Not Your Mama’s Fanny Pack

There is something incredibly liberating about being years away from transporting around an overstuffed diaper bag. Now I make the kids wear packs for our day-tripping – and I suppose that I’ve streamlined my must-carry essentials (save those days that I need my camera, plus lenses and a laptop).  I’ve been searching for a smart alternative to a great bag for quite sometime while lusting over the idea of a hands-free bag.  I haven’t found a backpack that I love and pretty much loath the designer-logo-emblazoned glorified fanny-packs that I still see everywhere.

As a busy New Yorker, mother and overall multitasker I was seriously thrilled to discover Hipsters for Sisters.  They’ve mastered the stylish and innately wearable belt-bag without looking anything like Sporty Spice.

belt bag

Founded by a mother and daughter trio, Hipsters for Sisters is also committed to sustainability. Their L.A. manufactured-products are comprised of only earth-friendly materials.


The classic styles with minimalist aesthetics are designed to fit only the essentials, as a simplistic lifestyle reminder to live a life filled with more experiences and meaning, and less “stuff.”


Once you give this modernized hands-free style a try, you won’t ever want to go back.

Most definitely NOT your mama’s fanny pack.



  1. ohh i love this, I need me one or two or more like this

  2. What a great idea. Once we’re done with diaper bags, of course we don’t want some other ugly thing to drag around (or wear). The fashion forward look and the sustainability of this product is exactly what I want.

  3. MaddiesMom says

    Cute bag!

  4. Faith Daniel says

    These are really nice! It stands out because it’s cute and fashionable and not because it;s bulky an awkward! Iike these!

  5. Raina DelRio says

    I love this! I carry a crossbody bag but this looks like it would be so much easier to use and I can even use it at the gym and on thrifting trips.

  6. Haha! Wow I thought my fanny pack days were done for good but these are just so aesthetically pleasing and fashionable at that, I feel the need to get one.

  7. That is so stylish!

  8. I love this hipster. I don’t care for the standard fanny packs but this is really awesome. I need one of these as carrying a bag/purse hurts my neck & shoulders as well as is cumbersome when try to shop, etc. Thanks for sharing this post.

  9. I know its stylish, I just don’t know if the 80s child in me can relive that. ??

  10. Love this for my upcoming trip

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