Summer Hydration

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Just last week, I barreled down the subway steps in hopes of showing up to an early morning meeting on time.  As I leapt through the train doors feeling very much like superwoman for catching the train that stopped while I was at the top of the steps, my heart sank as I realize that I had forgotten my water bottle. Anyone who knows me well knows that I ALWAYS have water.  What if I had another stalled train experience? And it was morning – and I was thirsty and unprepared.


My trusted water bottle collection was surely lost somewhere in my husband’s car or work-site; I didn’t have time to stock up on the inexpensive grab-and-go bottles, and I had planned to stop at the bodega at the train stop.  But as life got lifey, I forgot.  Of course, I survived, but I do have legit reasons for my obsession with staying properly hydrated. I’m migraine-prone, and the slightest dehydration can trigger complete derailment.  This busy mom doesn’t have time for that – so being the valedictorian of water consumption is just a regular part of my wellness plan.

I’m also moderately obsessed with keeping the kids hydrated, especially since we walk or scoot pretty long distances every single day. I’m not keen on giving growing bodies sugary juice drinks, but they love having a sip of my seltzer water.


So imagine how I felt when ReadyRefresh℠ by Nestlé® showed up at my door in their gargantuan delivery truck to drop off copious amounts of water (and variety!) at the start of summer? When my husband came home, I opened the fridge and pointed to our storage yelling “LOOK AT OUR BOUNTY!”  I felt a tremendous sense of relief knowing that I’d easily be prepared for our spontaneous days while juggling work – without paying a New York City ridiculous premium for marked-up water.  The day after our delivery I had three different bottles in my bag just for myself.  It felt pretty awesome to pull out that purse-sized San Pellegrino when I had a craving!


Life always feels smoother when I’m prepared and our beach days are absolutely elevated with a cooler bag full of still and sparkling water varieties.


That said, I fully understand the “Fear of Running Out” (FORO) phenomenon.  Buying bottled water by the individual bottle means you’re spending way too much time restocking at the grocery store.  Buying in bulk keeps your shopping trips infrequent, but those cases are so heavy! And big box stores are energy-sapping circuses (especially with kids in tow).  With that dreaded trip to the store looming, a sense of anxiety takes over. As your bottled water supply dwindles, you begin to hoard those last few bottles for your kids, your spouse, or even just a thirstier moment. Here’s where FORO comes in – denying yourself and your family the bottled water they want just so you don’t have to go back to the store or add another inconvenience to your day. Did you know that replacing a single 12-once, 140 calorie sugar-sweetened beverage with water each day can cut more than 50,000 calories from one’s diet? And we all know that thirsty choices aren’t always smart choices, and the lack of healthy beverage options often means your family reaching for what’s available – which could be sugary sodas or juices.  ReadyRefresh examined the FORO that families experience when everyday essentials like bottled water start to run low, by implementing a two-week, in-home experiment in four families’ homes.  This experiment looked at things like adherence to healthy drinking habits while maintaining a convenient and healthy supply of bottled water options in these families’ homes.

At the start of the project the families received an ample supply and great variety of water via ReadyRefresh.  The supply was decreased by the beginning of the second week while the families monitored behavioral changes as the supply dwindled. Want a closer look?  Check out this video chronicling Vera Sweeney of Lady and The Blog’s experience with her family below:


In addition, ReadyRefresh surveyed 4,000 individuals across the country on water consumption habits and their experiences with the FORO phenomenon.

  •  More than half of all surveyed (52%) experience FORO at least once a week.
  • Nearly half of all full-time working parents (46%) surveyed say they ration or replace everyday household items with a less desirable alternative at least once per week, to avoid running out completely.
  • According to the survey, more than half of full-time working parents (55%) say that daily errands keep them from spending quality time with friends and family.

The ReadyRefresh mission is simple: make it easy for you and your family to live a healthier life.  With just a few clicks, or a few taps on your mobile device, through, you’ll quickly customize your order for thirst-quenching beverages delivered right to your door.


It works for my family, and I’m looking forward to approaching the summer with adequate and ample hydration to carry us through our adventurous days.  Join in the conversation by letting us know when you’ve experienced FORO by using #NoMoreFORO on social media.  Also, never fear running out again by staying connected to ReadyRefresh on Facebook and Twitter and enjoy up to $50 plus free delivery on your first order!



  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    As a busy mom, I am IN LOVE with the idea of this service. I need to sign up for this because I am all for anything that makes my life easier.

  2. I’m getting thirsty just reading this! I love the flavors. I can’t drink plain water.

  3. My daughter also has migraines and she always has water with her. It’s practically an emergency if we run out of water for her to carry around or she loses her water bottle.

  4. Kim Croisant says

    I’m with you on the water bottle thing. I can not go anywhere w/out water. It’s a must, especially in the summer months…and it’s hot in Texas!!!

  5. I am awful for not drinking enough anytime of year, but even more so in summer – I need to start carrying a bottle. x

  6. I drink water, but I cannot stand the plain. I need to have it flavored. This is a genius service!

  7. This is so great, it is important to stay hydrated in the Summer for sure! What a great post!

  8. I drink a ton of water, as do my kids, so being well stocked and prepared is crucial around here. During the summer months, that number only increases even more.

  9. The kids and I are forever keeping hydrated. We have bottles of water that we are drinking from while we have more in the fridge. The kids usually ask for waters when we are heading out on a drive somewhere as well. Glad they got in the habit early.

  10. What a fantastic way to stay stocked on healthy water. I loaded up the fridge the other day and came home today to find no cold water in there. The cat did it We have improved on eating and drinking healthier things and each of us has noticed the difference. Thanks for the information on ReadyRefresh Water Delivery.

  11. i definitely have to make drinking enough water a higher priority. You definitely do not want to experience the FORO in the summer.

  12. My family definitely needs to stay on top of hydration. I encourage my kids to spend time outside but I know they don’t drink enough water when they do. The ReadyRefresh Water delivery would be great for keeping my family hydrated, especially when spending time outside.

  13. Hydration is so important especially in summer heat. We live at altitude so have to really stay on top of this.

  14. This sounds awesome! I drink water but not nearly enough for being pregnant! I have a mini panic attack when I am out and forget my water bottle too!

  15. I always have water by my side as well and feel like my entire day is thrown off without it!

  16. Nicole Escat says

    I always make sure that I am hydrated during summer. I keep my body hydrated with water and my skin with lotion.

  17. Hydration is so important, especially during the hot summer months. I like to keep a variety of water on hand too all year long. Especially the flavored and sparkling kinds!

  18. I definitely would love to have the water delivery. I didn’t know being dehydrated could trigger a migraine!! That’s good to know though because I get them sometimes too.

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