The Mother’s Day Card

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My mom is loving. My mom is kind. My mom is an exceptional card sender.


I have memories of my mother sitting at her antique secretary desk with one of my father’s fountain pens in hand carefully writing cards; inscribing backs of printed photos, and taking me along to the post office to send off her thick stack of envelopes.  And ever since I left my childhood home, my mom has sent cards (in impeccability perfect timing) for every occasion.

In our present day of unsolicited catalogs and endless bills, cards are tiny treasures. And in a world of cold screens, quick exchanges and electronic correspondence, cards are pure gold.  These tiny works of art carry thoughtful sentiments in familiar handwriting.  Something tangible from our loved one’s hearts makes its way through hands and mailboxes into our homes.  I’m certain that cards and letters convey a level of sentiment that electronic communication will never attain.


If it weren’t for an incredibly exciting travel invitation, we would be there for my mama this mother’s day. The next best thing is sending her thoughtful cards to let her know how much we care.  I found just what I need at my local Walgreens. Comforting words in a card from me – and even a beautiful card in Spanish for the kids to send to their Abby (Abuela). Hallmark has a way of presenting so many options in cards and serious skills in finding the right words – when perhaps our own seem to fail.

We’re so thankful for our little lot in life.


And the legacy of women who have made it all possible.




  1. Cards with your loved ones writing on the inside really are gold. I still dig out the ones that my father gave me over the years. Since his passing, it really feels like a treasure to be able to read those cards and see his handwriting and feel connected to him whenever I want.

  2. What a beautiful line of cards – your mama will love them! 🙂 Happy early Mother’s Day to you as well!

  3. I love sending and receiving cards. I’ve taught my 13 year old son the importance of always sending thank you cards, too. I always send my Mom cards, since we don’t live close and I rarely see her on Mother’s Day or her birthday even, which is today, btw. 🙂 A card can mean so much. And I do love looking at cards from time to time and reading the personal messages people wrote to me.

  4. This is so sweet. Cards are always a nice gesture. I always keep the ones my family sends me.

  5. I bought a card last year for my Mom, we live in same town. Yet never was able to connect with her so it ended up in the trash 🙁 I Hope this year I find a great card and she isn’t too busy to connect with me!

  6. My grandmother was so faithful to send cards to everyone in the family for special occasions. I find mine end up a lot like Brandy’s…in the trash. I found a stash of Father’s Day cards I had bought when my children were younger. They had been signed and addressed but never sent 🙁

  7. You set this blog up beautifully with the rose petals! I love cards and its great that your mom was an avid card sender. Something about cards are still genuine and wanted in this fast paced technological age.

  8. This is really beautiful, I’m sure all mom will appreciate this kind of Mother’s Day card.

  9. I think i have every card everyone important to me has given me over the years. 🙂 It’s almost a dying kind of art, so these days it’s especially welcome to receive a card. If it’s in the mail? Even better. 🙂

  10. Getting a card in the mail is such an exception versus the norm it used to be. I think it may be more exciting than an actual gift!

  11. Jay Simms says

    I have kept every card my mother and grandmother have given me. It’s such a great way to remember those times I can’t wait to surprise my mother this Mothers Day.

  12. Such a cute card, I’m looking for a few to give the mother’s in my life. I’m loving everything about this.

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