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In many ways, in today’s society, our cell phones are our digital lifelines. They connect us to the people we love and help piece together the important details of our lives.

My introduction to TracFone happened by accident. I had just moved my father into an assisted living facility, rushed to pick up a few supplies for him at a local Walmart and stumbled across the TracFone section.  I found just what I needed in an inexpensive TracFone cell phone that I could monitor online and refill with minutes from my computer.  And if my dad misplaced his phone (which he did), I didn’t have to worry about a hefty price tag in a replacement phone.  At a time when our family cell phone carrier couldn’t offer us a reasonable solution, despite an impending move to hospice care, TracFone provided what no other carrier could do.  After this positive experience with TracFone, I’ll turn to them again when the kids need their first cell phones.


At the time, I wasn’t aware of TracFone’s partnership with Dress For Success via their Success Is Calling program. I had no idea that the purchases I would make could help to create an opportunity for women in need of work. Just last year, Success is Calling positively impacted the lives of 600 women in 30 cities! Over 50% of the program graduates secured employment.  We recently shared glimpses of personal stories from three women, echoing the ways in which Success is Calling has transformed lives – you can view their powerful testimonials here.


Get involved by thinking about how purchases can empower. This month when you visit a Walmart store or online retailer to buy a TracFone, 20% of sales (up to $525,000) will be donated to Dress for Success. In addition to the training, support and guidance women receive through Success is Calling, participants also receive a TracFone smartphone and one year of cell phone service.  Job-seeking women and employed women needing to elevate their career path must be empowered to be connected to the world around them in this information-rich day and age.  Thank you to TracFone for providing these digital lifelines and so much more.


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