On Comfort Zones and Filming a Commercial With The Home Depot

Consideration provided by The Home Depot via Mode Media.

There’s something to be said about stepping out of one’s comfort zone. In what almost feels like a former life, challenge was a constant. As a springboard diver; a new undergrad who took a vacation to Hawaii and didn’t get on that plane back home; a twenty-something year old who tried to conquer surfing (despite never being good at it) – the list goes on.  Motherhood, of course, presents a new set of mind-blowing challenges, with pieces of your heart literally running around outside of your body – that said, perhaps caution set in with the passing of years.  And so I’ve been trying to examine and challenge the ways in which I push myself both personally and professionally – and when an opportunity to film a commercial with The Home Depot came my way, I hung up my reservations and gave it a go.


The funny thing is that as a builders’ wife I spend more time at our local Home Depot than I suppose I’d like to.  I tend to discuss all brand opportunities with my husband when determining if they resonate as a good fit, and he seriously tried to sell their Pergo Outlast+ flooring to me!  No persuasion needed, as the idea of leaving a spill for up to twenty four hours (without visible liquid damage) makes me want these sort of floors in my home. And just like my role in the commercial, I’m often the one to blame for the spills. Whoopsy Daisy!

Home-Depot-Pergo-Outlast-Floors Commerical-Filming

It’s definitely a trip to see my head pop up in the ads in my sidebar, and I’ve greatly appreciated the support among other writers who reached out to let me know that the commercial has been circulating in their website ads.  Although I’m far from Emmy material – I’m glad that I joined in this cool experience and had a look at the inner workings of production and all that goes into the filming process. It’s a ton! Thanks to team MODE and Home Depot for being so kind and supportive. Catch the full video below!

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  1. This is fantastic! I’m so impressed with all that your are doing with your career! Congratulations Monica.

  2. Awesome — and I want the Pergo Outlast Flooring now. I am going to see if they make ones for the bathroom — we need to redo our floor in our main family bathroom.

  3. What a cool opportunity! I love Home Depot. It’s got everything my husband needs to do all of our DIY projects, and it keeps him occupied for HOURS. LOL

  4. What a fun project, thanks for sharing! I love Home Depot, they have everything anyone needs for the DIY’er!

  5. Wow what a really great opportunity! We love home depot, and they really do have just about everything you need! This looks like such fun!

  6. Congratulations on such an awesome opportunity! My husband manages 24 auto emissions shops, so we stop into Home Depot quite often.

  7. You’re such a natural. Great videos. I still have a fear of videos, but I have been doing them more and more. No better way to get over your fears…..right?

  8. What an awesome opportunity! Congrats, girl!

  9. Great job in the video! Not many people can say they’ve done a commercial! It’s really cool that you were able to do this.

  10. The commercial is wonderful. You did a great job! Those floors look amazing as well.

  11. Wow what a great opportunity! The video is great!

  12. Wow. You are one amazing and awesome lady! Congratulations on this opportunity. You were great, and so is the company your endorsed. 🙂

  13. Nikki Wayne says

    Wow, congrats girl! Good job! You sound really professional and I like your video!

  14. Wow, so happy you got this amazing opportunity! It sounds like you did an amazing job and had fun!

  15. What an amazing opportunity. You look great! And you look completely confident.

  16. Nicole Escat says

    This is a nice experienced! You look great on that commercial, congrats on a good job!

  17. Rose Alexis says

    Big congrats to you on the commercial. I love that the spills can be on the floor and not ruin them if you don’t see them right away! And wait…did you say you hopped on a plane to Hawaii and then didn’t come back????? LOL!! That is def. adventure at its finest. 🙂

  18. Oh my! This is such a wonderful opportunity. You look amazing and you did a great job! Congratulations!

  19. Robin Rue says

    What an awesome opportunity! You did great. And those are some amazing floors.

  20. What a fun experience and wonderful opportunity. I want this kind of floor when we build a house.

  21. So amazed and we could so use these floors! You are a natural and so, so impressed by your talent!!

  22. Wow! Waking up to a booze soaked floor is so fabulous! I am usually waking up to a floor soaked in dog pee (less fabulous). I guess having a squatting dog in the commercial is less glamorous but they could sell tons of these floors pet owners, no? Anyway, nicely done!

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