Family Home Design Tips with Valspar Paint

With the encumbering cold of winter behind us, spring is the perfect time to renovate or simply refresh areas of the home with interior pain. Along with the details of transforming rooms into meaningful spaces for our children and family members, comes the importance of using safe materials.

That’s why I was excited to join Valspar paint and interior designer, Genevieve Gorder, in celebrating the first line of high-performing, GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Zero-VOC paints in the industry. Available at Lowes, Valspar’s four product collection, (including Valspar Reserve, Signature, Ultra 400 and Ultra 200) meets the most rigorous clean air standards, allowing consumers to reduce their environmental footprint and live greener lives. It also gives parents and families peace of mind that their homes are free of harmful volatile organic compound emissions.  According to the CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World, children exposed to VOCs are four times more likely to develop asthma.  Exposure to VOCs has also been linked to everything from headaches and dizziness to even cancer and developmental disabilities.


The Good News?  According to the EPA, limit chemical emissions in the home to secure healthy indoor air quality. Valspar’s approachable prices range from $15 to $45, make it easy to make simple choices that will make a huge difference and lasting impact on the quality of air that your family breathes.

Thinking of building or making changes in your home?  I checked in with our resident builder (my husband) for some great design tips to share with MB readers:

  • Make Every Room Special:  Go beyond pretty crown molding and base molding. Try to incorporate things like a bench under a window (with secret storage!).  Beautiful and functional built-ins, gas-fueled fireplaces, paneling and accent walls can also make a huge impact.


  • Look up: When painting a kids room, don’t just think about the walls. We love the painted ceiling trend in nursery and kids’ room design. Or go for an accent wall to personalize the space.
  • Go Bold in Designated Areas: While we wouldn’t recommend painting a kitchen or great room black, by all means have fun in a powder room! Select a paint color that you wouldn’t use in any other area of the home.  We love the resulting feel of black, dark purple and navy blue in powder rooms.


  • Figure out Where to Save:  Investing in gorgeous kitchen cabinets? Then save in other areas like the laundry room by choosing lower-priced cabinets. If working with a contractor, offer to supply finished items like tile, cabinets, paint supply, bathroom, and lighting fixtures. Selecting these products yourself will give you the freedom to price within your budget.
  • If Unsure Test First: Light has different effects on paint color.  If you’re having trouble deciding between those shades of pale blue, paint a piece of white poster board and examine it at different locations in the room.


  • Repurpose Family Heirlooms: Consider painting granny’s gaudy gold mirror and other decorative family pieces a color that meshes with your home design and taste.  We love decorating with family pieces that carry special meaning.
  • DIY Tip: If you are the one doing the painting you absolutely must prepare the surface. Make sure that it is immaculate by skim coating, or plastering to get rid of blemishes.
  • Stay Safe: Remember that harmful products have the potential to off-gas long after the work is done. Valspar’s Zero-VOC line is a solid, green choice without compromising longitudinal quality.

This post is sponsored by Valspar.  Opinions as always are my own. Image #1 via Valspar, Images 2 – 4 via Woodside Builder LLC. 



  1. One thing I wish I had was a half bath. I love the idea of making a bold statement with paint and really like the example you provided. A black bathroom would definitely make a statement!

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    I was talking to my husband the other day about wanting to paint our bedroom. It’s a big job, but I really think it will brighten up the room.

  3. I love Valspar. We painted our entire house with it. I’m glad they’ve got a line with no VOC’s now.

  4. We just repainted our kitchen and I LOVE it. Paint is one of the cheapest and most effective remodeling tools!

  5. Catherine S says

    This sounds like a great brand of paint. I was telling my husband the other day that I would like to paint my home office.

  6. We just painted the nursery for my daughter, who is due in April. She had trouble picking a shade of green from Valspar, but we finally went with CuddleBug. We painted swatches on different walls but the poster board tip is really smart.

  7. Man, I love that black and white bathroom. I also love painting. I have a few more rooms to do around the house, but I’m having a hard time choosing which color to stick with.

  8. It would be so nice to repaint the family room and the kitchen. These are awesome tips for home projects.

  9. These are great ideas for use with this paint, I really miss owning a home. I would be trying all of these ideas!

  10. I love Valspar. When we moved into our house it had some very interesting (and ugly) paint choices. I used Valspar to paint our whole interior when we moved in.

  11. I need to paint my house this summer. I love the color you show in the bathroom. It is a great statement color.

  12. We had beautiful built-ins made for us when we lived up north. I don’t miss being up north but I do miss those shelves. 🙂 Everything here look so nice. I would love a window seat with hidden storage (with a great view too, of course). 🙂

  13. We are slowly painting each room in our house. Our bedroom is next, so these tips are great. Just need to find the perfect color!

  14. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says

    We’re going to be painting every room on our main floor in the next month. I really think that a fresh color and fresh paint can really change the look of any room.

  15. Valspar paint is the best paint! I love all of these ideas. When I re-decorate, I will try some of these tips!

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