Kalahari Resorts Trip Giveaway!


Did you all catch our story a few months ago about our family trip to Kalahari Resorts and Conventions in the Pocono Mountains? The entire family is obsessed (adults included!).  So much so that the kids continue to talk about our time at Kalahari.  As Pennsylvania’s largest indoor waterpark, Kalahari is seriously a blast for all ages and the sort of memorable fun for the entire family. We’re so excited to partner with this incredible family vacation destination to giveaway a trip to one lucky family!


With impeccably clean African themed grounds, lazy rivers, fun waterslides, a designated kiddie area, spa, Flow Rider, adults-only swim-up bar, mind-blowing entertainment center, incredible dining options and so much more – Kalahari is truly a blast for all ages. And the comfortable, spacious room accommodations provide great respite for passing out after a solid day at the waterpark. Which you absolutely will do!  Check out all the details of our family travel story – where we tested out all that Kalahari has to offer.  We can’t think of a better place to beat the heat this summer!


Win it! Enter to win a one night stay (which includes two full days at the waterpark!) for a family of four to Kalahari Resorts and Conventions in the Ponocons.  Enter via the rafflecoter below. Best of luck and thanks for visiting.

Update: Giveaway closed.

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  1. Kalahari looks like so much fun!

  2. I would love to check out this resort with my family! It looks like so much fun!!:)

  3. my kids have been begging to go to one of these waterparks!

  4. I hadn’t ever heard of this resort!! Would love to check it out!

  5. I have been yearning to get my family to Kalahari! It looks like you all had a blast!

  6. Stefanie says

    This sounds amazing!!!

  7. I hear amazing things about Kalahari. Would love to win!

  8. We are planning on visiting Kalahari, one way or another!
    This would be a big help to start the trip!

  9. Id like to take the kids before August 4 😀

  10. Rochel S says

    My kids would love this place!!

  11. Lesley Maxey says

    Thanks for chance. My kids would love it here!

  12. How cool! We would love to win these tickets! We have never been and sounds amazing.

  13. Monica S. says

    Sounds awesome! Would love to go with my family.

  14. This looks amazing, my kids so want to join!

  15. This place looks awesome! I hope to win so I can check it out!!

  16. I’m sure my family would have a blast here. It looks like so much fun.

  17. Melissa L says

    Kalahari Waterpark looks like so much fun! We live pretty close to the Pocono’s too!

  18. Ann Fantom says

    My daughter loves water parks, but we haven’t taken her to the Poconos yet

  19. Adrienne Gordon says

    My kids love going to Kalahari, we go at least twice a year.

  20. I would love to stay at this resort – we haven’t had a vacation in forever and I mean forever – like 20 years

  21. angela cunningham says

    I would love to go there looks like a lot of fun

  22. This looks fabulous. Would love to take my daughter there!

  23. This place looks ah-may-zing!!! HAVE TO GOOOOOOO!!!!

  24. Ummm…. your photos look AMAZING! I would love to take Aiden here — after such a rough year, we’re in need of a fun-filled getaway!

  25. Gemarla Babilonia-Gaskin says

    I’m not a HUGE fan of water parks but the kids love them! We are dying to check out Kalahari! This would be an awesome getaway for my oldest birthday!

  26. It had me at swim up bar

  27. Love, love, love Kalahari!

  28. I’m not sure who would have more fun at this resort, me or my boys!

  29. I haven’t had the opportunity to stay at the Kalahari water park–it looks amazing! hope to win your giveway! thanks!

  30. It’s such a fun place to visit! 🙂

  31. Darlene Alexander says

    Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells has it all. Fun place to be.

  32. Steve Anderson says

    I would love to bring my kids here.

  33. Jonathan Zerbini says

    This resort is so much fun!

  34. Betty Wojnar says

    We’ve never been to kalahari before this would be great

  35. katherine says

    Looks like a great family park

  36. Kalahari looks like a blast! I’ve been wanting to go to a fun water park like this!

  37. diana shenderovich says

    would love to win and go

  38. S Riches says

    Kalahari looks great! I have never been to an indoor waterpark.

  39. My husband has a place or two like that that he’s obsessed with. I would love to take the kids here!

  40. This is a resort I’ve never heard of before, but looks pretty fantastic! What a wonderful giveaway, any one would be super lucky to win this one!

  41. This place looks awesome. Would love to bring my Grandson there.

  42. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance! I love that it has the waterpark indoors!

  43. We have been wanting to go here. It looks so much fun!

  44. What an amazing opportunity to go visit a place that looks absolutely refreshing! Thanks for sharing this, I wish luck to the person who wins!

  45. I’ve been dying to visit Kalahari!

  46. I thought at first when I saw the name Kalahari, you were talking about some exotic African place, lol. Nice to know it’s just in the Poconos, not too far from where we live. I need to check this out for me and my family!

  47. Now that would be such a fun place for a family visit. There is so much to do! We’d have a blast.

  48. Jennifer Marie says

    Oh my! My sons would love to enjoy all the water slides. Thanks for the chance.

  49. EJ (Jane) says

    We need some unplugged family fun time together. Close enough for a quick enjoyable giveaway.

  50. It looks so much fun to visit this resort!

  51. I have been wanting to take my son to Kalahari Resort for a few months. It’s great learning more about it.

  52. This seems like a great resort!! Thank you for the chance to win a great trip!

  53. Nikki Wayne says

    Wow! This is the kind of resort I am dreaming of! I would like to bring my hubby and son here!

  54. I’m thankful for the person who thought of making an indoor water park such as this! It’s perfect for families who live far away from beaches. It’s nice to take the kids here during the summer, to cool off and to spend some much needed quality time. I love the theme that they chose too!

  55. So nice meeting you at the Momtrends event for Ice Age! Great giveaway! Thank you for hosting! I have not been to Kalahari yet but we are dying to check it out! Fingers crossed we win!

  56. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This looks like an amazing resort. My kids would love the water park. I will have to check this out for our next vacation.

  57. Steve Weber says

    We go to Kalahari several times a year.. we love it!

  58. Michelle D. says

    I would love to be able to take the family to Kalahari!

  59. This looks so fun and AMAZING!

  60. Emily Ann says

    I’ve always wanted to go to Kalahari! Even living in PA, I’ve never been there so this would be a great opportunity! It looks like so much fun & I haven’t been to a water park since I was little!

  61. jeremy mclaughlin says

    My kids would have a great time there.

  62. JIM GRIFFIN says

    This place looks awesome. I need a vacation. Pick me, pick me, pick me. My son made me type that, haha.

  63. We LOVED Kalahari, this waterpark was so much fun. Great for summer vacations!

  64. What a fun place to take the family! My kids would have a ball!

  65. Been dying to go here!!!

  66. rebecca Thomas says

    I grew up in new Jersey and Poconos was the vacation place to go! Now that I have kids of my own, it’s time to take them. I love this resort, it looks like a great family place 🙂

  67. we went there a few months ago and LOVED it. would love to go back!

  68. This resort is beautiful! It’s about time to have a family bonding with this place.

  69. This looks amazing

  70. warren mattison says

    Love to win.

  71. The kids favorite amenity when we go on vacation is the pool. That waterpark would blow all others out of the water!

  72. My kids are always asking to go back!

  73. Mercedes Starr says

    My family would love to go to a waterpark!

  74. Michelle Coles says

    I would love to take my family here! It looks like a lot of fun!

  75. I would love to go on one last trip with my parents before I go to college!

  76. shannon fowler says

    this looks like an amazing getaway. I’ve never gotten to spend much time there, so it would be amazing to go back

  77. Sharon Rooney says

    This would be a great little get away for my family. They would love the indoor water park.

  78. it sounds similar to great wolf lodge

  79. Kristen H says

    I was hoping to be able to take my kids to Kalahari this summer! Looks like a great place!

  80. I have never stayed at a Kalahari Resort but we frequent the Wisconsin Dells and would love to check it out.

  81. We’ve never been to a place with an indoor water park! My family would love to go!

  82. kathy agate says

    Kalahari Resort looks like a great place to spend quality time with our grandchildren

  83. My kids would love this waterpark

  84. Robin Rue says

    This looks like it would be so much fun for me, my hubs and my kids. We would really enjoy a getaway to a water park.

  85. Emily Endrizzi says

    We’ve never been there. It looks like so much fun!

  86. Jennifer Henry-Novich says

    I would love to take a visit here! So much fun even for an adults only trip.

  87. I have always wanted to try one of these indoor water parks. They look like so much fun. I guess now could be my opportunity!

  88. Angela W says

    This looks like a lovely place for a family vacation.

  89. john gibson says

    The kids would love this.

  90. LaKeisha J. says

    This place looks fun. Would love to visit here .

  91. This place looks like so much fun! I want to take my niece and nephew here.

  92. Julie Moore says

    We love this resort and are already planning a trip

  93. SHIRLEY SYMON says

    I have been to GREAT WOLF LODGE but I have not been to Kalahari. I know lots of people who have so I can’t wait to go.

  94. elizabeth miller says

    We always do a combo our anniversary and my daughters birthday tiny get away since they are so close together and we let her bring a friend. this would be great for this year and it’s only about 2 hours from us.

  95. Hi friend! I totally want to take my girls to Kalahari. The local moms group I’m a part of runs a group rate. Just need to get my hubs on board! Great post, I’ll have to refer back to this if we book a trip in the near future.

  96. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Our family loves this place! Thank you.

  97. My kids and I would enjoying staying at Kalahari.

  98. Stephanie Grant says

    Oh wow this place looks like a blast! We love to travel during the summer and this would be one resort my son would be thrilled to visit!

  99. Jodi Kershuk says

    We’ve been checking out indoor water parks. This place looks fantastic!

  100. Kalahari looks like great fun! I’m in northeast PA so it’s not very far and would be an amazingly fun break from the 9 to 5!

  101. Cynthia Gaarder says

    Living in Ohio this is the best winter trip ever thanks for chance

  102. Brittney House says

    I stayed there once for a family reunion and had the greatest time. There was so much to do and the décor was awesome. I told my friend about it so she can take her son. It was a little too pricey for her so I would love to be able to take them with my so they could experience the fun too.

  103. parpar de real says

    Sounds so much fun. Looks Like I want to go there and have some fun

  104. This place looks amazing!!! My boys would have the best time there 🙂

  105. this looks like an amazing place to stay, and my family will love it!

  106. This looks like an amazing way to spend a fun night away with the whole family! I wish we lived closer so we could enter your giveaway!

  107. Isabel Marsh says

    I would love to take my family here.

  108. Violet Taylor says

    we did great wolf a couple years ago and loved it. would lvoe to check out kalahari.

  109. We want to go the Kalahari in the Poconos!

  110. Sue Barney says

    I would Love to take my family to this great resort! Looks like so much fun!

  111. Annalisa L says

    I love waterparks and it’s close enough to get there in a few hours. I would love to win this.

  112. Kalahari Resorts would be a perfect mini get-a-way for my fam!

  113. We have never been to this place. It looks like it would be a lot of fun. Thank you for the chance and good luck every one

  114. My son would love to go there!

  115. Look’s like a lot of fun!

  116. I have driven by this resort in Wisconsin Dells but have never stayed here. It looks like a great place to visit.

  117. Melissa C. says

    I was just looking into booking a stay at the Kalahari Resort. Thanks for the chance to win!

  118. Amelia Joubert says

    sounds like a lot of fun!

  119. Kelly Fitzgerald says

    Looks so fun! Would love to win.

  120. Annmarie W. says

    My daughter’s going to be a high school senior this year, so this would be a really fun way to end the summer with her and our son! We love spending family time together!

  121. Dru debie says


  122. Cassandra D says

    An indoor waterpark. This is truly amazing.

  123. Melissa C says

    Now this looks like a ton of fun my kids would revel in!

  124. Carrie Conrad says

    The Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells is our ultimate family vacation spot. We have such a wonderful time there. The kids beg and beg to go back every year.

  125. Ellen Howard says

    This place looks awesome!!!

  126. I love this! I’m originally from the Poconos and my family still lives there. I wanted to take my son to Kalahari the last time we visited but we ran out of time. It’s definitely on my list of things to experience the next time I go home 🙂

  127. Deidre LeDoux says

    My kids would love this resort.

  128. joe gersch says

    this looks so fun. My kiddos would love this

  129. kristy balser says

    never been but looks like a lot of fun

  130. This is a perfect getaway during the winter! We’d love to visit!

  131. Stephanie Larison says

    My kids would be in heaven! They’ve talked about this place when we’ve gone to visit family because it’s pretty close to them. Thanks for the chance!

  132. Jessica Stout says

    This place looks AMAZING! I would love to bring my family here. My sons would have so much fun. Thank you for this giveaway. We need a vacation.

  133. My family would LOVE this park. Close to home and something for all of my kids

  134. Raymond Saunders says

    Looks like a cool family getaway!

  135. Shelby Thomas says

    This would be a great vacation from the hot and sweaty Florida heat

  136. This looks like fun!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  137. Jessica Padilla says

    My family would love to go.

  138. Janine McNally says

    My daughter would LOVE this!

  139. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I want to take my nieces and nephews to Kalahari!

  140. Brandon Sparks says

    I have always wanted to stay here. Thanks for the chance..

  141. Eugenia Hall says

    This looks like something my hubby and I would enjoy, I know some of our relatives have gone and loved it.

  142. This resort looks amazing. We would have so much fun there

  143. manekeniko says

    I pass through there out of necessity and it’s never fun. THIS looks like fun.

  144. Sarah Mayer says

    My family would love to go to a waterpark!

  145. Celeste Herrin says

    This looks like it would be an amazing vacation for my family! I can envision us there now!! Thank you so much for the opportunity! My fingers (& toes) are crossed for this one. We really need a getaway!! I wouldn’t mind paying the extra should 2 more want to go with us either 😉

  146. Amy Deeter says

    The Kalahari Resort water park looks like a ton of fun for my whole family

  147. Kalahari Resort looks like the perfect place to take my Grandson. He loves water as much as I do.

  148. Licia Miles says

    My kids would LOVE this, me too :))

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