A Couples Pocono Getaway To Mount Airy Casino Resort

With back-to-back weekend getaways in Pennsylvania’s storied Pocono Mountains, I think that we may have figured out the secret sauce to travel in parenthood. Embark on a vacation with the kids and the following weekend book one without themMy husband and I smiled as we passed the signs for the family-friendly waterpark that we took the kids to the weekend prior – but were elated as we pulled up to the picturesque Mount Airy Casino Resort for a much-needed couples getaway.


Located just 90 minutes outside of NYC, we first dropped the kiddos off at the grandparents in New Jersey and then zipped into the Northern Pennsylvania Mountains in no time.  When I stepped into the Four-Diamond property, I felt as if I had entered an alternate universe.  A massive fountain and lavish decorations adorned the sprawling entrance, and our luxe room offered the sort of respite that my husband and I needed.  Amidst a vibrant nightlife, and the hum of dinging slot machines, there were no signs of heart-shaped hot tubs and shag carpeting reminiscent of the old Mount Airy Lodge – well-known during the era of Pocono-bound honeymooners.


After checking in we high-tailed it to our dinner date at Guy Fiere’s Mt. Pocono Kitchen for delicious American cuisine in a casual atmosphere.  Celebratory drinks and flavorful food were in order!


With palettes hardwired for Italian fare, the highlight of our dining experience took place at Bistecca by IL MULINO.  With Abruzzo’s cuisine’s local seafood, hand-crafted pasta, farm fresh vegetables, and an extensive wine list, we were well taken care of in every aspect.


Escaping to the full-service spa was an absolute dream for a Signature Massage with essential oils. After leaving the lounge positively rejuvenated from the massage, steam and rain shower, I met my husband at the 84° Get Wet Pool for perhaps the only kids-free swim we’ve had in years! Now in-season for outdoor access with a pool-side bar and private cabanas, it’s an ideal place to lounge, have fun and catch some sun.


Since we’re not big gamers, the biggest surprise came on the casino floor.  Albeit smoky, we never expected to find ourselves emersed in late-night fun, high-fiving other guests in collective excitement when we all emerged as winners. We also caught a Chicago cover band at Gypsies Lounge where we had a blast belting out tunes.  We both apparently knew all the lyrics!

Mornings were met with trips to the onsite Starbucks, indulging in decadent room service, and walks around the serene and lush property.


In this getaway, we found glimpses of the dynamic of our relationship before the kiddos came along.  And we remembered the importance of prioritizing our time alone, to relax and live together in those moments of fun.  Thank you, Mount Airy, for hosting us!

Resort and all accommodations provided for editorial consideration. Opinions as always are my own.



  1. Yes, yes, and more yes. That is definitely the kind of getaway that I could use. Especially right now. It’s been a… hectic… month.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Wow! Does that place look awesome or what? I could really get into the Poconos. I am going to add this place to my wish list of places to visit!

  3. Oh my goodness. This looks amazing. I’ve heard amazing things about pocono’s but I’ve never known anyone who has gone, so I would love to visit!

  4. What an amazing place. I’d definitely be happy staying in this resort. I’d for sure have to check out the spa.

  5. I need this getaway for sure! I know you all must have had an amazing time!

  6. The place is so beautiful. I would love to go there and stay for few days or nights. It would be so much fun.

  7. I would love to get away to this beautiful location. The food looks so delicious. It looks like a great couples retreat.

  8. This looks like an amazing getaway! You have no idea how badly my husband and i need something like this!

  9. It is nice to get away from it all sometimes and play/relax. It’s also nice (and rare!) to have one-on-one time with your spouse. This resort looks really fantastic!

  10. Oh that looks beautiful! I love the pool and the food looked great too. Adding this to my travel list for 2016!!

  11. Richard Hicks says

    Looks like a great place for a little R&R!

  12. My hubby & I need some R&R badly!! Just like all the other commenters, it has been a heck of a year!! AND it is only half over!! We love our family dearly, but with a big family like ours, it is very hard to get some us time!! We been to New York and saw Niagra Falls & many of the other attractions, but we totally missed the Poconos!! After seeing the pics, I can tell we made a mistake!! Plus I Love Italian food!! My grandma & Papa Luigi (grandpa) made homemade noodles & sauce & much more all the time before they passed & I miss it!! Thanks for sharing ?

  13. This place looks beautiful and very grown up. Sounds like a wonderful place for a get away.

  14. Mya Murphy says

    Good lord!! This place looks breathtaking and fun!! I need a relaxation vacation like seriously soon!

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