Why Decent Sleep Is Crucial for Kids

With the first-day-of-school approaching, there’s a heightened concern to make sure that the kids are well rested.  Recent literature shows how crucial decent sleep is for growing children and adolescents and highlights the ways in which inadequate sleep can negatively affect their health, emotional well-being, and academic performance.  Check out the full story over on Mode.

Check out Well Rested: Why Decent Sleep Is Crucial for Kids

by Monica Marino at Mode

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  1. Dotty J Boucher says

    Sleep is very important to anyone but to me, I know that the children have so much on there minds, We as parents have to think about them and what they have to do, school work, maybe music or dance classes home work, and so on, children do need there rest.

  2. Tee Anderson says

    Sleep is very important for ones growth, health and ability to learn. Children and adults need enough daily to function well.

  3. Now that my child gets “rest time” at school -_- she’s set for the day and won’t go to bed as easily. Maybe next year when she’s in the first grade she will be exhausted haha.

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