Bunking Up: a Kids’ Shared Bedroom Design

kids-shared-bedroom-bunkbeds-RaymourFlaniganI have partnered with Raymour & Flanigan and received products in exchange for this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

Even though the kids are getting bigger, they are very much still adamant about room-sharing (and phew! because right now they don’t have a choice.). It’s all they’ve ever known and happens to be the norm among friends living in smallish spaces here in New York City. These two certainly squabble, but I do think that sharing a room has fostered a unique closeness, a penchant for creative play, and a desire to seek new discoveries and adventures together.

With a new school year approaching, we were determined to make their shared bedroom as functional as possible with a space saving and equitable design.  The room was previously overrun by big sister and had a feminine pull despite adding personalized touches for the little guy.  The kids have been keen on getting bunk beds for a while now, and we’re so pleased with the Jordan Bunk Beds we ultimately decided on from Raymour & Flanigan.


With two built-in storage drawers (trundle or open options are available too), both kids quickly stuffed their prized possessions into their designated drawers (coined their, “collections”).  Although I envisioned tucking clothing options for the school week into the bunk bed drawers, their “collections” became the solution for housing those special (and random) nick-knacks in a centralized location.


The additional single cubby stores their current reads and library books and other ever-changing methodically placed toys that make me appreciate my children’s inherent creativity; the sort of evidence of living a vibrant life with kids.


After falling in love with an online exclusive item (a beautiful rug!) I almost placed the entire order online, but I’m glad we made our way into a Raymour & Flanigan showroom.  It stirred up incredible kiddo excitement and in hindsight, I had a lot to learn.  Who knew that bunk beds took smaller box springs than stand alone beds?  And the top bunk needed a thinner mattress to prevent the top bunker from going overboard. Raymour & Flanigan has it all, and one of the best parts is that they deliver it AND SET IT ALL UP FOR YOU!


The spacious Glistening Night’s Area Rug is cozy and inviting and super soft on bare feet, and definitely adds warmth to the space.


In addition to painting the walls a fresh coat of white, and undergoing massive purges throughout the summer, I learned that I had to let go of a few of my design ideas in order to create a functional space in a small home.  We love an eclectic mix of special family pieces in our furniture, and I had reservations about removing an ornate vintage chandelier from the kids’ room that didn’t make sense with bunk beds (or a boy/girl shared space).  Adding my father’s family rocking chair to the corner and leaving my husband’s grandmother’s large mirror in the room (previously sprayed white) fulfilled the meaning that I was craving in the children’s room, reminding us of loved ones no longer with us.


The room continues to feel incredibly bright and light and positive, and easy to clean up and organize.  And although we were tempted to add one of Raymour & Flanigan’s options for matching dressers or night stands – the open space is utilized so well. Since changing things up, we’ve found the kids naturally separating when needing a break from each other, with one in the playroom in the front of our home – and the other carrying about, on their own in the bedroom.


Organizationally set to approach a new school year, I can’t believe it took me this long to make much-needed changes to the children’s bedroom.  Even just a few pieces can create a massive impact with lasting effects on the entire family.  We’re all so happy with the outcome and motivated to continue to make smart design changes throughout our home.



  1. Lovely room. Bunk beds are great when you don’t have a ton of space. Nice collection of Pokemon cards, too. My son would be jealous!

  2. Such a nice room! My kiddos share rooms and have bunk beds. Best inventions ever. They love them, and the space we save is great. Lots of room in the rooms to make messes now!

  3. When my girls shared a room, they had bunk beds and the setup worked so well. I just love those drawers for extra storage too!

    PS – Stunning photography Monica!

  4. This room is amazing. It looks so light and open. I love the storage in the bunk and I really like the rug you picked out.

  5. I always wanted a bunk bed when I was a kid. I had no idea that they needed thinner box springs!

  6. Whoa I need a space saver for my 2 boys and I think these bunks may be the ticket. My house is white and beige so these would fit my decor beautifully.

  7. That’s such a cute room! Bunk beds are really convenient as your kids start wanting to have friends sleep over.

  8. What a great design idea for kids sharing a bedroom. And it is beautiful, too. I love it.

  9. What a beautiful bedroom. I bet any kids would be happy to share this lovely space.

  10. Nikki Wayne says

    Wow, that is so neat! I am so sure the kids will enjoy sharing the room.

  11. I love their new room! It’s the perfect shared space. Bunk beds can truly open up the space of a room!

  12. I love that the room looks so bright. My boys initially shared a room but now they both have their own. The storage areas are nice! Makes the kids more organized with their stuff.

  13. I love how you have created a bedroom that is the perfect mix of play and calm -it so serene and yet the bunk beds give it a real kid element and I can’t think of a better shared bedroom space!

  14. I love this space. Love all of the white so much. Going to have to see what my teen thinks of it

  15. This looks so cool! My kids will surely enjoy a room like this!

  16. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This room looks amazing. My friend is trying to design her girls room for them to share and was thinking bunk beds.

  17. I love their bedroom, it’s perfect for the kids! I really like the design and how organized it looks, with the new school year fast approaching, there’s nothing better than organizing the house to prepare for it.

  18. I love how the room is simple and white. The bunk beds are super adorable too. Love the room layout

  19. I grew up in bunk beds and I love this setup. It was about the same size of room I had. It really teaches you the value of living with others and getting along.

  20. I love the minimalist look of their bedroom…it looks so clean and proper too!! We always have the option to have the kids bunk together when we are here in Italy, but I’m still very skeptical because their sleeping routines are still very different. I guess they would have no issues if they had been accustomed to this since they were babies. Maybe we’ll try when they are a bit older!

  21. That rug is nice, and even better that it’s soft on the feet. I like the bunk, and I didn’t now the springs were smaller!

  22. Nicole Escat says

    I like the idea, my sister and I used to share our bedroom. I like the carpet too!

  23. I love the room! Being bunked creates so much extra space!

  24. We’ve been thinking about putting bunk beds in our children’s room, and my husband might even build a set himself!

  25. The room looks great. I have quite a few pieces from Raymour and Flanigan that I am very happy with.

  26. Dana Rodriguez says

    That is a beautiful room. I love everything about it!

  27. Natasha Rodriguez says

    Cute room! My girls have a bunk bed too full on the bottom and twin on the top! It saved us to get it because with our surprise baby their was no more room in the house!

  28. I have been actually considering a bunkbed to free up some more room in the room my daughters share. I like this one, nice size, not a bulky ladder, and it has that usable under space.

  29. Christine Marino says

    I just ordered this bunk bed from the Paramus location! My salesperson was Alex and he was so helpful. Thanks for the idea! They said they will deliver and set it up! Yay!!!!


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