American Girl Wellie Wishers (+Giveaway)


Introducing the WellieWishers!  American Girl’s new line of adorable dolls geared for the 5 to 7 set.


Ashlyn // Camille // Willa // Kendall // Emerson

Yesterday morning, I hightailed it to 5th Avenue, bright and early before NYC flagship-store opening to meet with the American Girl team, Momtrends, and iconic American Girl author Valerie Tripp to have a first look at the collection.


The WellieWishers dolls and corresponding book collection carry teachable messages that are synonymous with the American Girl brand.  As described by Author Valerie Tripp, this group of five friends celebrates stories of compassion, empathy and hope – while helping young girls see themselves in the shoes (get it Wellies!) of others.  The WellieWishes are designed to be messy, curious, jolly and imaginative, in relatable and realistic ways.  With messages of perseverance and tolerance, these fun and silly girls model what it means to be a good friend.

American-Girl-Author-Valerie-TrippIconic American Girl Author, Valerie Tripp

At $60 per doll the 14.5 inch WellieWishers dolls come at a lower price than the 18 inch American Girl dolls.  Super sweet – with a toy, clothing and accessory line, we adore the fun collection of Wellies and printed socks for girls, their relatable and authentic message, and of course the new doll options available to American Girl fans.


Win It!  One Marino Bambinos reader will win a WellieWishers doll of choice (Ashlyn, Camille, Willa, Kendall or Emerson)To enter, visit the giveaway widget below. U.S. only and best of luck!

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Special thanks to Momtrends for having us at the #mtwelliewishers event! Sample provided.  



  1. I would love this for my daughter. She has Bitty Baby and the Bitty Twins but isn’t big enough for an actual American Girl yet. She would LOVE Willa.

  2. Kimberly says

    I am so excited for this new line! My daughter loves American Girl and I’m so happy there is a new collection just for her demographic. She is also obsessed with boots, so the Wellie theme is super cool to her. 🙂

  3. Nicole Huckins says

    My daughter would love this for her upcoming birthday!

  4. OH they are so cute! I would love for a chance to meet the AG author! I love Kendall. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. My grandaughters have multiple American Girl dolls and absolutely love them. Please count me in to win. Thanks.

  6. Jenny Q. says

    These are adorable. Love this for my niece!

  7. Tammy Horn says

    The Wellie Wishers line is adorable. Each doll is so cute, I know my niece would love them all.

  8. Raina DelRio says

    These dolls are so adorable! I love all of their outfits and accessories!

  9. Becky R. says

    I would love to win this for my 6 year old! She loves her older sisters AG doll and can’t wait to have her own!!

  10. I think I’ll become the favorite aunt if I win this for my niece!

  11. Michelle says

    So cute – my daughters would love them!

  12. ellen casper says

    My nieces would love these dolls.

  13. Barbara Lima says

    My granddaughter would love a Wellie Wisher Doll. They are just as fun and beautiful as she is.

  14. ahh! these are so cute! my 6 year old daughter would LOVE them.

  15. Crystal McKinley says

    We have never owned an American doll and would love to win these cute new ones form American girl.

  16. Nikki Lynn Hanna says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this! My daughter would absolutely love this!

  17. Linda Kish says

    She is so cute with her red hair and freckles. My great niece would love her.

  18. Chris Noe says

    I don’t have any little girls, but this would be a great gift for a local children’s charity. These girls don’t get the chance to have such cool dolls.

  19. Mary Cloud says

    These are all really cute dolls. I’ve always been a fan of the American Girl dolls.

  20. These dolls are so adorable!! My daughter is definitely going to love them too! 🙂

  21. ColleenMarie82 says

    So cute, my daughter would love these!

  22. I have a niece that will go bonkers for this 🙂

  23. Faye Gates says

    My niece would love this. She just turned 4, and she loves dolls.

  24. Kristi C says

    These would be wonderful for my niece.

  25. cynthia Hilliard says

    Thank for this opportunity to win this doll. It would be a wonderful blessing to be able to give this to my grand-daughter, as she has been getting bullied at her church summer school. I know! Church! Anyway, thank you.

  26. Kelly Kimmell says

    My daughter would love this for her upcoming birthday.

  27. cynthia Hilliard says

    Well, I really enjoyed the article about a moms day off. I live in the city also, so I really enjoyed it.

  28. I have 2 very young granddaughters and only one American Girl doll put away so winning this doll would even things up. The doll is beautiful and would be loved and treasured.

  29. i like camille

  30. Jeanne Coulombe says

    Omg I hope I win this for my granddaughter she loves these dolls, I can just see her face now if I win and give it to her. she will be one happy happy little girl 🙂 Thanks for a chance

  31. Julie Tardi says

    what a nice prize any little girl would love this

  32. Holly Benjamin says

    I found out about Welliewishes dolls from my daughter, of course! She is an American Girl doll girl and spends quality time with her dolls, creating, playing and just having fun. The message of perseverance and tolerance, that embody these dolls, are valuable to children and I would love to win this for my daughter.

  33. Amy Pullifrone says

    My daughter has wanted one for awhile now, thanks for the chance.

  34. Cynthia C says

    My little nieces would love any of these dolls. I love the messages of tolerance.

  35. They look really cute. Wish the books were already out!

  36. Tari Lawson says

    These dolls are adorable. I would love to have Camille.

  37. monique s. says

    This is such a cute doll and I love the Wellie boots


    Emily would love this.Trying to savor every moment of the Dolly stage….every little moment..


    Emily loved AG dolls. These are supercute!..

  40. Maggie H. says

    These dolls are simply adorable! I love each and every one.

  41. James Stringham says

    I would love to win one of these for my granddaughter. Maybe one of these days, her collection of American Girl dolls will be as big as her mother’s (my daughter).

  42. I had received a email introducing these adorable dolls. I liove that they each have something they love !

  43. My daughter loves American Girl dolls!

  44. Deb Smith says

    I can’t wait to share American Girl dolls with my granddaughter…she’s still too young, but I’m sure she will love them

  45. Stephanie Liske says

    My daughter loves American Girl dolls.

  46. These are my daughters favorite dolls

  47. My niece is obsessed with American Girls dolls, she would love this.

  48. amy pugmire says

    She looks really cute! My girls will love her!

  49. Tiffany Banks says

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this! My daughter would LOVE it!!

  50. Angelica Dimeo says

    would love this doll for my son

  51. Barbara Montag says

    I like the American Girl dolls.
    This is so on our grand daughter’s wish list!
    thank you

  52. I like the Willa doll the best. My daughter would love these dolls!

  53. Michelle Ward says

    These dolls are the cutest things! I love the outfits and books these girls have with them.

  54. Richard Hicks says

    She is a really cute doll and I know our daughter would love her.

  55. Bianca Munoz says

    This is very sweet! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  56. My granddaughter would love one of these sweet dolls. Thank you for the giveaway.

  57. Connie V says

    Love the look of these sweet smaller dolls. My older granddaughter had Hallie the smaller jointed doll from about 8 years ago. Hallie and her group were discontinued. This doll would be perfect for my 5 year granddaughter. She has a doll similar to American Girl and she is really happy with er. This will make a wonderful Christmas gift. Also give to me to alter American Girl pattern to fit this smaller doll. Thank you for thinking of the younger girls. Can’t wait to see her.

  58. I know just the little girl who would love one of these dolls!

  59. Cheryl B says

    My Granddaughter would love this! Crossing My fingers!

  60. These are perfect for my five year old! My daughter would love Willa!

  61. Jennifer Bay says

    This would be perfect for my grand-daughter 🙂 She would love it.

  62. Stacie H says

    My niece has always wanted an American Girl doll. I would love to win this for her!

  63. I have been wanting to get my daughter an American Girl Doll but trying to justify the price.

  64. My daughter’s & my granddaughters LOVE the American Girl dolls. They used to go downtown and have tea with their dolls & other members.
    They had such good times!

  65. lissa crane says

    My daughter is a huge American Girl Doll fan, but doesn’t have one because of the price. I love that these dolls are more affordable! This would be the perfect gift for her upcoming birthday!

  66. That would be so cute for rio

  67. Cynthia Gaarder says

    I love american girls as much as my daughter 🙂 these new dolls are so cute with realistic features and stories I love that

  68. Dori Alvarez says

    Willa is my daughters favorite! thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  69. Jamie Martin says

    I’d love to win this for my friend’s daughter’s birthday over Labour Day!

  70. Jessica Mcfarlin says

    I would love to have Camille!

  71. My niece is wild crazy about American Girl. She really needs it.

  72. Hard to know where to post this , but We love American Girl and all that goes with them

  73. kelly woods says

    I would love this for my daughter. What a blessing!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  74. Melissa Hartley says

    I would love to win one of these dolls fro Xali, me friend’s daughter who turns 4 on July 2nd 🙂
    Thank you

  75. I would love this for my daughter. She loves dolls but we have yet to get her an American Girl doll. She would be so excited! Thank you for the opportunity.

  76. This would be a great gift for one of our cousins-they’re at the perfect age!

  77. Kimberly Singh says

    I would love this for my daughter. I grew up with American Girl dolls and I would love to be able to give her one too.

  78. allyson tice says

    Love this doll! the rain boots are the cutest! wellies never heard them called that before. my daughter would go crazy over this doll!

  79. My nieces would love these dolls.

  80. These dolls are so adorable . I would love to win one .

  81. Rebecca Lock says

    My daughter is a big American Girl fan.

  82. Cute! I had no idea there was a new type of American Girl Doll.

  83. Gloria Walshver says

    My granddaughter would be thrilled if I won a American Girl doll for her.

  84. Alli taylor says

    So cute and fun! Love the theme!

  85. shelly peterson says

    What a super cute doll. My nice would love this.

  86. This is a beautiful doll

  87. Patricia D says

    These dolls are so cute! My niece would absolutely love this! 🙂

  88. I grew up loving and playing with my American Girl dolls. Can’t wait to share these dolls with my daughter!

  89. Rebecca Foughty says

    I have always wanted to get my daughter an American girl doll, and these are so cute!

  90. Denise Sachs says

    My daughter would love something like this, thanks.

  91. Justin Sparks says

    My daughter would love this so much!!! And her birthday is right around the corner as well fingers crossed.

  92. My daughters love American girl dolls.

  93. My granddaughter would enjoy this prize.

  94. Lynn Putnam says

    Oh what a beautiful doll! I would love to win this for my beautiful girl!

  95. This is such a cutie doll. My oldest is just now getting into the American Girl doll books and she has a similar doll from Target.

  96. ERICA WEAVER says

    never owned one of these dolls yet would love the chance to finally win one

  97. Jennifer Heintz says

    The Wellie-Wishers are adorable. What Young girl wouldn’t want one? Great addition.

  98. brittany marie thompson says

    My daughter would absolutely love this American girl wellie wishers doll.

  99. My niece would love!

  100. Jill Hanson says

    These are soooo cute, love the wellies. I would gift this to my niece who loves American Girl Dolls.

  101. elizabeth miller says

    My daughter has a birthday the end of July and she would adore receiving this doll. She loves her American Girl Dolls, especially Saige who looks a lot like my daughter but I have to say—this doll REALLY looks like my daughter.

  102. Carla Thompson says

    My little lady is so excited about Wellie Wishers…she’s emptying her piggy bank right now!!

  103. Julie Moore says

    This sounds like a really neat idea

  104. Katrina Brockavich says

    My daughter really wants an American Girl doll and this doll represents something I can support! I love the idea, plus they are so cute.

  105. I would love to win a doll for my niece! She loves American Girl dolls and books.

  106. I really like the idea of these dolls. What a great new line American Girl!

  107. so cute, I love her ladybug boots.

  108. These dolls are adorable; I love that there are different ethnicities available.

  109. I love that there are different ethnicities available.

  110. Stephanie Davis says

    My daughter has begged for one of these for a few years now. It would be beyond a blessing to win her one.

  111. Teaching important traits like compassion and empathy are so important for our kids today. I love this idea of these dolls being paired with these stories. So sweet and encouraging!

  112. doug gerard says

    my mom loves dolls and makes doll clothes

  113. maddieandmaddiesmom says

    These dolls are tooooo cute!! My daughter is very excited about these, and she would love Ashlyn?

  114. Courtney Edson says

    My daughter would love one of these! She is a big American Girl Doll fan!

  115. Jessica Massaway says

    I love that these dolls are a bit cheaper. Plus I think these will make a great starter doll for girls who really want one, but parents aren’t sure if they are ready for it.

  116. Tyler Wicke says

    My daughter would absolutely love this prize 🙂

  117. shannon fowler says

    I loved american girl dolls growing up, and now they have even more to offer. i would love to win it for my niece. the other one already has a doll, and adores it

  118. Kobi Hensley says

    I really love Emerson! These dolls are adorable!

  119. I love the Wellie Wishers! Willa is my favoutite <3

  120. Nicole Lancaster says

    My daughter would love an American Girl Wellie Wisher doll. I love that they come with messages of perseverance and tolerance.

  121. Colleen Boudreau says

    My nieces love American Girl dolls!

  122. Brittney House says

    I would love this for my niece. She absolutely loves dolls like this.

  123. Tara darity says

    My daughter would love this doll!!

  124. leisl gering says

    These are so cute! I, errr I mean my daughter, would love one of these!

  125. AARON RECK says

    I would gift to my niece. It’s great that she could have this. I appreciate this great big opportunity to get smiles from my nieces.

  126. very cute dolls

  127. I would love to win this for my niece, she would adore it 🙂

  128. Wow, those dolls are gorgeous! We’d love to have one at our house.

  129. Darlene Sullins says

    My oldest daughter is addicted to the books and have already read 34 of them just this year!

  130. Dwayne Berry says

    My daughter had an American Girl doll birthday party today. My wife made flip flops and hair bands for the dolls. We served teeny tiny food and beverages. At one point, one of the little girls looked up at me and told me that her doll had to go to the bathroom….AGAIN.

  131. Rebecca b says

    My daughter is a huge American Girl fan. She has a bitty and Kaia and is in love!!

  132. Kasie Tillman says

    My daughter would love one of these! She’s been asking for a “little girl doll”. LOL!

  133. Darlene Carbajal says

    What a cute doll. I would like this for someone in my family.

  134. The Wellies are so cute!

  135. Love this new line of dolls and so does my little girl! She loves Ashlyn and Willa!

  136. Kathy Stevenson says

    These dolls are so cute! My 7 year old wants Willa!

  137. Joanne Przybylowski says

    So cute, my granddaughter would love her.

  138. heather e.g. kaufman says

    These are adorable, I love the boots!!

  139. HilLesha says

    How adorable! I know that my daughter will love this doll. Thanks for the giveaway!

  140. I love these new girls, I can’t wait until the books come out to share with my daughter

  141. Robin Abrams says

    These are so cute. My grand daughter wants one

  142. eyshon salahuddin says

    my daughter often raves about the American Doll collection though a little pricey, she still will look forward to getting one.

  143. These dolls are so cute! I know my niece would love one of these, she’s been asking for a doll for awhile.

  144. gina blades says

    My daughter is 2 years old but I’m sure she would love an American Girl doll.

  145. My great niece has started liking American Girl dolls. She wants them so badly because her teenage cousin has some. This doll would be so perfect for her to have! 🙂

  146. Polly Hall says

    This would be a great birthday gift for my niece next month.

  147. I would like to get Kendall for my niece.

  148. Terry Stevens says

    Oh my gosh, what a cute American Girl doll. My granddaughters would love her.

  149. Wendy Caddy says

    These dolls are so cute! Would be perfect for my granddaughter.

  150. My daughter would love this doll! And I would love to read the book together with her at bedtime each night 🙂

  151. Ali Celestino says

    My 8 year old daughter loves anything to do with American Girl thanks for the chance.

  152. Cathy Burnett says

    I would love to win this for my Granddaughter. She loves dolls and carries one with her everywhere she goes.

  153. Tabathia B says

    I like the new line, seems more competitive with other stores with their dolls that are similar

  154. Esther H. says

    Thanks for this blog entry. It’s great to hear about these new dolls. My 6 yr old daughter loves looking at pictures online of the Wellie Wishers. She thinks they are so cute! Emerson is her favorite. She would love to have her!

  155. Oh I love what these dolls stand for. Such great things to teach our girls! I love that the price is a bit cheaper than the American Girl dolls…and the girls could relate so well!

  156. Jenny Willis says

    These dolls are so cute. I want to get one for my niece.

  157. Sandra McFadden says

    I really enjoy watching my Granddaughters playing with their American Girl Dolls role playing each dolls history.

  158. My oldest niece has had one for a couple years now. I think it only fair that the younger sibling get the newest one. Then I can beat my brother out for favorite uncle.

  159. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    These Dolls Are Super Cute, My Niece Would Love This New Line Of American Girl Dolls.

  160. She is so cute. I love her little ladybug rain boots

  161. Klydra Pugh says

    My daughter is a huge American Girl fan.
    Thanks for the chance.

  162. NOTHING BETTER than to have an American Girl Doll under the tree if i won it would be for Christmas!!! thanks

  163. What precious dolls. My nieces would absolutely love these!

  164. Mary Campbell says

    I would love one of these beautiful dolls for my granddaughter.

  165. I love they are making a smaller verson and less expensive doll too. They are so cute and I have a little Granddaughter that is our only Grandchild that I would love to win one for. What a treasure for her to have. She is so darn cute I would love to see them make a doll from her features someday.

  166. Natasha B says

    These girls are so cute! Would love to win one for my girls!

  167. Julie matek says

    My daughter would love any of these dolls;) thanks for the chance!

  168. I would love any of these dolls for my daughter, but I think she would especially love Willa because she looks similar to her. They are all adorable!

  169. These dolls are so cute. My niece would love them!

  170. kandance palmer says

    I would love to win the any of the dolls.camille is my favorite and 3 of my grandaughters are in the right age group.

  171. Gotta love those little dresses they’re wearing

  172. My daughter is having her birthday in two weeks and would love one of these lovely dolls

  173. Annmarie W. says

    I absolutely love American Girl dolls, and this new line is adorable! I just wish they weren’t quite so expensive.

  174. These dolls are adorable

  175. How cute! My daughter had a couple of the dolls and I loved making clothes for them. I can’t wait to read the books. I so enjoy reading children’ books!

  176. Jennifer M. says

    My daughter, age 7, really wants an American Girl doll!

  177. Girl power at its finest!

  178. Ashley C says

    These are so cute, I love the new style!

  179. Erica Beaver says

    These dolls are just the best. I am expecting this November and this would be a darling gift for my future child.

  180. I would love this for my niece, she loves American Girl!

  181. courtney b says

    i love American girl !:)

    she is so classic and I want my daughter to see that too

  182. Terra Heck says

    These dolls are super cute. I especially like Ashlyn. Thanks.

  183. velder dixon says

    Love to win .lovely dolls.

  184. Jennifer Marie says

    My nice loves American girl dolls!!

  185. Melanie Wolfzorn says

    These are so cute! I think the accessories are even cuter than the dolls, but I’ll miss the twins.

  186. Ryan Spencer says

    My daughter would love this American Girl Wellie Wishers doll. She is beautiful.

  187. great giveaway my niece would love one of these

  188. I love the idea of introducing a new type of American Girl doll for the younger kiddos. I know my daughter would love them, though she’s still too young to like the “older” dolls.

  189. waioi lau says

    the dolls are adorable.

  190. linda w. says

    My daughter would absolutely love these. They are so cute!

  191. Tracie Cooper says

    My niece would love Willa. I love her pigtails and ladybug wellies!

  192. daisy lau says

    i love emerson, she is very adorable

  193. My niece loves emerson.

  194. I want a Wellie Wisher to be my daughters first American Girl!!

  195. Diane Bare says

    My girls love the AG books. We do not own any of the dolls and would love this!

  196. Holly Mitkowski says

    We love these dolls!

  197. jenny stratton says

    My niece and I both love American Girl and have AG parties where we read the books and watch the movies. She would love to have an AG doll to bring to the party.

  198. Sarah Hayes says

    they are so cute!! i love these

  199. Leigh Anne Borders says

    My daughter has always wanted an American Girl doll. She would love to have one of their new ones.

  200. Trisha Burgess says

    These are fantastic! My daughter will love this! She has been a collector of American girls since toddler years!

  201. Sonya Morris says

    These are so adorable! My little girl would love them!

  202. My daughter does not have an AG doll. She would love one so very much. She is 6 and the 3 other girls on our street are ages 7-10 and they all have one or more AG dolls.

  203. Julie Waldron says

    I love American Girl! This would be perfect for my almost 5 year old great niece, she isn’t quite old enough for an “older” American Girl doll. She would love it!

  204. Jill Rivera says

    I love American Girl. I just had our first grand daughter and can not wait to get her first American Girl doll.

  205. I love that she has red hair! I think these are so great for little girls, I just wish they weren’t so expensive.

  206. My daughter is just starting to play with dolls. I would like to get her the Emerson doll.

  207. Ramona Kako says

    Absolutely adorable. American girl company does so many fun things.

  208. We have always loved American Girl books and dolls.

  209. Linda Trinklein says

    These are so cute! thank you for the chance to win one!

  210. Ana Bermudez says

    These dolls are SO cute!!! There was recently a new addition to my family and she would LOVE any of these dolls 🙂

  211. Kristin McClain says

    My 3 year old is always trying to get her big sister’s AG doll. I love that these look like the perfect little sister dolls and are meant more for the younger girls. I know she would love one of these! Thank you for sharing and the chance to win one!!

  212. Madi Vann says

    My cousin would love to finally have her own American Girl doll!

  213. Kathleen Richardson says

    Aww these dolls are adorable. My daughter loves the American Girl dolls.

  214. Beth Minyard says

    These are so cute, my niece would absolutely fall in love

  215. Karen Propes says

    I love these dolls they are so adorable. American Girl is always coming up with new dolls and products to create Imaginations in kids for playtime like no other. My Granddaughter wants an American Girl Doll and this would be perfect as well as the other dolls.

  216. I’ve always really liked American Girl dolls, but these are my favorite line that they have come out with so far!

  217. Aamiyah Linder says

    I would love to win for my friend because she having surgery in a couple of days and she really want Kendall is just like her and me

  218. Sarah Harris says

    I am so excited that American Girl has created a line of dolls that promote outdoor play, which is so important for children’s development. These dolls are adorable and we can’t wait until the books come out in the fall. My four-year-old fell in love with Willa — she loves making mud pies and climbing trees, too! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  219. Patricia Mingozzi says

    My daughter would love this doll. She doesn’t have an American Doll yet, would be her first.

  220. My daughter would love Kendall!

  221. megan tilley says

    Would love to be able to gift my daughter one of these beautiful dolls!

  222. Darlene Owen says

    My seven year old granddaughter just whispered to me the other day that she wanted an American Girl doll as her friend has one. I told her that she would have to save her money for one. I would love to surprise her with one.

  223. Ellen C. says

    My daughter would love this doll. Thanks for the chance.

  224. I think this doll is adorable. I love the skirt.

  225. These are adorable! My God Daughter would be thrilled with receiving one of these for her birthday. Thank you for the opportunity!

  226. My granddaughter has been wanting one of the American Girl dolls so bad. She would love this.

  227. How adorable! I’d love to get my daughter started with American Girl dolls, too!

  228. what an adorable doll!

  229. So cute!!

  230. Tamra Wilson says

    We love dolls at our house and are always looking for new ones to add to our collection. This one is adorable!!

  231. My daughter would love to win this well i.e. Wishers doll

  232. Pam Flynn says

    My granddaughter has never had a beautfiul American Doll and these are the cutest of cute. Thanks for the opportunity. It would be a great summer for my granddaughter if we won.

  233. Pam Flynn says

    This is a time for little kids to have fun and this doll would bring such a smile to my granddaughter’s face. Thanks!

  234. Gabrielly says

    I would love this for my niece. This is adorable.

  235. patricia delgado says

    I think my daughter would really love these dolls!

  236. Rochel S says

    I would love the Willa doll for my daughter! So cute!

  237. These are so cute and my daughter would absolutely love this doll !

  238. Patty wright says

    My grandaughter has long red hair and looks like her

  239. My daughter is a girly girl and she would absolutely LOVE one of these dolls. She is so into fashion. She is forever dressing, redressing and modifying outfits for her dollies. Thank you for the opportunity : )

  240. Jennifer Crum says

    These are adorable! I would love to share them with some special little girls in our lives.

  241. oh how beautiful

  242. In the Hammock says

    All of the dolls in this line are so adorable! I love all of their outfits too! Thank you for the contest!

  243. These are so stinkin’ cute! My daughter would love these dolls!

  244. Adrianne B says

    How did I miss this?! I haven’t seen or read anything about this line. My daughter is the target age and would love one!

  245. Oh my goodness, they are adorable! We just saw them in the new AG magazine my daughter just got in the mail.

  246. Ashleigh Hack says

    Would love to win for my son!

  247. angela smith says

    My daughter would love this . I love american girl cause they are a great brand with products that don’t break right away

  248. Ashley Busse says

    My daughter would absolutely adore an American girl doll!!

  249. rosemary says


  250. sarah brushaber says

    so adorable my DD would love a doll

  251. These dolls are adorable. Nice to see the diversity with dolls.

  252. hazell perez says

    Beautiful doll. It would be a lovely gift for my niece. She would be thrilled. Thank you for the wonderful chance and generosity 🙂

  253. My daughter would absolutely love this! Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  254. Riley Johnson says

    My daughter would love to have an American Girl doll. Thank you.

  255. Tandi Cortez says

    Adorable dolls! Would love to win for my daughter!

  256. Brandon Sparks says

    My daughter loves American Girl so much. This would be a great thing to win.

  257. Leah Shumack says

    My daughter has been begging for an American Doll for awhile. She has some movies, books, craft kits and clothing but no actually doll.

  258. I am so happy to see these dolls for girls between the bitty baby age and 8+ AG doll age with stories and personalities for the 5-7 age range! They are adorable, and so much like my daughter. I hope so much to win the Willa Wellie Wisher doll for my little one who wants to be like her big sister with her AG doll with hair! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  259. These are so adorable and would make such a great gift.

  260. natalie yeoman says

    my niece would love this fingers crossed

  261. Yvonne Delgado says

    American Girl has always been a favorite of my daughter. The dolls are well made and treasured. Our favorite parts are the books that open up a whole world of learning and understanding. Empathy, compassion, etc are all things that young girls would need to learn

  262. MichelleS says

    My little one would love this line so much; glad it comes with a book.

  263. These are so cute! I would love to win one for our little girl.

  264. Marie Cantelli says

    This dollie would make a great Christmas gift for my daughter.

  265. My niece would love these dolls

  266. I am the proud gram of 3 grand daughters and love the American girlvdolls, this new line is amazing…would love to win

  267. Danielle Wood says

    My daughter loves American Girl, her birthday is next month and this is all she’s been asking for! Great giveaway.

  268. Oh wow, so adorable! My daughter would go nuts for this!

  269. Kim Reid says

    My granddaughter would love the Camille doll and book!

  270. Such a cute doll I know my daughter would love her..

  271. Laurie Nykaza says

    They make such cute dolls and my niece would love all of them !

  272. Heather S. says

    These dolls are so adorable! My niece would love these dolls.

  273. Sue Hull says

    My niece would love this doll. She loves American Girls dolls and accessories. Thank you for the chance 🙂

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