutchinson says

    This is an adorable doll my grand daughter would just flip over her,and the book too.

  107. my daughter is a huge fan of these dolls.

  108. violet taylor says

    im really glad american girl keeps finding more stories to tell… there are SO MANY!

  109. Melody is one of my favorite girls so far! So glad that my daughter will get to experience different cultures and lifestyles through AG.

  110. heather e.g. kaufman says

    I love AG, they have the best stories.

  111. Faith Daniel says

    I borrowed the first book from the library and I’m halfway through it. I love the book so far! I can’t wait to read the others!

  112. This is my daughters favorite American Girl Doll and will be at the top of her Christmas list for sure! I love that these dolls are a piece of history as well as a favorite doll to ply with!

  113. this sis great, I would love to give this doll to my niece. she would adore it, she has never had one!

  114. Rorie or Alice would like a lot!

  115. Chrissy McPherson says

    I have a niece that would LOVE to have a doll that is the same color as her. I know it doesn’t matter to most but her its hard to find an african american doll & she instead ends up with little white dolls, blond haired & blue eyed which she is not. Thanks for the amazing chance to be the best Auntie in the world!

  116. My Daughter and I love Melody. She is so pretty and her clothes are so cute.

  117. Laurie Bailey says

    These dolls all have such great stories! Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Dolores Miranda says

    Melody is just a beautiful doll!!My Daughter would adore her!

  119. I have Samantha from my childhood!

  120. I love this doll and it would make a great gift for my LO

  121. Such a beautiful doll with a great story!

  122. My grandaughter would love a American Doll!

  123. would love to add to the collection

  124. Kathleen Thomas says

    I would love to win this for my granddaughter. We love to read The American Girl doll books together.

  125. This would be great to add to my niece’s collection of dolls. I think it should be more important to have a “mixed” community in children’s toys. I can’t imagine having children surrounded by only barbie bimbo dolls is setting them up for an unbiased future.

  126. Laurie Nykaza says

    American Girl dolls are all so cute love one for my daughter she would love it.

  127. What an adorable doll! My niece would love this!

  128. LYN WILLIAMS says

    My princess doesn’t have this one, but she has a few of the girls!

  129. I know a special little girl who is begging for her first American Girl Doll, this would be perfect for her in so many ways 🙂

  130. Jamie Williams says

    My daughter has always wanted an American Girl doll but my finances won’t yet allow for such a nice doll. It would be an amazing bleasibg to win something so nice for her. Thanks for this chance ?

  131. Beth Minyard says

    My niece would absolutely LOVE this! Thanks for the awesome chance to win 🙂

  132. What a wonderful story for an American Girl Doll. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  133. I love this doll

  134. Meghan Malicoat says

    This would be such an amazing gift to be able to give my daughter. I love the American Girl dolls and everything they stand for.

  135. Janice Murphy says

    Zoey my 7 year old Grand daughter has all ways wanted American Girl , I they come with books that tell a story about the doll

  136. My niece would enjoy this story & doll.

  137. Jennifer Marie says

    I would love to give this to my niece!

  138. maddieandmaddiesmom says

    My daughter and I both love American Girl dolls!!! I would love to win this beautiful doll for her!

  139. Every American Girl will not have an American Girl Doll- wow they are pricy. I do like the idea of a story behind each design. I even like this dolls name, Melody Ellison! Sweet.

  140. Susan Chester says

    My 10 year old granddaughter has been asking for an American Girl doll for a long time!

  141. Laura Cutshall says

    During this election, historic context is so key. This doll is beautiful, and her context is just fantastic. We will be having events in the coming weeks for the election, and if I win this prize I will make this available as a door raffle for those who are with children!!

  142. Janice Cooper says

    I would love to win this doll for my niece. I love that it comes with a story. Very significant!

  143. Cynthia Gaarder says

    I would love to win this for my daugher and i would put it up for chistmas

  144. Patricia Crowley says

    These dolls promote such a great message for girls! My niece would love one.

  145. Tiffany Seybold says

    My niece has been wanting an American girl doll. It would be amazing if I could give this one to her for Christmas.

  146. Darlene Carbajal says

    Such a cute doll. I would like this for my niece!

  147. In the Hammock says

    I love this doll and I’ve been so excited for her release date! Thank you for the contest!

  148. Beautiful doll,my daughters would love it !

  149. Priscilla Morales says

    I have been thinking about getting my daughter this doll. It would be her 1st but a really important one for her to have (and learn about!). *Fingers Crossed*

  150. This is a really cute doll – love her outfit

  151. My daughter has always wanted an American Girl doll. This would be amazing!

  152. My daughte has been asking for this doll!

  153. I would love to win this American Girl doll.

  154. Kristin McCall says

    This doll would be so cute for my niece. she loves to play with dolls.

  155. Justin Sparks says

    My 2 daughters would absolutley love this!!!

  156. I want to win this doll for my daughter!

  157. I love how the American girl dolls have history and teach girls.

  158. Valerie Schlicht-Conway says

    My daughters love the American Girl Doll series and Thank you!

  159. This would be a great gift for my niece.

  160. Breanna Davies says

    My daughter would love this doll and I love the story that goes with her.

  161. I know my niece would really love this doll.

  162. so beautiful! my niece would love this so much!

  163. So beautiful, thanks for the chance!

  164. Mary Campbell says

    Shes beautiful and I love the stories with life lessons that are included.

  165. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    My daughters would love this American Girl Dolls are a favorite here in our home.

  166. this is an adorable doll

  167. Hollie Jahnke says

    I love the stories behind each doll. My daughter has always wanted one.

  168. My daughter would love this.

  169. Priscilla Pursell says

    I think she is beautiful!

  170. Melody is such a beautiful doll. I love her style as well as her love of Motown (great taste). My daughter would be so thrilled to have this doll! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  171. I would give this to my niece.

  172. I love American Girl dolls. Melody looks like a beautiful doll with a great story behind her. Thanks for the giveaway.

  173. This doll would have a very warm welcome at our house! My daughter’s love for dolls with hair knows no end.

  174. so beautiful, great gift for my 4 year old granddaughter

  175. Cami Valenzuela says

    My neice would love me forever if I got this for her. Love thier story ♡♡

  176. I would be a hero if I could win this doll.

  177. I would love to give this to my daughter for Christmas. Thanks for the chance.

  178. American Girl dolls are beautiful. I love their Truly Me dolls.

  179. Kristy Wolfgang says

    I love American Dolls and their stories. I also watch all the movies!

  180. this doll’s collection is the cutest!
    her 1960’s bedroom and clothes are adorable!
    but my daughter is eyeing her recording studio the most!

    thank you so much for the chance to win 😉

  181. Love the diversity of American Girl dolls.

  182. leisl gering says

    I love this new AG doll, and so would my daughter!

  183. My oldest has just started getting into the American Girl phase. I bet she would love this.

  184. This would make a wonderful gift. It is a nice addition to the American Girl collection.

  185. Thanks for the chance.

  186. susan smoaks says

    American Girl dolls are the best. Our daughter is a huge fan!

  187. This doll is a must have for our collection!
    I’ve seen her now in a lot of different outfits and she just shines!

  188. My daughter loves American Girl and would be delighted to add this her collectioms

  189. I would love to win a doll!

  190. Paula Michele Hafner says

    I love the American Girl dolls. They are so cute and well made.

  191. my niece would love it!

  192. Michelle Richardson says

    She’s beautiful!!! My daughter wants everything from her line!

  193. I think this is a wonderful doll and the story of what she represents. Helping in one’s community does not have to cost you anything but a little of your time which may mean a great deal to someone in need.

  194. I had the American Girl Kirsten doll when I was a little girl, and I would love from my daughter to have an American Girl doll of her own.

  195. I am so glad that American Girl is not afraid to help teach sensitive subjects to young girls. I love that it shows cultural diversity and helps my daughter to understand that no matter what race a person is we are all the same and everyone deserves respect and to be treated with kindness, understanding and love.


  196. I think it’s time stories like hers are being brought into the light, and given an equal chance.

  197. I would love to win this for my daughter!

  198. Melody is a beautiful doll. My niece would love her!

  199. Ellison is so pretty! I love American Girl dolls the dolls actually look like children lol! They are all adorable but Ellison is def our fave. I really wish we had a closer American Girl Doll store

  200. Julie Minton says

    Thank You, for once again, introducing children to this important accurate history.

  201. Melody is a sweet doll!

  202. Stephanie Larison says

    I’d love to win this for my oldest daughter, she’s always wanted one of these dolls.

  203. Jessica Lawrence says

    I love how all American Girl Dolls have great stories, and Melody’s is a great addition.

  204. Marty Crosson says

    I’d love to win one for my daughter. These are so much better for small kids than those awful, over-made-up Bratz dolls and their ilk.

  205. Natalie Applewhite says

    This doll is so beautiful!!!

  206. Elizabeth H. says

    What a gorgeous doll!!!!

  207. My granddaughter would love to have this doll.

  208. Debbie Hinson says

    I know quite a few girls who would be so Blessed to get this for CHRISTmas

  209. Brandon Sparks says

    My daughter would really love this doll. Thank you so much for this chance. This would be a good win because she would be able to start her collection.

  210. Richard Hicks says

    She is such a pretty doll. I have a niece that would adore her.

  211. I know my daughter would love this. Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  212. My daughter would love this doll!

  213. Danielle Wood says

    My daughter loves American Girl dolls, she would love to add this to her collection

  214. Love to win this for my only granddaughter.

  215. my daughter still has her doll from like 17 years ago they do withstand the time

  216. kelley roach says

    Love this adorable doll, and her important story!

  217. Leanne Godfrey says

    My niece would really like this doll. I really enjoy reading the stories behind each doll.

  218. I love American Girl dolls

  219. Allyson Becker says

    These dolls are very beautiful.

  220. Leah Shumack says

    My daughter has been asking for an American Doll girl for a long time now. I would love to be able to give her one for Christmas!

  221. Shea Balentine says

    I love American Girl dolls and this is such a great one! Thanks for posting such a nice review!

  222. The Americal Girl dolls are of great quality and my daughters love them. Thank you for the opportunity!

  223. Pamela Mcfall says

    I love the American Girl dolls, they are a fit for any family.

  224. My daughter is a huge fan of American Girl dolls and their many accessories. She plays solo and with friends and cousins. Life with American Girl is always good.

  225. My daughter would love this doll 🙂

  226. Adorable doll and such a cute outfit. My daughter would love her. 🙂

  227. Anita Mitchell says

    I love this doll. So pretty! Thank you for the opportunity to win her for my grand daughter.

  228. Love American Girl! Grew up on it. My niece would love this.

  229. Estela Klemp says

    My daughter has asked for an American Girl doll for her birthday. I would love for Melody to be her first!

  230. My little girl would treasure this doll since she looks like her so I really hope I win!

  231. Anita Anderson Fonte says

    I love that the American Doll comes with a book. We are big on reading.

  232. American Girl dolls are so cute, love it

  233. cynthia dawson says

    This is a very adorable doll!

  234. So adorable .My daughter has been wanting an american girl doll

  235. Laurie Emerson says

    My daughter would absolutely love this doll. She would call it her new best friend.

  236. Vicki Easley says

    My daughter loves American Girl, she would love this doll!

  237. I would love to win this for my niece. She would be so excited to have an American Girl doll!

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