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I’m rarely without a small notebook and pen in my bag.  Some think it’s old fashion, but I believe in writing things down. In many ways, writing channels my creativity, requiring a presence in thought and handwriting (which happens to be horribly messy by that way).  That said, in an increasingly digital world I want my kids to believe in the power of the pen and master their own style of handwriting (hopefully neater that mine!) – as it really is a unique and integral part of themselves.  And so we joined BIC in sparking excitement for the back-to-school season and their mission to remind parents of the emotional and cognitive benefits that handwriting has in shaping children.


With fantastic packs of BIC pens and pencils, my kiddos were eager to join in the early morning writing fun.


Principal for a day?  The big girl would absolutely add a pool to her school and dye her hair in a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors to celebrate the occasion.


And her love for reading and Harry Potter is still going strong. She carries her beloved books everywhere – a trait that I adore.


Our soon to be first-grader is getting super expressive in his drawings along with his writing – which is always a fun incentive for working hard. His growing confidence is precious – and taking the time to work on handwriting helps to show him his incredible potential.


BIC’s Velocity Slide Clic Mechanical Pencils have proven strong enough to withstand the pressure of our eager six-year-old pressing down while writing (perhaps a bit too hard!) without breaking – and BIC’s EXTRA-Fun #2 Pencils with stripes add tons of bright two-tone fun to the kids’ work area.  We’re also huge pen fans and found greatness in BIC’s Cristal Xtra Precision Ball Pen and their 4-color Stylus and Pen – which is entirely nostalgic of my childhood, featuring interchanging pen colors (that you press down to switch!).

We’re excited to help share BIC’s Fight For Your Write mission in partnership with to help give children the tools they need to thrive in school.  For every signature that BIC receives for its pledge to celebrate handwriting, BIC will donate a pen or pencil with up to 200,000 products.

BIC-Back-to-School-FightForYourWriteJoin us in‘s contest! What would your kid(s) do if they were principal for a day?  Have them write down their ideas for entry to win a $10,000 scholarship!  Hurry up because entry submission ends on 8/15 (no purchase necessary, U.S. only, 21+) – find official rules and entry options on BIC’s website.

Wishing your kiddos a smooth transition back-to-school!

This post is sponsored by BIC.  Opinions, as always, are my own.



  1. I am old school with a notebook and pens and pencils to jot down all my notes but I’ve been wanting to start writing letters because I feel like my handwriting has gotten sloppy and I had great penmanship. I’ll have to check these out for me and prince

  2. I’m so glad when I see and post about continuing the tradition of handwriting and just using paper and pen in general. It’s dying off. =(

  3. I love that your kids love to draw using paper and pencils! Their drawing are so cute and creative! Love that BIC is up to a great project!

  4. I am always writing traditional hand-written notes to myself. It’s so much more motivating than a reminder on my cell phone.

  5. Sarah Hayes says

    handwriting is so important to teach and having nice pens and pencils is a fun way to encourage kids to write more. I love BIC products

  6. It’s amazing how many years it takes to hone handwriting. I don’t think I was writing nicely until 4th or 5th grade. My diaries were scribble!

  7. I love her principal for a day ideas! I think this sounds like a wonderful contest to encourage handwriting.

  8. I keep a pen and a pencil near my planner. They’re vital to keeping me on track for everything I have to do for my blog and my family.

  9. Bic has always been a bts staple for myself as well as our kids. Thanks for the scholarship info. I am having my daughter enter it since she’s off to college next year!

  10. I would much rather write a note by hand than type one on a computer! We always have Bic pens and pencils lying around the house!

  11. I am loving this contest. I think handwriting can say a lot about a person and I love that they are showing the importance of it.

  12. Nikki Wayne says

    I still do handwriting notes for my hubby and he likes it! It is nice to encourage our little ones to do some handwriting.

  13. I love writing things down and work best when I use a paper planner! Also my kids are loving the Bic Extra fun pencils!!!

  14. I am a huge fan of traditional hand written notes. It is a shame that some schools are doing away with cursive handwriting. I don’t think computers should take over the ability to write a letter.

  15. We’re big writers too. I heard they were taking cursive out of schools. I wonder if that’s true. I hope not.

  16. In my opinion, nothing gets a child more excited about writing than seeing all the different colors in a set of pens like these. It makes them want to write, which leads to their expressions of creativity.

  17. Ann Bacciaglia says

    There is nothing better than a fresh pack of pens and a new journal. I love to write letters to practice my handwriting.

  18. BIC really does make some of the best pens and pencils. It’s the brand I always look for when I go school shopping.

  19. This is so neat and such a great view on it. We’ve got these on our back to school list!

  20. I’m thankful my kids still learn handwriting at their school, in addition to typing. Why limit what they are exposed to or limit their opportunities to express themselves? Love that BIC is supporting writing.

  21. Ever since I was little, I carried around a pen and a notebook as well. There’s just something about writing things down or reading an actual book instead of an electronic one.

  22. Christina Aliperti says

    There’s nothing to get me excited about writing more than new pens, pencils and writing paper. It’s just such a special feeling for me and puts me in the mood to write.

  23. Nicole Escat says

    I am into writing, I love making pen arts too. This post reminds me so much of my high school days.

  24. Dana Matthews says

    This is great. Handwriting is becoming a lost art. I don’t think it’s old fashioned to carry a notebook and pen at all! I have to do it because my memory is horrible! Love the activities and including the kids makes it special.

  25. I’ve made this a priority with my kids.

  26. This type of cause works great for places with a lot of kids being deprived of education and equipment. I admire BIC for choosing this path, they’ve always been my choice of pen!

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